A Christian cake-shop owner turned down a request to create a custom cake for a same-sex ceremony.  He’s been in court ever since, and the Supreme Court is about to hear his case.

What are the best arguments a Christian conservative can make in favor of Jack Phillip’s choice? Family Policy Alliance and our allied state-based groups have signed onto a legal document offering the high court a compelling case for religious freedom.

Stephanie Curry, our manager of public policy, shares how you can best answer the questions raised by those who take the other side of the issue.

Read the amicus brief we sent to the Supreme Court.

From playgrounds to wedding cakes to something called the “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act,” religious freedom has been winning lately in the courts.

Stuart Shepard asks Ashley Shaw, Family Policy Alliance’s new legal expert, to explain the nuances of these court actions and how they impact Christians across America.