As you know, the knives are out for Matt Gurtler and many are asking why. He’s not corrupt, scandalous, or liberal. Instead, he’s been deemed “too conservative” and too willing to stand on principle. It’s for these reasons that we are proud to stand with him and endorse Matt Gurtler in his bid for re-election.

We all know that politics can get nasty, people play games, and even good people will get attacked. But, we cannot allow what is happening to Matt Gurtler to go unchecked. Good, conservative representatives should not have to fear Party leadership attacking them from standing on principle.

No, this is not an email attacking David Ralston, Nathan Deal, or any other entrenched politician. But, this IS an email to say that you have a responsibility to stand with a representative who has stood for the values he said he would, and it IS an email to say that you have a duty to the rest of the state to send a signal on May 22nd.

Matt Gurtler is an honest, conservative, and rising leader here in the state of Georgia. One of the youngest members of the State House, he has refused to go along with the crowd under the Gold Dome. Instead, he has done what he said he would do, voted his conscience, and placed your interests ahead of his own. This mentality is worthy of commendation, not political assault.

Because Matt Gurtler has stood on principle and championed our values, the rest of the state is looking on to what happens in this election. Will a young conservative who took tough stands be thrown out of office? Or, will his district stand with him? If you vote to keep Matt Gurtler, that sends both a signal that conservative principles will be rewarded AND that leadership should no longer attack members for standing on principle.

Time and again, Matt Gurtler has resisted political pressure, instead persevering to vote his conscience and for your interests. Is it possible that you may disagree with some of his votes? Sure. But, with a record like Matt’s, you know that he will stand strong on the critical issues regardless of any opposition he faces.

Let’s do the right thing. Let’s send Matt Gurtler back to the State House. The rest of Georgia is watching!

Because this race matters,

Cole Muzio
President & Executive Director