Time is short, and I won’t write a long email. However, I could not let Election Day arrive without passing along our endorsement of Max Burns for State Senate.

As you know the radical Left is working hard to gain ground in Georgia, and we cannot let them make this Senate seat even competitive. We need you to overwhelmingly turn out to support Max Burns and keep our State Senate strong!

Max Burns isn’t an unknown. Representing us in Congress, he was widely regarded as one of the most conservative members – standing against the liberal tide even in DC. Now, he’s running as an unashamed conservative to take the experience of beating the Left in Washington to do so again under the Gold Dome.

When Max submitted his endorsement survey to us, we were very impressed with his answers. He’s a pro-life, pro-family, and pro-opportunity conservative who embraces his faith and will fight tirelessly for our values.

Make no qualms about it: Max Burns would enter the State Senate as a clear and strong voice for your family, someone that you can be proud of, and a conservative you can trust.

With so much on the line this election, we are grateful that Max Burns has stepped up to serve once again. Join us in electing this conservative leader to fight for us in Atlanta!

Supporting Max Burns,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia