There are some leaders who are special – they have “it.” Michael Caldwell is one of those.

He exudes joy and is always smiling. He is self-deprecating and has a good sense of humor. He’s a proven legislator yet also a real-world entrepreneur. He’s a warrior, but he treats opponents with grace. He’s highly intelligent and accomplished yet also incredibly humble.

Michael Caldwell is a bold, principled conservative and a genuine public servant. That’s why we’re thrilled to endorse one of the brightest stars in the movement for State Senate.

It’s been an honor getting to know Michael Caldwell, and he’s been an instrumental asset working with Governor Kemp to put Georgians First. He was a forceful advocate for the Heartbeat Bill, and he is a proven fighter for all human life, for freedom, and for our conservative values. On every issue, he has been a key partner for our organization, and he’s helped us rally others to the cause. The foremost question Michael considers is whether something is right, and, if so, he will fight for it with energy, boldness, and with clear strategic objectives.

I’ve seen Michael Caldwell take heat, and he doesn’t wither. And, I know his motivation is a deep faith in God, love of his family, and devotion to his constituents. He’s proven to be fearless, effective, and true to his word.

There is a growing list of conservatives rallying behind the candidacy of this leader that Erick Erickson called “the future of the Republican Party in this state.” Senator Bruce Thompson, Representative Scot Turner, and Representative Wes Cantrell – each some of the most trusted conservative voices in our state – are united in their support of Michael.

Now, the reality is that Michael is running against an incumbent, Brandon Beach, who I personally like and respect. However, Senator Beach has, on multiple occasions, stood in opposition to critical school choice measures. Just this session, he voted against a bill to help those with special needs receive the best education to meet their individual needs. As we seek to make gains in this pivotal area, we need more legislators committed to putting students first, and Michael Caldwell has proven to be a strong advocate for Georgia students.

Moreover, Senator Beach has repeatedly doubled down as the leading proponent and sponsor of the gambling industry – something that has proven to increase crime, addiction and human trafficking while decreasing economic productivity – as the solution to every financial challenge.

We can do better.

A vote for Michael Caldwell on June 9th brings a more conservative direction to the Gold Dome, and it puts more “points on the board” than the typical Senate seat vote by fundamentally changing the calculation on multiple key issues under the Gold Dome.

This election is important. I know the world is crazy right now, and I expect turnout to be low. But, I’m humbly asking you to join us by turning out to support this strong, pro-family leader. Join us by voting Michael Caldwell for State Senate.

Supporting Michael Caldwell,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia