Dear Friends,

Great news for girls’ sports!

Yesterday, the Governor of Mississippi signed into law the commonsense rule that to play in girls’ sports you have to be a female. Every girl should have the opportunity to compete on a level playing field, and in today’s world that means one that is reserved just for girls.

At Family Policy Alliance, we are thrilled to see Mississippi become the second state to successfully sign this legislation into law, after you helped us make Idaho the first state to accomplish that last year!

And, here’s the really great news: more than half of the states are engaged in similar efforts to save girls’ sports!

This is not only important for female athletes in those states, but it’s important nationally, because it pushes back against the radical agenda that President Biden and Democrat leadership are trying to force on Americans. Mississippi, and the states in line behind them, prove how far out of touch President Biden and Democrat leadership are from American families.

Earlier this week, President Biden signed an Executive Order redefining Title IX’s use of “sex” to include “sexual orientation and gender identity.” Title IX is the law that prohibits sex discrimination in education, including in sports – and it has played a significant role in giving women equal access to athletic opportunities. When enforced, the President’s Executive Order will almost certainly require schools to let males compete – and win – in female athletic competitions.

Even worse, the federal Equality Act, which recently passed the U.S. House and will soon go before the Senate, would make that rule law for years to come. That’s why we must stop the Equality Act – and keep supporting good laws like the one in Mississippi!

You can help make it happen. Here are two steps you can take now to stand up for female athletes:

  1. Contact your Senators and ask them to oppose the Equality Act. It only takes a minute in our Action Center!
  2. Sign and share our petition to Save Girls’ Sports. If you’ve already signed, consider sharing the petition on social media using the hashtag #SaveGirlsSports.

The Senate should reject the Equality Act because Americans won’t stand for it – a fact Mississippi reminded us of today. Americans want fair and equal opportunity for female athletes, not the destruction of girls’ sports. Across the country, Americans are rallying around protecting girls’ sports – and we couldn’t agree more.


Meridian  Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist