Dear Friends,

We have an urgent request for your help.

President Biden’s Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recently issued guidelines on lactation and infant feeding that encourage biological males to “chestfeed” children and recommend that healthcare professionals endorse this behavior.

We urgently need your help to protect infants from these harmful & politically motivated “guidelines.”

These guidelines risk the health and safety of nursing children and even of individuals who identify as transgender. The guidelines promote an experimental process that induces lactation in men with a drug cocktail consisting of heavy doses of hormones, anti-psychotics, and sedatives.

This process is highly experimental—including the use of one drug that isn’t even approved by Biden’s own FDA. This means that there are likely many side effects that we don’t even know of. But, here’s what we do know: the drugs risk blood clots in the transgender-identifying individuals and irregular heartbeats in babies.

And the issues don’t stop there. Doctors have admonished the CDC for failing to study the long-term health risks associated with these chemicals — both for the adults taking them, and importantly for the children drinking the chemically-induced milk. Additionally, there is no scientific consensus about the nutritional value of the milk produced. The CDC only cites one reported case of a biological male “chestfeeding,” demonstrating the incredible lack of scientific research on this topic.

Despite this, the CDC promoted “chestfeeding” as beneficial to the child and parent.

Promoting harmful experiments on children seems par for the course in the Biden Administration. For years they’ve advocated for hormone cocktails and invasive surgeries like double-mastectomies on young girls in the name of “gender transition,” both of which leave children sterile  Now, they are promoting even more experimental drugs to induce false lactation in men, failing to care about the effects on the health of either the men or the babies.

Children who struggle to embrace their own bodies are suffering for the sake of political ideology pushed by the Left. Now, that same activist lobby is going after infants who desperately need healthy milk and nutrients to grow.

Children’s access to basic nutrition should not be politicized. Help protect children and adults from these experimental drugs.

Please send a message to the CDC’s Director of the Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity, Dr. Ruth Petersen, today telling her to remove these harmful guidelines. By doing so, you will help ensure that these guidelines help, not harm, children and families.

Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm, III
Director, Public Policy