Dear Texas Friends,

Our allies at Texas values are planning to deliver a petition to protect women’s’ sports directly to the NCAA at their convention tomorrow in San Antonio.

Everything you need to know to sign onto the petition and to join them as they deliver the petition is below.

Please take a moment to sign the petition even if you cannot make it to San Antonio!

The Family Policy Alliance Team


On Thursday (1/12), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) will be hosting their annual convention at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas to discuss policies surrounding collegiate sports. At the convention, NCAA officials will be discussing their policies surrounding men competing in women’s sports. Additionally, the NCAA will be awarding the Woman of the Year award, the award that male swimmer Lia Thomas was nominated for earlier this year, but whose name has been withdrawn. Due to the increase of biological men competing in female sports at the collegiate level, many women, grassroots activists, and female athletes will be holding a rally on January 12, at 9 a.m. – 11a.m. to urge the NCAA to protect female sports.

Members of the Texas Values team will be joining former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines, Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS), Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) and Concerned Women for America (CWA) at the rally in support. We need as many Texas female college athletes as possible to attend! If you know any female Texas college athletes or female athletes in middle school or high school, please invite them to come and have them email We also need our Texas Values supporters to be present for the rally as well. After the rally, we will begin a processional to inside the convention where female athletes will hand deliver a petition to the NCAA officials. Click the button below to sign the petition. More details on the rally can be found here.

Click the photo below for Riley’s compelling story to see why you should join us on Thursday, January 12!

You, along with parents and pro-family lawmakers across the country, brought the Biden Administration into complete meltdown status this week—and Disney to full damage control. Why? Because the pro-family movement across the states is gaining traction, and the DC elites and woke corporation don’t know how to handle it.

In the past month alone, Iowa, Utah, Oklahoma and Arizona all have new laws to keep sports fair and ensure that girls’ sports are reserved only for girls. Now 14 states have laws protecting young female athletes. This became especially important after the nation witnessed the NCAA throw female athletes under the bus in permitting Lia Thomas, a biological male, to compete against—and take medals and finalist spots from—female swimmers. The Utah legislature even overrode their Republican governor’s veto of their save girls’ sports bill to ensure their female athletes are protected. The Indiana legislature will have the opportunity to do the same thing soon.

Just this week, Arizona signed into law a bill that protects children from irreversible “gender transition” surgeries—such as double mastectomies on young girls. The new law will give Arizona’s children an opportunity to grow up and resolve any struggles with how they perceive their bodies, without leaving lasting physical and emotional scars.

In Florida, after a showdown between Disney and Governor DeSantis, the Governor signed into law a bill that protects young children in kindergarten through third grade from sexualized instruction and reinforces the rights parents have to know what’s going on with their children at school. The media framed this as the “don’t say gay” bill, and the Walt Disney Company applied immense pressure in the state to try to stop the bill—turning against their own family consumers.

In the end, Governor DeSantis and Florida families, especially children, won. Polling consistently shows that Americans, Floridians, and even Florida Democrat voters strongly support the new law. This is surprising to the radical Left that continues to pedal a radical sexual ideology, but it shouldn’t be. Parents know to act in the best interest of their children.

Disney is learning they took the wrong side in this debate. And, they’re also dealing with leaked videos of their executives proudly planning to embed sexual themes into children’s shows and some of their employees arrested in a human trafficking sting. Now Florida’s duly elected leaders—including Governor DeSantis—are considering repealing a 50-year-old law that allows Disney to “govern itself” in its parks in Florida.

To sum up, American families and state legislatures are pushing back against the harmful woke ideology that claims a child can be “born in the wrong body” and that young children should be taught sexual themes in school. You are making a difference!

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration had a full-on meltdown yesterday in response to these strong state laws and the pushback against their woke agenda. They proudly flew the “transgender flag” from the Department of Health and Human Services while putting out a series of messages calling these state efforts to protect female athletes and children “extreme” and “harmful.”

Since when is believing that girls’ sports should be fair and only for girls “extreme”?

The truth is that you are the main obstacle holding back the Biden Administration’s agenda. Your voice to protect children, your stand for girls’ sports, and your advocacy in your own state is what’s slowed down the woke agenda. The Biden Administration’s number one priority was to pass a sweeping LGBT law forcing radical sexual ideology in every aspect of American law and life—and silencing dissenters. That law remains stalled out, lacking support, while more and more states fight to save girls’ sports and protect children from gender ideology in their schools and doctor’s offices.

Our stand together to protect children has been strong, and the White House knows it. That’s why the Biden Administration is fighting so hard, despite a lack of support from the American people, to force their agenda.

It’s been a good week for families—especially for children. This momentum would not happen without you. From the bottom of our hearts, the Family Policy Alliance team wants to thank you for partnering with us, raising your voice, and fighting to protect children.

Standing with you,

Autumn Leva
Exec. Vice President, Strategy


P.S. Many more states continue to advance strong legislation to protect children and young women athletes. Family Policy Alliance and the alliance we host of state family policy councils will need to rally support for these bills to get across the finish line. We also expect new regulations from the Biden Administration that will harmfully impact children—especially girls—to be released at any time. Please prayerfully consider a generous gift to support our ministry as we fight for legal protections for families and children!










Last night, the NCAA forced a girl to take second place simply because her opponent was male.

In a race where female swimmer Emma Weyant should have won, Lia Thomas – a male who identifies as female – was instead crowned winner in a national women’s swimming championship.

And the rest of this weekend, he’ll have two opportunities to claim additional women’s titles.

Please ask the NCAA to reverse course and protect female athletes.

This is a reminder of why states across the nation need to Save Girls’ Sports through college! So far, eleven states have passed laws protecting female athletes — including six with protections through college. More must follow suit.

It’s no secret that males have athletic advantages over females. Some of these advantages include greater muscle mass and greater cardiovascular capacity – plus apparent advantages like height.

That’s one reason women have their own sports competitions in the first place.

When female athletes are forced to compete against male athletes, they lose out on scholarships, titles, and career opportunities simply because of their biology.

Ultimately, they lose out on fairness and the opportunity to enjoy a truly competitive environment.

Girls across the country should be able to count on fair athletic contests. But when males are allowed to compete in female contests, the competition can be over before it begins.

That’s why we’re asking you to join us in sending messages to the NCAA asking for fair competition for female athletes. Your message will be delivered directly to NCAA leadership. They need to hear from you.

It’s time to give girls their lane back. Please ask the NCAA to ensure that girls’ sports are just for girls.

Standing with you,

Meridian Baldacci
Director of Strategy

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