Dear Friends,

We have a request for your urgent help.

The Nebraska legislature is currently debating the Nebraska Heartbeat Act (L.B. 626), a bill that would protect preborn babies by prohibiting abortion when a fetal heartbeat is present.

We need you to encourage your senator to support it!

Option 1In a world #AfterRoe, states can now make their own decision on protecting unborn life. The Nebraska Heartbeat Act would require that a doctor, before proceeding with any abortion, first perform an ultrasound in accordance with standard medical procedure to listen for a fetal heartbeat. If a heartbeat is present, an abortion may not be performed.

Along with our friends at Nebraska Family Alliance, who have worked tirelessly on this bill, we need your help making sure it becomes law. We need you to send a message to your senator today urging them to vote “Yes” on L.B. 626!

Let’s ensure unborn life is protected. A heartbeat is a universal sign of life, and every child deserves the right to life. Send a message to your senator today requesting that they vote “Yes” on the Heartbeat Act, L.B. 626 – it only takes a moment using the form below.

Now is the time to speak up for LIFE in Nebraska!

Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm III
Director, Public Policy

Many states have been taking advantage of a Republican majority to push through important pro-life measures. That includes Nebraska, who recently passed a first-in-the-nation bill that protects medically challenging pregnancies.

Karen Bowling, executive director of Nebraska Family Alliance, one of Family Policy Alliance’s 40 state-based groups, tells us about the recent wins in the Cornhusker state.