Dear Friends,

Lately, you’ve heard from us about the ordinances being proposed throughout Johnson County having to do with sexual orientation and gender identity (transgender). In just the last month, we’ve seen the same laws introduced in Mission, Prairie Village, and Merriam. City councilors in these towns worked for months behind the scenes with LGBT organizations to craft language, recruit letters of support, and organize activists. This work is likely already underway at your city council.

Now, after a thorough legal review, we have an update that should concern every person of faith in every community in Kansas. While city councilors have told citizens the ordinances exempt churches and other religious organizations, the truth is, they don’t.

First, the ordinances define a “religious organization” as an entity “principally devoted to religious practice or religious teaching.” That modifier “principally” is crucial. It means that churches are exempted (in part – more on this later) but other religious organizations, including Christian schools and ministry organizations, are not.

Second, even for the limited group of religious organizations that are exempted (churches), the exemption only applies to “employment…that consists of religious teaching, ministry, or other religious duties or practices.” So, while a church can require the pastor to believe and live according to the biblical standard of human sexuality, it cannot require that of administrators, facilities personnel, and all others involved in the work of the church.

 If this sort of ordinance passes, every church and ministry in your town will be subject to penalties for requiring biblical faithfulness of its employees.

It’s not too late to stop the SOGI push in its tracks. Contact your city council NOW and tell them your town doesn’t need a SOGI ordinance. Tell them people of faith, ministries, and churches shouldn’t be criminalized merely for living and working in accordance with their beliefs.


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director

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