As our organization travels the state presenting the troubling facts about public education in New Jersey, we are constantly asked if the lessons and library books we use as samples are in a specific local school district. The answer is “we don’t know.”

We explain the difference between the state laws approved by the legislative majority and signed by Governor Murphy, and the state learning standards approved by the New Jersey State Board of Education. We offer examples of lessons that were developed by leftwing activist groups that have been officially or unofficially recommended by state officials. Schools are not required to use these particular lessons, but they are examples of the problematic propaganda that has infiltrated government schools by giving radical political organizations access to young children. This would include the following:

Curriculum Organization
LGBT “contributions” law Garden State Equality
Sex Ed Learning Standards Advocates for youth
Diversity and Inclusion law Learning for Justice
.      .   

Yet, there is another issue beyond curriculum – library books that are accessible to minors that contain graphic pornographic illustrations or highly sexualized descriptions of masturbation and oral sex. This is a brief list of just some of the books that have either been assigned as recommended reading or made available to students in school libraries in New Jersey.

All Boys Aren’t Blue

Becoming Nicole – The Transformation of an American Family

Black Queer Southern Women

Fun Home: A Graphic Novel

Gender Queer


I Hope We Can Choose Love – A Trans Girl’s Notes

Lawn Boy

Raising Rosie – Our Story of an Intersex Child

She He They Me – For the Sisters Misters

This Book is Gay

Parents have valid objections to these books, so we took action! Our team met with legislators from various legislative districts to share with them photos and quotes from some of the books listed above. Our request was simple, fair, and uncontentious. Parents want transparency in education to extend beyond lessons in all subjects. They want to know what books, some featuring narratives of erotic porn, are sitting on the shelves of their child’s school library.

Parents have the right to know!

We are excited to share with you that the legislative team in District 10 (Senator James Holzapfel, Assemblyman Greg McGuckin, and Assemblyman John Catalano) have introduced Senate bill 2722 and Assembly bill 3887. This bill will require each public school to post on their website a comprehensive list of all resources available in the school library.

Here is what these legislators have to say about this bill. Media across the state are talking about it too: WOBM FM and 101.5FM

And this all started with you!

Parents shared these books with us. We made appointments to meet with legislators to advocate for you and speak up for your parental rights. After discussion and follow up, legislators sent a draft of the bill to us. Our policy attorney reviewed it. The legislative team introduced it.

This is why we need your support! There is still a long way to go in New Jersey. Introducing the bill is step one in a lengthy process. We are still fighting for transparency in all subjects, and to Repeal the Sex Ed learning standards, Replace the so-called diversity curriculum law, and Restore parental rights. Will you consider financially supporting Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey this month? Remember these three words: Repeal, Replace & Restore. Going forward, you are going to hear them over and over.

Fighting for your family,

Len Deo

This past Monday, May 9, Senator Vin Gopal (D-Freehold) introduced his “Transparency in Health and Physical Education” bill in the Senate Education Committee. He is the chairman of this committee and therefore oversees the bills that are allowed to be publicly heard and debated. Our team was there to speak in favor of transparency in education, but we, along with many parents and other parental rights organizations, had to oppose this specific bill.

Because parents rose up and once again expressed their objection to the new sex-ed learning standards that will go into effect this upcoming school year, Senator Gopal said, according to the media, that he would support transparency in education for ALL subjects. Sadly, at his first opportunity to introduce a bill that would mandate school districts post ALL curriculum, lessons, and learning materials online, was limited to just Health Class.

This is troubling because lessons that promote transgenderism to young children can legally be taught in NJ public schools in multiple subjects starting in kindergarten. Schools are not obligated to teach lessons regarding gender identity outside of health class, but they are able to do so if the local school board wants to.

Our team recommended the Senate Education Committee support a bill that was first introduced in June 2021 and reintroduced in the new legislative session in February 2022. This bill is sponsored by Senator Steve Oroho (R-Sparta) and Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-Montville). It requires schools to post on their website ALL curriculum and learning materials 30 days before the school year begins. Senator Gopal committed to reaching out to the bill sponsors to discuss this bill. He explained the reason he decided to initially only support “Health Class” transparency was not to confuse parents on what classes they can opt out of.

Despite his reasoning, why could he not allow two Transparency in Education bills to be discussed in the same Senate Education Committee hearing? The first bill could be limited to health class with opt-out language, with the second bill for ALL other subjects. The reason might be the testimony of the NJ Education Association (NJEA) in their support of his transparency in “Health Class” bill. They thanked him for working with them in drafting the bill language. In other words, the NJEA – not parents – had the final say on what type of transparency there would be!

Finally, another very troublesome component of Senator Gopal’s bill is the fact that parents would be given an opportunity to express their concerns and objections over sex-ed lessons after local school boards approve them. Parents would essentially be left out of the developmental process of these lessons. We are not surprised because they were left out of the developmental process in drafting the bill language.

While we certainly have major concerns about the end product of Sen. Gopal’s bill, we are extremely thankful that Senator Gopal is leading a bipartisan effort to rebuild trust in NJ public schools. He was very kind and respectful to the parents who passionately shared their concerns. This was refreshing for a change! We look forward to working with him on future legislation. Senator Gopal gives us a new hope in finding a resolution for families.

Download our free resource “Diversity or Deception to learn the difference between the Sex Ed Learning Standards and the Diversity and Inclusion law. Get the facts and learn how these separate curriculum issues found their way into your child’s classroom.

Fighting for your families here in the Garden State!

Len Deo

When you’re facing opposition from radical activists and the Biden Administration, you must be doing something right.

This afternoon, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law. The new law ensures parents are not kept in the dark about what is happening with their children in schools and protects kids in kindergarten through 3rd grade from sexualized classroom instruction.

And, in the words of John Stemberger, President of Florida Family Policy Council, “The Florida parents rights law is necessary because schools have become places more concerned with indoctrination than they are with education.”

Florida Family Policy Council, our ally in Florida and a trusted voice for parents and families, shepherded the bill through the Florida legislature. We are grateful for their work on this bill, and for Governor DeSantis’s bold leadership in signing this bill in the face of pressure.

If you’ve been following this story, you know that Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek pressured Governor DeSantis to veto the bill – and some LGBT activists both outside and within Disney want the company leadership to go further. In fact, the well-funded and largest LGBT activist organization, the Human Rights Campaign, rejected a $5 Million donation from Disney in an attempt to pressure Disney to do more to oppose Florida’s pro-family bill.

But Disney clearly picked the wrong side in this fight. Not only did Governor DeSantis sign the bill this afternoon, but polling indicates that the law is strongly supported by Floridians – including by Democrat primary voters—and by Americans generally.

Disney leadership weren’t the only ones who missed that memo, though. Today, President Biden put out a tweet clearly targeting the new Florida law. And now the Human Rights Campaign is  raising even more “emergency money” where every dollar is matched to “fight back.”

This activism isn’t limited to Florida. Of course, the Biden Administration and Human Rights Campaign have each committed themselves to an activist agenda across the nation. But now Disney has publicly insinuated that it wishes to “take action” against other states with pro-family laws and has even said that its goal “is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts.”

TELL DISNEY TO STAND DOWN: sign our open letter!

As a company that caters to families, Disney needs to hear from you that their stance is anti-family and opposed to public values. We’ve sent this open letter to Disney, along with Florida Family Policy Council, and thousands of you have already added your names to it. If you haven’t yet, though, it’s not too late. Disney will keep facing pressure from LGBT activists to oppose good pro-family laws, so they need to keep hearing from you, too.

Sign the letter today.

After you sign the letter, we have more good news from the states: Utah’s legislature just passed a law to protect female athletes in their state, making Utah the 12th state to Save Girls’ Sports!

But the full story is remarkable. After the bill passed the Utah legislature, the Republican Governor vetoed the bill, even in the wake of male Lia Thomas winning a women’s swimming title in the NCAA. But rather than giving up, lawmakers in Utah voted to override the Governor’s veto and make it law anyway!

It’s an inspiring story for Indiana, where the Save Girls’ Sports bill was also vetoed by its Governor (and is awaiting a potential override vote) and for other states still hoping to get similar bills into law this year.

But even more than that, it’s inspiring for each of us who want to see a better, more pro-family America. It’s a reminder that no matter how much the Biden Administration tries to push its radical agenda on America, and no matter how much woke companies rattle their fists and pocketbooks against pro-family laws, they’re out of touch.

The American people are on the side of parents and children, truth and fairness. And when we stand together, those values will win the day.

So, we’re looking ahead with hope. Today, parents and children in Florida are protected. Female athletes in Utah and 11 other states know their state believes in them and stands for fairness in sports. And really, this is only the beginning.

Will you join us?

Meridian Baldacci
Director of Strategy

P.S. Don’t forget to sign our open letter to Disney today!


Recently, there has been nationwide media coverage concerning a bill in the state of Florida that prohibits teaching gender identity and sexual orientation to young children ranging from 5 to 8-years old. Get ready to read the controversial portion of the bill that has LGBT activists, woke corporations, and Disney employees raging with blind resistance:

 “Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

Let me ask you, when did it become improper and objectionable to protect little children from losing their innocence? The answer is – it has not! According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, 62% of Americans agree with this Florida bill. Tragically – despite the support this bill has – education unions, leftist legislators, and Disney still demand teachers inject confusing and complicating gender ideology into kindergarten classrooms. Why are they so obsessed with sexualizing incredibly young children?

Here in New Jersey, we are working with pro family legislators to stop Governor Murphy from depriving parents of the education and health care records of their children. In the past two weeks, many legislators have signed on as co-sponsors of bills that provide greater transparency in education. I look forward to sharing with you a full list of bill sponsors in the months ahead.

We are searching for “School Observers” to investigate whether their local school district is teaching CRT or how they are implementing gender identity in the lower classes (kindergarten through third grade) in their child’s school. This helps us share real stories with legislators of parents in their district who have to face time-consuming obstacles in accessing school curriculum. If you are interested in being a “school observer,” please fill out this form and we will be in contact with you. Please keep in mind, your child must be in grades K-12 in a NJ public school to be one of our observers.





Fighting for your families here in the Garden State!

Len Deo


There are some things that should be so basic and common in the roles and responsibilities of parenthood that most reasonably minded people can agree upon them. For instance, parents should be allowed to know what the government is teaching their children and have the fundamental right to have a clear understanding of the educational, emotional, and social development of their child. I don’t believe these “parental rights” would be a contentious view in any free and open society.

But this is 2022, and we are living in NJ! Unfortunately, we live under a determined leftist administration that prefers to ban parents from the classroom than ban books in the classroom. But I know this – parents from both political parties agree there should be greater transparency in education. Who wants their child to be educated behind a veil of secrecy? CLICK HERE TO HELP US CONTINUE TO ADVOCATE FOR YOUR RIGHTS IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

Though federal law guarantees parents the right to review curriculum, parents in NJ often have to meet with school administrators and fill out public records requests to obtain their child’s curriculum. This puts an undue burden on parents, making access to these records extremely difficult.

Thankfully, legislators here in NJ have introduced a bill (Assembly Bill 370/Senate Bill 1571) that would mandate schools make available curriculum, textbooks, and lesson materials to parents for inspection and review – by posting them online 30 days before the start of a school year. We have been meeting with bill sponsors and other legislators in support of this bill over the past few weeks. More meetings have already been scheduled.

This bill is a major legislative priority for the families of NJ, and we commit to advocating for you with state legislators on this issue. But there is something that you can do to help us in our advocacy. We are searching for “School Observers” to request curriculum from their child’s school. This helps us share real stories with legislators of parents in their district who have to face time-consuming obstacles to access their federal parental rights.

If you are interested in being a “school observer,” please fill out this form and we will be in contact with you. Please keep in mind, your child must be in grades K-12 in a NJ public school to be one of our observers.

Fighting for your families here in the Garden State!

Len Deo


I’ll cut straight to the chase: the greatest threat to the radical Left’s agenda is you. You are leading the way in promoting school choice and parental rights around the country. You have been, and will continue to be, a driving force in ending abortion in America. And you are playing a key role in protecting women and children and combatting the radical gender ideology of the Left.

Here are some of your key victories:

But for every one of these wins, the radical Left frantically continues to push its own agenda. For instance:

The Left continues to celebrate men taking titles from women – in sports and even in Jeopardy! The radical Left knows you are faithfully standing for truth and for what’s best for families, so they are trying to push through as much as they can. And with the mid-term election just months away, they know their time is running short – so their attempts are becoming more desperate.

One example of this phenomenon: the Equality Act. This radical bill has made repeat appearances in Congress and would create new protected classes based on a person’s self-identified sexual orientation and gender identity. Under the Equality Act, males could enter female-only spaces like locker rooms and women’s shelters, and they would be legally empowered to take female athletic titles and championships – and more.

Thankfully, you helped stop this bill from becoming law.

What was the next play for the Left? In Congress, nearly one hundred bills include Equality Act language, an attempt to integrate its policies piece-by-piece.

To be sure, the radical Left has its own offensive strategy. But you keep speaking up, engaging with your state family policy council, and responding to action alerts. You are an integral part of the pro-family movement.

Ours is a movement that believes children should be helped to embrace their God-given sex, not taught to question it.

We believe that when some children do struggle to embrace their God-given bodies, they should receive loving and meaningful help, not the harm of hormones and surgeries.

And no matter what happens in those policy areas, females still deserve a level playing field in sports, privacy and safety in sex-specific spaces, and the dignity not to be reduced to terms like “pregnant people.”

This is what real America believes- and the Left knows it. You are the greatest threat to their agenda.

Now, most states are in the thick of their legislative sessions, presenting many opportunities to protect families and stop the radical Left’s agenda. Nationally, Congress and the Biden Administration continue to provide many opportunities for action.

As your state determines what will happen for families in 2022 and beyond, here are 5 things you can do to keep making a difference:

  1. Pray. Pray for our nation, your state, and your community. Pray for leaders at all levels, and for the people their decisions affect. Sign up here to receive periodic prayer updates from our team.
  2. Reach out to your elected officials. We make it easy through our Action Center!
  3. Get plugged in with your state family policy council. They represent your voice and your interests in your state! Find yours here.
  4. Learn more about the issues. Click here to learn more about our vision for Help Not Harm for kids struggling to embrace their God-given bodies, and click here to learn more about the movement to Save Girls’ Sports.
  5. Spread the word! Share the truth with friends and family. (For easy-to-share content, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Together, let’s work for a nation where female athletes have a level playing field in all fifty states, where children across the nation are protected from dangerous agendas and transgender interventions, and where families can truly thrive.

Standing with you,

Meridian Baldacci
Director of Strategy



This morning, House Democrats passed H.R. 5376, the so-called “Build Back Better Act.” It’s better known as the “Tear Down, not Build Back Act,” or the “Socialist Tax and Spending Spree.” The 2,466-page bill contains Equality Act language, pushes the Left’s radical agenda in public schools, and could force you to pay for abortion. Read our press release statement here.

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy fought against the bill for over 8 hours last night in a record-breaking floor speech- causing the vote on the legislation to be delayed. Unfortunately, only one Democrat listened to reason and the bill passed this morning 220-213.

Here are some of the worst anti-family provisions to the bill:

Equality Act Agenda

Radical Left Policies in Public Schools

Taxpayer Funded Abortions

The “Tear Down, not Build Back Act” is now headed to the Senate. We will keep you updated on how you can tell your Senator to STOP this dangerous legislation!

In the meantime, the Senate started debating the National Defense Authorization Act. The legislation still contains Equality Act language and would force women to register for the draft. Tell your Senator to tell them to STOP the left’s radical gender agenda and DON’T draft our daughters here.

While news like this can be discouraging, know that our team at Family Policy Alliance is committed to standing against these radical, anti-family agendas. We just recently saw how the tide is turning on these issues in Virginia, and in other elections across the nation. We can’t stop fighting now- will you join us?

For faith, family, and freedom,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs

Your support to Family Policy Alliance and the alliance of state family policy councils we host is making family policy THE issue on the ballot.

For decades we have seen our culture decline while the far Left targets our parents and kids. Our parents have been told they don’t matter. They want families to forego the hopes and dreams we have for our children and allow them to be indoctrinated by the divisive and failed ideology of state-controlled thought.

At Family Policy Alliance, we were encouraged by the election results in Virginia and New Jersey. We know that the ground that was gained yesterday for families in America was huge. We also know that it was just a beginning—the opening battles in a much larger fight as we head into 2022.

The far Left and their leaders don’t want the voice of parents to matter. They aren’t going to stand down or change direction willingly. We know this. There is too much at stake for them and their decades-long plan to erase families—from conception of our children through their education and how they choose to live, work and enjoy the greatness of America that God has blessed us with.

The time is now, and our moment is here. We need to rise to this challenge and make sure that the victory in Virginia and gains in New Jersey are not just one-and-done events. You saw for yourself the power of leaders who don’t shrink from standing up for our values in family policy. The far Left threw everything and the kitchen sink at the candidates yesterday. They even resorted to calling Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin and Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears (the first African American woman elected statewide in Virginia) racist because they believe in – you guessed it – families and parents.

Family Policy Alliance is America’s leading national organization standing up for the civil rights of parents and families in state, local and federal policy. What makes us unique is our focus on organizing, educating and mobilizing around family policy.

We host an alliance of the most talented, impactful and amazing organizations working to advance the rights of families in America. What made the success possible yesterday was the work two of the forty state organizations in that alliance. The Family Foundation in Virginia and Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey organized, educated and mobilized voters like never before. And the leaders in Washington DC, pundits and news stations all took notice. It was their work and the good people who support it locally that ushered in this huge change in the national conversation about families.

And this work is just beginning. FPA hosts this alliance so the lessons learned that led to the victories for families last night can be shared across America as we head into 2022. Together, our organizations will invest more than $30 million just this year in the cause of family policy. Our alliance has more than 300 employees, dozens of lawyers, millions of advocates and more than 40,000 churches.

If you don’t already support the work of your state Family Policy Council Alliance member, we encourage you to get involved now!

Thank you again for your amazing support of  Family Policy Alliance. Praise God that he is using each of us in such a powerful way for families today!!

Please, stay plugged in. Look for the videos and invitations we send for you to participate. Support your state organization, and if you are in one of the states yet to have its own organization (OR, NV, IL, VT, OK, – help us create one there now!

Thanks again and may God bless your family,

Craig DeRoche
President and CEO

By: Jonathan Lange

It was Joseph Heller’ 1961 novel that introduced the term “Catch-22” into America’s modern vocabulary. In Heller’s “Catch-22,” he satirized a bureaucratic loop that prevented a military man from requesting a psychological evaluation because, according to the “catch-22” rule, the very act of asking proved he didn’t need one. Merriam-Webster defines the essential meaning of this phrase as “a difficult situation for which there is no easy or possible solution.”

The American Library Association (ALA) touts Heller’s novel among the famous “banned books.” However, it was only temporarily banned in one Ohio library from 1971-1974.

Banned Books Week, which takes place the last week of September every year, gives a platform for libraries to treat parental concerns with utter contempt. They ban classics while housing sexually explicit books in children’s libraries.

First, it gives woke school administrators—not parents— the ability to remove classics like John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” and Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” from a high school English curriculum.This enables them to claim that these books are “censored.” Second, the ALA uses the dubious claim to include these kinds of books on their “Top 10 #BannedBooksList.”

Third, the same ALA then puts eight other books on the list that are truly objectionable but makes it look on a par with American classics.

This brings us to the real Catch-22: The pornographic language and pictures found in the children’s book section of Wyoming’s libraries. This obscenity is so over-the-top that these books would never be printed in any respectable newspaper.

Any teacher or librarian unable to see why sane parents would object to the open display of “Doing It,” “The V-Word,” and “This Book is Gay” in the children’s section of a library has no business being around our children. Despite what progressive ideologues will tell you, this has nothing to do with “sexual identity” and everything to do with exposing children to inappropriate sexual content.

So, what can we do about it in Wyoming?

First, educate yourself. Concerned citizens should use the card catalogue of every child’s library to search for books of a sexual or otherwise objectionable nature. Work with other people in the community to share this workload.Second, go and talk to administrators to discuss your findings. Seek a solution that protects the community’s children. Sexually objectionable books should, at the bare minimum, not be displayed on the direct eye-level of your average seven-year-old. These books must be moved to the adult part of the library.

Third, learn the library’s policies that pertain to your concerns. If it is not being followed, correct the abuse. If the policy itself is inadequate, go to the appropriate oversight board—either the school board or the library board. Schools and counties are not answerable to the American Library Association. They are answerable to the voters.

Finally, remember that it is not only the business of parents to make public libraries safe for their children. It is the business of the entire community.

Your voice must be heard. This should not have to be a Catch-22.

By: Jonathan Lange

Executive Director


While the temperatures have been falling across the country, the Biden Administration has been hit with a heat tsunami for doubling-down on their radical gender agenda.

Last week, the House Judiciary Oversight Committee Hearing caught fire when the Attorney General was asked questions about the Department of Justice Memo deploying the FBI in every federal district. Why did the DOJ want to deploy the FBI? Because parents are standing up and speaking out against radical gender ideologies, critical race theory, and more at their local school board meetings.

The DOJ Memo was issued after the National School Board Association (NSBA) sent a letter to the White House calling out concerned parents who stand against radical ideologies. The NSBA letter identified parents’ actions as “threats” and “equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism.”

Exchanges in the House hearing revealed alarming information on the Biden-Harris Administration including:

The Attorney General’s responses haven’t aged well since the NSBA Board now says they “regret and apologize” for the letter and several state school board associations have distanced themselves from NSBA after the incident. And members of the House Judiciary Committee have called for Attorney General Garland to withdraw the memo.

But on Friday, the Biden-Harris Administration, completely tone-deaf, released a new gender strategy document. The 42-page document, entitled “National Strategy on Gender Equality and Equity” outlines the Administration’s promotion of a range of liberal priorities– including transgender policies – in schools, the workforce, and international efforts. The document also promotes abortion and the removal of the Hyde Amendment, meaning President Biden wants to force taxpayers to pay for abortion.

Read our press statement here.

Today, in a lively Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing, the Attorney General received more questioning about the DOJ memo. Here are a few highlights:

Amid this crazy storm, one thing is clear: parents have a God-given right to speak out and stand up for their children. And we will continue to stand with them. But this will take a significant investment of money and resources.

Will we let the left cancel parents’ voices at school board meetings, and even members of Congress, from daring to speak truth about biological reality? Or, will we come together and push back?

Join us today in taking a stand against radical gender ideology coming out of Woke DC that is now showing up in children’s schools, affecting their safety, and silencing their parents.

Your generous gift will help us know how aggressively we can fight back against the political agenda spreading out of D.C.

For our children,

Nicole Hudgens,
Government Affairs