In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a cataclysmic decision that has caused the deaths of an estimated 63,459,781 babies across our country. At the time it happened, The New York Times declared that “a historic resolution of a fiercely controversial issue” had been reached. History has demonstrated that Roe v. Wade brought anything but resolution.

As ultrasounds became widespread in mainstream culture, they demonstrated what Christian Scriptures and the laws of nature made apparent – babies in the womb are babies.

An increasing outcry in American culture began to grow in the decade that followed Roe v. Wade. In 1976, with the passage of the Hyde Amendment, federal money was prohibited from being used to fund abortions. At the state level, more and more people began to see the importance of standing for the most vulnerable young Americans.

Over the years, as awareness was raised on the issue, people began to pass laws that did not contradict Roe v. Wade, yet restricted it in individual states. In 2005, 34 laws were passed across the nation, limiting abortion. That number more than doubled in 2011. Over the past three years, many states began passing “fetal heartbeat” legislation, ensuring that no abortions would take place if a heartbeat could be detected.

In recent years, many states began to work on “trigger bills” that would take effect if Roe v. Wade was overturned to any extent. While some of those states began their work with the hope that Roe v. Wade would be challenged, they had to act purely on hope. As of December 2021, such a challenge has been made in the Supreme Court. This means that states now truly have a chance to stop the terrible death toll of innocent babies.

That all leads to this week, when Wyoming made one of the most potentially consequential decisions to protect human life our state has seen. Governor Gordon signed a bill that was the hard work of a team of state legislators who worked for months. This new law will – when the Supreme Court overturns Roe, which could happen in June – largely return Wyoming to pre-1973 laws that made abortion illegal.

Rep. Rachel Rodriguez-Williams and Senator Lynn Hutchings worked hard to carry this legislation forward as the prime sponsors, but an amazing team of pro-life legislators spoke and worked to make sure the bill passed. Months before the session started, Rep. Chip Neiman began to study and plan for potential pitfalls.

Groups such as Americans United for Life and Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming worked to support and help through the process. Very importantly, thousands of you sent emails and called your legislators to help them see the value of standing for life.

There is still more to come, the struggle isn’t over, but a major victory has been won in Wyoming!

Here at Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming, we will always stand for a state where God is Honored,  Religious Freedom Flourishes, Families Thrive, and Life is Cherished.

Thank you for standing with us!

Executive Director

Wednesday morning was an extremely active day in the Wyoming Legislature. Five of our Pro-Life, Pro-Family bills were discussed in different committees, and all five passed. Your response has been a tremendous help to the process. Here is a brief discussion of what happened.

Three pro-life bills made it through committee:

Also, two important bills passed the Senate Education Committee today. The first ensures that young ladies have the opportunity to play sports without fear of boys running them over and taking their scholarships away. The second bill allows parents to see the lessons plans of teachers, especially when Critical Race Theory and other Marxist ideas are introduced to their children.

If you have not emailed your legislators on these 5 crucial bills, reach out to them today!

Nathan Winters
Executive Director

This year we have been talking about a number of egregious pieces of legislation, the most infamous being the Reproductive Freedom Act (RFA). This bill would codify into law abortion at any time up to the birth of the baby. There are other things in the bill like allowing unliscensed “technicians” to perform abortions.

Because of you and your generous support, we have been able to place billboards (see above and below) near the offices of legislators who were prime sponsors of the egregious RFA. We were able to produce resources to assist parents in their quest to protect their children from the force of evil masquerading in their public schools.

Advocates of abortion-on-demand are persuading the masses with their message. It is unsettlingly similar to the serpent’s tactics in the Garden of Eden, convincing people that we should be equal to God. The balance of life in the womb should NOT be a matter of choice! This is not the way of GOD.

In addition, we have been fighting the LGBTQ agenda in New Jersey schools by assisting parents in their quest to stand up for their sons and daughters. Transgender activists have helped changed the curriculum leading to woke indoctrination, which impacts not just school kids but also girls’ sports. Often, the “male” competitive edge robs girls of athletic scholarships.

I’m not willing to tell my children and grandchildren that their families, and this great country in which we live, are not worth fighting for. I want to truly tell them I stood up and fought for them.

I know you’re the kind of person that feels the same way. I believe you agree with me that this is a time for resistance! That’s why I’m so glad to partner with you as we stand together, step forward, and fight for New Jersey’s families in 2022.

Because of your support in 2021, we were able to accomplish many things. We…

I know how difficult the past two years have been with the Pandemic. I know how many families have been impacted, some very severely. We have endured and seen this time of testing through. I want you to know that I am so appreciative of your standing behind us, even through these difficult days.

We are so close to reaching our year end goal which will enable us to start this fight strong in 2022. We are so close to reaching our year end need. Please help us so we can stand strong for you and your family and continue to be there for parents who want to make a difference. Together we can make it happen.

Thank you for fighting for a better tomorrow!
Len Deo

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, a critical case that represents the best chance at overturning Roe v. Wade that the pro-life movement has ever seen. The seven Supreme Court justices who decided Roe v. Wade had no idea the decision would cost 62 million American lives and counting. They didn’t know what we know from ultrasounds. And they certainly didn’t know about the incredible pro-life movement that would rise up. But now they do.

After 49 horrific years, Roe’s reign of terror may soon end—either with this Dobbs case or another future case. But that doesn’t mean abortion will end right away. Instead, the battle for life could quickly shift to the states. Many legal experts believe that the Justices will not completely ban abortion in America. Rather, they will return the issue to every state.

Each state would be responsible for regulating abortion. Each state would decide the destiny of their unborn children.

Our mission? Plan for a pro-life America and a pro-life New Jersey.

Family Policy Alliance put together information on New Jersey’s current laws on abortion limits, safety and health of women, and the protection of fundamental rights here.

Sadly, post-Roe in New Jersey means abortion will still be legal in most circumstances, which means your pro-life vote matters even more. Our lawmakers are even more responsible for the lives protected or the lives lost in New Jersey, without Roe to blame. And, we have more work to do than ever supporting babies and their mothers in embracing the sanctity of life.

AfterRoe.Com has helpful information about what we’re doing to fight for life in a post-Roe world in our state and across the country.

After Roe US Map

Sign the AfterRoe pledge
to start the post-Roe pro-life movement NOW.

Lame Duck session is here. This time of the year makes us nervous because the outgoing New Jersey House and Senate members have little to no accountability because they are finished in the New Year. And for the members re-elected, they know that people are too busy to keep an eye on them during the Christmas Season.

We here at the Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey stand vigilant. We are watching what bills New Jersey lawmakers intend to debate and vote on, including the Reproductive Freedom Act. This bill enshrines into New Jersey law such egregious pro-abortion policies, making abortion legal up to and even after the birth of the baby.

This is why we must stay alert and keep fighting to protect babies in New Jersey!

God bless you,

Len Deo

Dear Friends,

This week, I am thrilled to announce a new initiative towards our goal of seeing life cherished in New Mexico. It is an initiative that brings to mind Ezekiel’s vision in the valley of dry bones. Ezekiel’s vision was a promise that God would restore his people. You see, we are dry; void of life because of sin. But God brings life in one powerful breath and brings dry bones to life! New Mexico is currently a pile of dry bones when it comes to our current legislation regarding life. We need a revival. We need dry bones to come alive and I believe God is preparing a way for that very revival. It is possible, but we need you!

What’s coming?

As you know, Roe set the precedent for our country in its recognition of ‘abortion before viability’ as a constitutional right. Today, the Supreme Court will hear a case that could lead to the overturning of this precedent. If Roe is overturned, Roe’s viability standard no longer holds up. While this will be a great victory for our country in the stand for life, it unfortunately does not change anything for New Mexico.

In 2021, New Mexico repealed a pre-Roe trigger law that would have banned abortion in the state if Roe is overturned. This trigger law required that abortion could only take place if it was a justified medical termination and could only be performed by a licensed physician, using acceptable medical procedures in an accredited hospital. The repeal of this law stripped our state of all protections for the unborn. In fact, we have been called, by some, the late-term abortion capital of the nation. The 2021 repeal also stripped conscience protections from healthcare workers. We have no delay requirements, no parental consent for minors, no counseling requirements for a woman desiring abortion, and no standards of care. This means that we have a lot of work to do in order to gain ground in the fight for life.

We Must:

There is a long road ahead of us, but we are determined to stay the course. Now we have to fight like our lives depend on it because there is an unborn child’s life that does.

We need your help!

This organization is able to make a difference because of the generosity of people like you. We run solely on the donations of our ministry partners and this month I am asking for your help. We have set a goal of raising $25,000 to help our organization continue to be the active voice for the issues that matter most.

Are you with us? Will you support a revival that could be as life-changing as dry bones coming alive?

Standing Firm,




Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director

Dear Friends,

This afternoon, I had the privilege of attending an event with Vice President Mike Pence called Life Is Winning to celebrate all the accomplishments in the pro-life movement over the past four years.

And I assure you—none of these incredible accomplishments would have happened without you. Through your biblical citizenship, you have faithfully voted for pro-life leaders, advocated for pro-life laws through our Action Center, and supported mothers and babies in your own communities.

By God’s grace, and because of you, the list of accomplishments Vice President Pence and other leaders in the Trump Administration were able to share was a long one. Here are just a few examples:

These are amazing accomplishments, and I am rejoicing with you! But, most importantly, Vice President Pence reminded us today of why we work so hard together to advance the dignity and worth of every human life in culture, law, policy, and elections:

He who said before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. This is about life. We do well in this movement to always remind ourselves that when we make the cause for life our cause, we make His work on this earth our very own. So do not grow weary in doing well because in the last four years we’ve shown when men and women of faith and conviction come together to stand up for the unborn and to speak out for the voiceless, life can win in America, and with your help and God’s help life will keep on winning in the United States of America.

Indeed. We are in the pro-life movement not for political wins for their own sake—but because the value of every human life made in the image of God is at stake.

President Trump’s press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, also joined us at the event. She shared how the cause for life has become even more near and dear to her heart as a new mom this year. It was a powerful moment when she said:  “This is not about a woman’s right to choose. It is about a human being’s right to live.” We are image-bearers of the living God, and that must mean something in America’s law and culture.

At the end of the event, Tom McClusky, the Vice President of Government Affairs for our friends at March for Life, presented a letter to Vice President Pence thanking him and President Trump for all their work advancing the right to life over the past four years. The letter was signed by over 70 organizations, including Family Policy Alliance.

I hope you’ll join us in “not growing weary in doing good,” because we have much work to do advancing the cause of life in 2021!

I will end this letter to you with the encouraging words Vice President Pence shared with me today:  “We will see the sanctity of life restored to the center of American law in our time.”

For all created in His image,

Craig DeRoche
President and CEO





Two weeks ago, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico® released its 2020 Legislative Pro-Life Scorecard which reflects the pro-life/pro-abortion positions for every incumbent State Senator and State Representative in the New Mexico Legislature. However, given the upcoming June Primary Election, many have inquired about the positions of other legislative candidates running in contested Democratic and Republican primaries.

This week, we are providing the results of our research after reviewing endorsements from our friends at Right to Life Committee of New Mexico, legislative voting records, public comments, candidate questionnaires from the Albuquerque Journal, and endorsements from the pro-abortion political group, Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico.

Candidates in GREEN have stated positions and/or cast votes consistent with a PRO-LIFE platform.

Candidates in RED have stated positions and/or cast votes consistent with a PRO-ABORTION platform.

We hope this information is helpful for you! Please feel free to forward and share with others.


Vince Torres
President & Executive Director



State Senate Contested Primaries

District 3 – Democrat
Sen. Shannon Pinto – Supports abortion per Governor’s Office Press Release (7/18/19)
Dineh Benally – Position unknown
Shawn Nelson – Position unknown

District 4 – Democrat
Sen. George Munoz – Recommended by Right to Life
Noreen Kelly – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 5 – Democrat
Sen. Richard Martinez – Endorsed by Right to Life
Leo Jaramillo – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 8 – Democrat
Sen. Pete Campos – Recommended by Right to Life
Connie Trujillo – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 9 – Democrat
Ben Rodefer – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Kevin Lucero – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Brenda McKenna – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 9 – Republican
Bridget Condon – Endorsed by Right to Life
John Clark
– Pro-Life per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Tania Arletha Dennis – Position unknown

District 10 – Democrat
Katy Duhigg – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Alan Hall – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 17 – Democrat
Shannon Robinson – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Sen. Mimi Stewart – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 19 – Republican
Rep. Gregg Schmedes – Endorsed by Right to Life
Sen. James White – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 20 – Democrat
Martin Hickey – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Nancy Savage – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Rebecca Stair – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Idalia Tena – Failed to answer

District 20 – Republican
Karin Foster – Position unknown
John Morton – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 28 – Democrat
Siah Hemphill – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Sen. Gabriel Ramos – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 30 – Democrat
Pamela Cordova – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Sen. Clemente Sanchez – Recommended by Right to Life

District 30 – Republican
Kelly Noble – Pro-Life per campaign website
Joshua Sanchez – Position unknown

District 31- Democrat
Sen. Joseph Cervantes – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Melissa Ontiveros – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Arturo Terrazas – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 33 – Republican
Sen. Bill Burt – Recommended by Right to Life
Chris Hensley – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 35 – Democrat
Neomi Martinez Parra – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Sen. John Arthur Smith – Recommended by Right to Life

District 36 – Republican
Roger Baker – Endorsed by Right to Life
Kimberly Skaggs – Pro-Life per campaign website

District 38 – Democrat
Carrie Hamblen – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Sen. Mary Kay Papen – Recommended by Right to Life

District 39 – Republican
Joey Tiano – Endorsed by Right to Life
Susan Vescovo – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 41 – Republican
Sen. Gregg Fulfer – Recommended by Right to Life
Rep. David Gallegos – Endorsed by Right to Life


State House Contested Primaries

District 13 – Democrat
Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Edwina Pina Cisneros – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 14 – Democrat
Robert Chavez – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Rep. Miguel Garcia – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 17 – Democrat
Rep. Deborah Armstrong – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Laura Lucero y Ruiz De Gutierrez – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 20 – Democrat
Meredith Dixon – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Ilena Estrella – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 23 – Republican
Ellis McMath – Endorsed by Right to Life
Audrey Trujillo – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 27 – Democrat
Rep. Marian Matthews – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
William Orr – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 27 – Republican
Robert Godshall – Endorsed by Right to Life
Jill Michel – Pro-Life per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)

District 34 – Democrat
Bealquin Gomez – Voted against pro-life legislation (2015)
Rep. Raymundo Lara – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 40 – Democrat
Matthew Gonzales – Endorsed by Right to Life
Roger Montoya – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 42 – Democrat
Mark Gallegos – Supports abortion per Taos County Commission Meeting comments (12/30/2019)
Kristina Ortez – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 42 – Republican
Linda Calhoun – Pro-Life per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Paul Martinez – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 45 – Democrat
Carmichael Dominguez – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Lisa Martinez – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Yolanda Sena – Position unknown
Linda Serrato – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
Patrick Varela – Endorsed by Right to Life

District 50 – Democrat
Rebecca King Spindle – Position unknown
Rep. Matthew McQueen – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

District 61 – Republican
Randall Pettigrew – Pro-Life per campaign website
David Snider – Position unknown

District 65 – Democrat
James Magdalena Recommended by Right to Life
Rep. Derrick Lente – Voted for pro-abortion legislation (2018)

District 70 – Democrat
Robert Anaya – Supports abortion law repeal per Albuquerque Journal Questionnaire (2020)
Ambrose Castellano – Position unknown
Anita Gonzales – Endorsed by Planned Parenthood


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico

Dear Friends—

Today, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico is pleased to release its 2020 New Mexico Legislative Pro-Life Scorecard!

As one of our state’s leading pro-life organizations, we are helping spearhead the effort to promote a culture of life and push back against the radical agenda of the abortion industry. Our hard work paid off in 2019 with the historic defeat of House Bill 51. This legislation was an attempt by pro-abortion Legislators and the Governor to codify elective abortion up to the moment of birth in state law. However, after House Bill 51 passed the House, eight pro-life Democrats joined all Republicans in the Senate to defeat the bill—an action which represented one of the most meaningful victories for the pro-life movement in New Mexico history.

Thanks to the vote on House Bill 51, we now have almost every State Senator and State Representative on record regarding their position on abortion. As for those Legislators who did not vote and those who were appointed after the 2019 Legislative Session, we used prior votes, public statements, and Planned Parenthood endorsements to determine their pro-life/pro-abortion position.

The result is that we are able to share with you today positions for every single State Senator and State Representative in New Mexico!

As pro-life New Mexicans, we must all know where our local Legislators stand on the critical issue of life and we encourage you to help us distribute this information far and wide. Here are some ways you can help!

  1. Please forward this email to as many friends and family members as possible.
  2. Please share the Scorecard on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Link to Scorecard:
  3. Please print and distribute as many copies of the Scorecard as you would like.
  4. Please forward this email to your pastor(s).
  5. Pastors—please consider sharing the Scorecard with your people.

Thank you in advance for assisting us in our efforts to promote a state where life is cherished, and special thanks to our pro-life Legislators for speaking up and standing for the preborn children of New Mexico!

Standing Together for Life,

Vince Torres
President & Executive Director

2020 New Mexico Legislative Pro-Life Scorecard

If you do not know who your State Senator or State Representative is, CLICK HERE; enter your zip code and click “GO”; then click on the “New Mexico” tab.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Dear Friends—

In the midst of these challenging times, I am proud to bring you some good news in the form of another pro-life victory in our state.

Recently, the Cimarron Village Council passed a pro-life resolution affirming the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. The resolution was introduced by Council Member Matthew Gonzales and it was unanimously passed by the four Democrats and lone Republican on the Council.

The Council resolution states in part:

“[W]e, the members of the Cimarron Village Council, declare that innocent human life, including fetal life, must always be protected and that Society must protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

The Village of Cimarron now joins at least five other New Mexico local governments that have passed pro-life resolutions around the state. This list includes the Lea County Commission, the Eddy County Commission, the Hidalgo County Commission, the Roswell City Council, and the Kirtland Town Council.

While New Mexico is infamously regarded as the “late-term abortion capital of the country,” these local governments are trying to reverse the culture of death in our state by promoting a culture of life. We applaud them, and we ask the question:

Which local government will be next?

As previously reported, County Commissioner James Martinez has proposed a pro-life resolution in Rio Arriba County, but it has not yet been voted on. If your county, city, town, or village is not on this list, please consider contacting your local County Commissioner or Council Member this week and ask them to introduce a similar resolution.

Together, let’s send a message to the abortion industry—that New Mexico is a pro-life state!

Standing with you for life,

Vince Torres
President & Executive Director


To read the Village of Cimarron’s pro-life resolution in its entirety, please click here.


“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.” (Psalm 31:8)

Dear Friends,

Earlier this year, thousands of pro-life New Mexicans rallied together to defeat one of the most radical pro-abortion bills in the country—House Bill 51. Our victory sent shockwaves through the State Capitol and in the days that followed, my phone was flooded with calls from people all over the country asking, “How did you do that?” My response was always the same. We prayed, we spoke up, and we showed up.

 And friends—the time has come for us to do it again!

The fight for life in New Mexico is far from over and today, we begin a new effort to thwart the agenda of the radical abortion industry with the release of our 2020 “New Mexicans for Life” Pro-Life Petition. House Bill 51 will be back during the upcoming Legislative Session in January and we must again send a clear message to the Governor and the members of the Legislature—that we oppose abortion up-to-birth and infanticide, and any effort to repeal important conscience protections for our medical professionals.

Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico is proud to be partnering with Right to Life Committee of New Mexico and New Mexico Alliance for Life on this important project and we are depending on you to make it a success.

Will you help us today by doing 3 things?

  1. Please ADD YOUR NAME by clicking here. It only takes 30 seconds and in addition to your name being added to the petition, a message will immediately be sent to the Governor and your State Senator and Representative.
  2. Please SHARE THIS EMAIL by forwarding it to your family members, friends, and pastors.
  3. Please SHARE OUR PETITION LINK on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram –

Thank you for making your voice heard and for speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Standing together for life,

Vince Torres
Executive Director