by Kim Trobee

In North Carolina, the Governor is riding a wave of pressure from progressive activists who are unhappy with his decision to protect the safety and privacy of women and children. Gov. McCrory supports a law that makes sure men use men’s rooms and women use women’s rooms. That has the left breathing fire down on McCrory and anyone else in the state who will listen. In fact, the pressure has been so intense that Gov. McCrory recently caved and signed an executive order imposing sexual orientation and gender identity in rules for state employees.

Transgender individuals make up point zero one percent of the population. There is no mechanism in place to keep predators from using these bathroom bills to gain access to women and children. So how did we get to the point where such a small minority of folks is making the rules for the rest of us – and putting others at risk?

In a word, tolerance.

Americans are terrified of offending anyone. We would rather remain silent and allow all kinds of mischief to go on rather than be seen as intolerant, or worse, “hateful.”

But in doing so, we put ourselves in a dangerous position, especially as people of faith. In saying nothing, we in essence put our stamp of approval on behavior that even 20 years ago would have been deemed immoral at best, illegal at worst. The more we turn away and “live and let live,” the more our precious rights will be whittled away.

Standing up to bullies has never been easy. But it’s the only thing that works. If we would stand for what’s right and support those elected officials who have the courage to do it too, we’d soon see an end to the boycotts and threats.

If we don’t, we will have to live with what we allow. As someone once said, “One-way tolerance is tyranny.”

I hope we can live with that.