Someone has said that on D-Day (June 6, 1944) human destiny was changed forever. D-Day is the day Allied Forces took their enemies by surprise and staged the largest invasion from the sea in human history. An armada of 5,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft put 156,000 soldiers on the ground. They established a beachhead and opened the way for a million troops by July 1. One year later, on May 8, 1945, WWII ended. But it had cost the lives of millions; destroyed homes, families, and cities; and brought huge suffering to entire countries. D-Day meant an end to war, but it also began a time of rebuilding.

In a similar way, D-Day is fast approaching for the infamous Roe v. Wade SCOTUS decision. On January 22nd, 1973, war was declared on helpless preborn infants, and since then, the lives of over 63 million preborn babies have been lost. Roe wreaked havoc on individuals, families and upon our whole nation. Surveys have repeatedly shown that most Americans believe that there should be restrictions on abortion, especially after the first trimester. The “leak” about Roe being overturned indicates that most of the sitting justices believe the original Roe decision was flawed and there is no constitutional right to an abortion.

What many people don’t realize is that if Roe is reversed, it would not automatically outlaw abortion across America. Instead, it would go back to the states, and each state would decide the destiny of their unborn children. Each state will face vastly different scenarios after Roe, ranging from very pro-life to strongly pro-abortion, with the majority having some restrictions. See for more info and to learn how you can be involved in preventing abortions and pursuing a community where life is cherished.

In Rhode Island, there are literally no restrictions on the abortion industry. After Roe, our state is set to remain one of the most radical pro-abortion states in the nation and possibly a haven for abortionists. We can’t allow that to happen. Recently, our legislature considered a bill that would have legalized taxpayer-funded abortion. At this point, it has been tabled, probably because it is an election year, and it was too risky for most politicians. However, you can be sure the effort will resurface, so be watchful and prayerful.

Just as there was a need for rebuilding after D-Day, there is a need for rebuilding a respect for life in an After-Roe America. As we go forward, here are a few suggestions:

Wars begin in the heart, and that is where the battle must be waged. God’s D-Day was the day that Jesus was nailed to a cross. The day you make Christ your savior is the day you make peace with God. Only the love of God can change the human heart. Let’s all pray and do our part to help people turn back to God, the Author of Life, so that he can rebuild their lives.

For Faith and Family in RI,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island

I recently gave a financial gift to an organization called “Public School Exit – Give Parents a Choice.” They are part of a nationwide movement to save our kids from public schools and their anti-Christian, anti-family policies. I am happy to say that God is birthing a similar movement right here in Rhode Island.

Recently I was part of a meeting with 6 Christian schools in greater Rhode Island. The purpose was to see if they could collaborate, cooperate, and seek God for wisdom on working together to give parents better choices for educating their children. We have another meeting scheduled in a few weeks, and I will keep you posted on the progress. But for now, the greatest need (right after prayer) is for teachers in the fall. Three of the schools asked me to let the Christian community know their needs, so here is a list of opportunities:

Seekonk Christian Academy (95 Sagamore Rd. Seekonk, MA 02771 / 508-336-2615) Needs two middle school teachers with classroom experience, able to teach two core classes under the Abeka Curriculum. Call or email Chris Pfeiffer:  Website:

Academy of Higher Learning (1436 Grand Army Highway [Route 6 near the RI line] Swansea, MA 02777) Need multiple teachers for the fall. Call or email 508-324-4500 /  Website:

Providence Classical Academy (will meet the first year at Grace Church in East Cranston) This will be a hybrid school – 2 days in the classroom and 3 days homeschool. Job descriptions for needed teacher positions (2nd – 4th grad) can be found here: For more info, call or email Luke Harding: 502-224-3293 /  Website:


Here are the other three schools that were part of that meeting. Please PRAY DAILY for all of them that God will meet their needs and give parents the options they need for their children!

Barrington Christian Academy
9 Old County Road, Barrington, RI 02806
(401) 246-0113;

Dayspring Christian Academy
1052 Newport Avenue (Route 1A, across from Cardi’s), South Attleboro, MA
(508) 761-5552;

West Bay Christian Academy
475 School St, North Kingstown, RI 02852
(401) 884-3600;

Please note – I’m sure there are any number of other Christian schools in Greater RI. These six schools have agreed to build relationships and explore how to better work together to meet the needs of parents and students rather than compete. So, please PRAY for them, their NEEDS, and their success.

I am a great fan of Henry Blackaby and his study “Experiencing God”! There is no doubt in my mind that God, who knows what is up ahead as Christ’s Second Coming draws near, has a plan and is inviting us to join him as he takes action.

For Faith and Family,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island


*This not an exhaustive list of Christian schools in Rhode Island. The mention of educational institutions in this article does not indicate an official endorsement of those institutions by Family Policy Alliance.

In his book, MILE 2: 31 Extra-Mile Secrets for an Extra Ordinary Life, Steve Warner describes his fascination with Chuck Yeager and how the sound barrier was eventually broken in 1947. Mach 1 is the speed of sound and is 660 miles per hour at 20,000 feet. In the mid-1940’s, no aircraft had flown that fast, and it was believed that at such a speed the air pressure would be catastrophic for both plane and pilot.

Despite the risk, the Army Air Corps kept pushing towards the goal. They developed the X-1 and chose Yeager as the pilot. The closer they got to Mach 1, the greater the shock waves they experienced, and they were almost ready to give up. On the ninth attempt, as the X-1 was being severely buffeted, they broke the barrier and began flying supersonic. According to Yeager, it was “as smooth as a baby’s bottom.” Ironically, he was in no mood for flying that day because he had fallen off a horse and broken some ribs, but he went the extra mile!

I couldn’t help but compare that effort with “breaking the LIFE barrier” in America, and especially here in Rhode Island. At times it seems as if simply saving the lives of babies is going to shake our nation apart, and I wish we could get past the turbulence to smooth sailing. One piece of good news I can share is that the bill to legalize taxpayer-funded abortion was tabled for further study and hopefully will not resurface until next year.

Although it’s not yet final, it does seem that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that has resulted in the loss of more than 63 million pre-born babies’ lives. That would send the life issue back to each state and it’s voting citizens to enact legislation on abortion. Right now, Rhode Island has literally no protection for pre-born babies. Thus, with primaries and elections before us, we will be working to let voters know where the candidates stand on the life issue.

For some pro-abortion candidates, their stand is no secret. I just received this email appeal from the RI Democratic Party: Overturning Roe robs Americans of their RIGHT to bodily autonomy AND their RIGHT to privacy.”  I personally know a number of solidly pro-life Democrats. However, the party platform and most Democratic candidates are pro-abortion.

I am not usually given to comparing, but I must confess my envy of other states when it comes to their prevailing moral standards. The Oklahoma legislature just passed a ban on abortions that went beyond the law passed in Texas. Instead of protecting babies at six weeks when their heartbeat can be detected, it starts protecting unborn children at conception when their life begins. I wanted to shout when I read it!

God is moving in America beyond the life issue, and you won’t hear about it on secular media. Indiana just overrode the governor’s veto and became the 17th state to “Save Girls’ Sports” by banning men who say they are girls from competing. Pray that RI will someday do the same and be added to that number.

In closing, we need your help. Very soon, this Family Policy Alliance effort in RI will be re-launching as Rhode Island Family Institute in keeping with our sister organizations in MA and CT. Like them, we will be launching a website where you will find resources to strengthen your faith and your family.

Please help us with a generous gift or, better yet, become a monthly supporter. I am also available to speak at your church or small group gathering.

Next week, I will address a new effort to legalize recreational marijuana in Rhode Island. We have many years now to see how that has affected Colorado, and you will be shocked at the social destruction.

For Faith and Family in RI,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island

Picture yourself on a crippled spacecraft, not knowing if you would be returning home. You have enough power for one last blast! But if your return trajectory is off, you will skip past earth and wander aimlessly in space until your battery power is exhausted. Oh, and one more thing, an explosion damaged the computerized navigational instruments. This life-saving maneuver to get you to safety will have to be done the old-fashioned way – manually!

This scenario describes the true story of Apollo 13 in 1970. The crew’s survival depended on Commander Jim Lovell flying the ship for a 14-second manual burn while keeping the distant marble-sized planet Earth in the crosshairs of his small spacecraft window. (Picture yourself in his place.) The crew’s job was to keep the view of earth stable by finessing the thrusters despite the ship’s jumping and shaking.

Thankfully, they were successful! The safe return of Apollo 13 dramatically illustrates the importance of having “fixed reference points.” This is true in life, and especially true right now in our nation. The further America drifts from our Judeo-Christian roots, the fewer reference points we have to guide us. Just look at these bills right now in the RI General Assembly, and you’ll see what I mean. House Bills 7306, 7307 and 7405 and Senate Bills 2386 and 2387 all have to do with saving an infant baby who is born alive after a botched attempt to end its life by abortion. It’s hard to believe but these bills will not pass! They will be tabled for “further study.”

Three other bills now in the General Assembly would expand the meaning of “comprehensive health insurance” to include abortion. Comprehensive coverage used to be a good thing when it came to healthcare, but without a reference point that “life is sacred,” that meaning has changed, and not for the better. Also in Rhode Island, taxpayer-funded abortion bills are knocking at the door. In the Senate these bills are 2769 and 2549, and in the House, it’s 7442.

Say “NO” to taxpayer-funded abortion by calling or emailing these legislative leaders:

Senate President Ruggerio
(401) 222-6655

House Speaker Shekarchi
(401) 222-2447

You can have more impact than you think. If you call, be respectful, but make your opposition clear!

We are also “lost in space” with regard to the gender identity issue that is infiltrating our schools.  By now you are probably familiar with the DeSantis vs. Disney battle playing out in Florida. Gov. DeSantis simply did his part by keeping activists’ teachers and school boards from introducing “gender identity” during the early formative years of school-age children, kindergarten through 3rd grade. There was no mention of anything “anti-gay.”

The complaint to Disney’s CEO came from about 100 employees, a fraction of the 75,000+ people Disney employs. There is little doubt that special interest groups want to change the “fixed moral reference points” in our culture!”

In July of last year, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus stirred up a hornet’s nest when it posted a music video that said homosexuals were coming for the children of straight parents. Read the lyrics for yourself:

“We’ll convert your children. Happens bit by bit. Quietly and subtly. And you will barely notice it. … We’ll make them tolerant and fair. … We’ll convert your children. Someone’s gotta teach them not to hate. We’re coming for them. We’re coming for your children.”

The choir later issued a statement saying it was done tongue-in-cheek, but given the rapid spread of Gender and Transgender Ideology in public schools, it was obviously a serious statement.

I have been working hard along with other groups to keep “pleasure-based sex-ed” and LGBTQ+ curricula out of our public schools. Join our Facebook group, Rhode Island Informed Parents, and alert others when your parental rights are violated in your child’s school. Let’s join together and bring back the “fixed reference points” that brought God’s blessing on our nation.

You can also help by visiting our landing page where you can sign up for our newsletter, become a financially supporting partner with us or invite me to speak at your church or group gathering.

For Faith and Family in RI,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island

The University of Pennsylvania’s Lia Thomas “made history” on Thursday as the first transgender athlete to win an  NCAA swimming championship, taking the title for the 500-meter freestyle. Woke activists are celebrating the win, saying: “Thomas should be embraced in the history of progress that sports represent and recognized as a trailblazer.”  

It’s amazing to me how being transgender, which is accomplished by hormone therapy and even surgery at times, is equated with race that is determined at birth and confirmed by genetics. Let’s face it, if the logic is played out, why spend $200 for an “Ancestry Kit” that has findings based on genetics when you can just decide your ancestry by how you feel.

If gender is on a spectrum as woke organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood say, then you can be Scandinavian today and Indonesian tomorrow because you sincerely identify with that nationality. Time will tell if this so-called “trailblazing” and “progress” continues in other categories of sports. In the meantime, scholarships, titles, and trophies are being stolen.

Take note that the transgender phenomenon is fast becoming a war on girls and women, nullifying years of hard work and progress towards equality. Title IX greatly improved women’s rights, especially in sports. But now trans athletes are using it in a way never intended.

There are many valid reasons for separating men from women in sports. Men, even transgender men, have more muscle mass and speed even after cross-sex hormone therapy. This could result in serious injury in some competitive sports, but that doesn’t seem to matter right now.

Lia Thomas as a biological male was not a winning athlete when competing with other males. But since identifying as a woman and competing with biological women, he’s taking home the gold. Who would have thought that to win, all you had to do was “change the definition of what makes a woman… a woman.” Facts have given way to fiction and feelings. Fairness is no longer grounded in facts!

In defining “fair,” Webster says, the general word implies the treating of both or all sides alike, without reference to one’s own feelings or interests. “Just” is a synonym that implies adherence to a standard of rightness without reference to one’s own inclinations. And being “objective” is viewing persons or things without reference to oneself or interests, as in an objective newspaper, which in today’s world is an endangered cultural phenomenon.

This recent NCAA incident makes it very clear that we must PRAY and TAKE ACTION again to protect female athletes here in Rhode Island. Senate Bill 2501 would prohibit transgender girls and women from participating in female sports teams from kindergarten through college. Send a clear message to your legislator and save girls’ sports in Rhode Island!

For Faith and Family in RI,

David Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island



P.S. Kudos to Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, he signed a proclamation on Tuesday naming the 2nd place swimmer, Emma Weyant of Team USA the true winner.

Rep. Jim Langevin, who represents Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District, will not seek reelection after 22 years in Congress. An opportunity like this does not occur often! With the constant attacks on religious freedom in our state, we would do well to pray that whoever fills this seat would have respect for the Christian community and the godly values we endeavor to live by.

Because of my involvement with Family Policy Alliance, I have been following closely where candidates fall on issues affecting Faith and Familyand here’s an FYI that may help if you reside in District 2 and have a vote on who fills this open seat.

The Democratic candidates will likely continue to vote for the party platform (which is anti-faith and anti-family). If that happens, we should and will continue to pray for those in authority as the Apostle Paul instructs us. Who knows what God may do? We could see another Saul become a Paul and champion religious freedom!

The other candidates are former Mayor of Cranston Alan Fung, former State Rep. Bob Lancia, and current Senator Jessica de la Cruz. As I have followed the voting records of the candidates concerning faith and family values, the only one who has consistently represented the values of Evangelicals, Roman Catholics and the Christian community in general is Senator Jessica de la Cruz. She has introduced and voted for legislation that is solidly pro-life, pro-biblical marriage and pro-family. I can’t say that for the others who have wavered at times, especially on the moral issues that are important to Christians.

This email is not meant to be political, but it is meant to be practical and help us practice our “Biblical Citizenship.” The attack on our school-age children is increasing, and we desperately need a strong, steady, moral influence on government policies at the state and national level. Dr. Martin Luther King said the church should be the conscience of the government, and voting is one way to do that. Let’s make our vote count!

God’s Best to You,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island

Your help is needed to save girls’ sports in Rhode Island! Read below for more detail – or take action now!

The Guidance for Rhode Island Schools on minors experiencing “Gender Dysphoria” is life-threatening and needs to change. In RI schools, minor children cannot receive any kind of counseling that might steer them “away” from the transgender or gay lifestyle.

Presently, to do so is illegal and punishable by fines and loss of license. Only counseling that affirms their choice is permitted. That may ultimately be life-threatening because the suicide rate for transitioning youth is at nearly 20 percent according to a long-term follow-up study conducted in Sweden.

Nationally, the transgender craze has affected girls’ sports, and it will eventually affect us here in Rhode Island unless we stop it. A few years ago, I, along with a group of parents, expressed our concerns at a public hearing. We were concerned about the fairness of boys competing with girls. We were also concerned about boys who think they are girls, being allowed to shower with girls who really are girls.

The Commissioner’s response was that Title IX covered trans kids and totally ignored the issue of the girls’ safety. Now we see nationally that transgender girls (boys who think they are girls) are taking away the titles, trophies and scholarships from girls who really are girls. (Confused yet?). Ironically, the original reason for Title IX was to protect girls’ sports for girls!

The oft-repeated mantra in support for the ban on counseling is, “If you don’t affirm their transgender identity, they will commit suicide.” But, the tragic truth is that among those who go through with so-called “sex reassignment” surgery, in the long run they face a suicide rate 20 times that of comparable peers. By contrast, when not pushed to pursue transition, 80%-95% of children with gender dysphoria will grow up to accept their biological sex.

Let’s not surrender our values or our children. Watching this interview of a young girl by Leslie Stahl on 60 minutes will motivate you. It broke my heart, and it will do the same for you also!

We at Family Policy Alliance know that our children are too important to lose, and with prayer and perseverance we can turn this around. To that end, Sen. Elaine Morgan has re-introduced “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” (S 2501), a bill drafted by Family Policy Alliance to protect girls’ sports in RI from being taken over by the transgender movement. Please TAKE ACTION and tell your legislator to pass this bill to save girls’ sports.

Recently, Iowa became the eleventh state to enact legislation prohibiting transgender girls and women from participating on female sports teams from kindergarten through college. Let’s make Rhode Island the twelfth state! Tell your legislator to vote YES on S 2501, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act to save girls’ sports in Rhode Island – and save lives at the same time.

For Faith and Family in the Ocean State,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island

We are all shocked by the violence inflicted on families because of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. People are being forced to either flee to neighboring countries or hunker down and prepare for war, and we need to be praying for them. We are saddened by the pictures of children in bombed-out cities and families hiding out in subways that are now used as bomb shelters. Children are losing their childhood, which is supposed to be their good years, and once lost they are lost forever.

Here in America, there is a war of another kind. It’s not the violent sort, but it is indeed a form of “war” that is being waged on parents. And it is the children once again who are suffering the most.

A recent Heritage Foundation article read, “Violent crime in the U.S. is spinning out of control, and yet the Justice Department doesn’t see that as the real threat to this country. No, they say the real threat is PARENTS – now called domestic terrorists – if they disagree with what’s happening in their local schools” (emphasis mine). I personally know several families who have moved or are planning to move to other states that are more family friendly. They don’t want their children being indoctrinated with values they don’t share, and they will relocate if necessary. Still many others are hunkering down and fighting to take back our public schools from activist teachers and administrators.

Barrington is one of the more affluent towns in Rhode Island – and also one of the more liberal. Here is a sampling of their health education standards and instructional outcomes I found on their website after doing some digging. Beginning in Grades 5-8, students are learning about masturbation, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, coming out and homophobia. In Grades 9-10, added to that list are: legal abortion, sexual activity including homosexuality, heterosexuality, and bisexuality. Grades 11-12 take things further with how individuals can express sexuality in relationships – and that gays and lesbians can establish fulfilling committed relationships.

This is what motivated Rep. Rebecca Kislak and Sen. Tiara Mack, who are both part of the LGBT community, to move to change our states sex-ed curriculum from a focus on abstinence to being “pleasure based.”

The Florida House recently passed a measure that would restrict teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools. The purpose of this legislation is to give more parental control over what is taught in their children’s education and to bar inappropriate content from the classroom.  Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has said “Injecting these concepts about choosing your gender—that is just inappropriate for our schools.” He also said, “Schools need to be teaching kids to read and write.”

Last week, my newsletter highlighted the need for the passage of H 7138, a PARENTS BILL OF RIGHTS that would empower parents to protect their children, take back their rights and guard against the overreach of government and special interest groups. Stay on your legislators concerning your rights as a parent, and let’s see if we can get this bill passed.

It has taken a while, but Critical Race Theory (better known as CRT) and Black Lives Matter are finally being recognized for what they really are. They are not really about racism, but rather they are socialist propaganda that is anti-family and anti-God. Racism is evil and should be addressed, but so is socialism. In the weeks ahead, I will bring you steps that our sister organization, Massachusetts Family Institute, has taken in dealing with the “War on Parents” in their state.

For Faith and Family in Rhode Island,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island

There has been a pattern nationwide, of schools influencing children ideologically as well as morally in a direction that would shock most parents. It has reached a point where INDOCTRINATION would better describe what they are doing. But parents from San Francisco, California, to North Kingstown, Rhode Island, are saying – “Enough is enough!”

Now, a Rhode Island legislator has stood up for parents by introducing a parental rights bill.

One of the few good things that has come from the COVID pandemic is that online classes have given parents the opportunity to see what their kids are learning, and it has been eye-opening! The curriculum changes that had gone largely unnoticed before COVID are now coming to light. Many activist teachers and school administrators have quietly been indoctrinating children towards embracing ideologies and moral values that most parents would NOT agree with.

Parents have been shocked to find new curriculums embracing Marxist-Socialist ideology, re-writing American history, and promoting the LGBTQ+ agenda (like the radical sex-ed bill I told you about last week).

If the current trends play out towards this kind of radical sex-ed, you can be sure of at least two things: 1) Anything that does not support it will be considered “hate speech.”  And 2) Schools will have more rights over children than parents. Parents need a “Bill of Rights” to protect them from school board tyranny.

GOOD NEWS: Rep. Patricia Morgan has introduced a PARENTS BILL OF RIGHTS H 7138. It provides for a parents’ bill of rights related to the health, education, and welfare of their minor children. It empowers parents to protect their children, take back their rights and guard against the tyranny of government and special interest groups. It’s a great bill for you the parent, and you can read it here.

Take Action to let your legislators know you want your rights as a parent to be protected.

Thanks for speaking up and spreading the word!

For Faith and Family in Rhode Island,

David Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island

I love fiction! When a friend introduced me to the Chronicles of Narnia, I purchased and read the whole series. It was the same with The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The books were awesome, and then came the movies. The special effects were like eye candy and seemed to get better with each new release! Good fiction can be a wonderful thing because, as a friend of mine says, reality can be painful, and periodically we need an escape from it. But as real as fiction may appear, it is just that, fiction, and the same is true about the Genderbread Person.

Gender Identity and Gender Confusion is trending throughout our public schools in health and sex-ed curriculums at an alarming rate. The science says that in humans, the presence of the Y chromosome is responsible for triggering male development; in the absence of the Y chromosome, the fetus will undergo female development. Every cell, therefore, in your body thus declares you male or female! As cute and loveable as the Genderbread Person may appear, he is a fictional character. “Follow the science” has been the mantra with COVID; however, public schools ignore the science when it comes to gender identity.

Speak up to your legislators to stop the
latest radical sex-ed bill here in Rhode Island!

I recently found the Genderbread Person in a 6th grade lesson plan on the website of a local middle school. For my search, I went to 6th grade curriculum/health/gender identity and found links to three lesson plans for teachers to use. Here they are, and I suggest you check them out if you are a parent:

My newsletter two weeks ago pointed out that House Bill 7166 would teach children in Grades 6-12 how to “have sex.” The sex-ed lessons presently trending in schools would teach them to “question” their sex, whether they are male or female, and that is pure fantasy. The rights of parents to bring their children up according to their own moral and ethical convictions is slowly being undermined using school curricula.

Did you know that in Rhode Island a minor child can change their name and gender on school records without a parent’s knowledge? They can even receive counseling that would affirm their choice if the teacher and guidance counselor think their decision will not be accepted at home.

Please contact your legislators and tell them to vote NO on H 7166 and pleasure-based sex-ed curriculums. It only takes a minute on our Action Center.

For Faith and Family in Rhode Island,

David Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island