Today, we are encouraging the pro-life community to join us in prayer as we’ve learned the Supreme Court will take up the Mississippi case on their law banning abortion after 15 weeks. Like Georgia’s Heartbeat Law, the Mississippi bill has been held up in courts since its passage due to the unconstitutional and wicked precedent set in Roe v Wade.

The Court could choose to answer the Mississippi question in a number of ways, but this could be what brings down the standard set in Roe. It’s a standard that we in Georgia have led the fight to topple as well.

Our Life Act, or Heartbeat Law, continues to be defended in court by Governor Kemp and his legal team. We know that it is not an easy fight, but we don’t back down when things are hard. Instead, we stand on the frontline to defend life, in all stages and needs.

Recently, Governor Brian Kemp signed two of our life-affirming legislative initiatives: “Gracie’s Law” and “Simon’s Law.” Gracie’s law affirms our belief that everyone, regardless of disabilities, are worthy of any and all life-saving healthcare measures. The bill says that you cannot prohibit someone from being placed on the organ transplant list based solely on mental and physical disabilities. The second part of the bill, known as “Simon’s Law,” says that you cannot place a DNR on a minor without parental consent.

These are significant changes in toward making Georgia a place where life is cherished. But this is only the beginning. We are determined to lead the fight on saving all lives. Will you be a part of what we’re doing and donate to help our efforts?

We’re already gearing up for next session and pledge to continue to fight for Life – at the Capitol, at the ballot box, and in the hearts and minds of every Georgian. Can we count on you to donate $50, $100, $250, or more to help us defend the unborn?

We thank you for your continued prayers and support and promise to stand up for life-no matter how hard it gets. Please join us in prayer as the Supreme Court now plans to hear this monumental case which could topple Roe and holds huge ramifications for Georgia and the rest of the nation.

For Life,

Brittany Ellison
Deputy Director

This Christmas season, more than ever, my husband and I have a sense of expectation. We are expecting our firstborn any day now—in fact, I am writing this to you on my due date—and we are wondering when our daughter will make her appearance. We’ve named her Aurora, which means “light.” Our prayer is that her life will always reflect the True Light coming into our world that we celebrate each Christmas season.

And yet we wait for her to arrive.

Waiting to enter the Promised Land. The world awaiting a Savior. Children waiting to open presents on Christmas morning. Waiting on medical results. Waiting on answered prayer. Waiting to end the devastation of abortion in America.

As Christ followers, all of us are familiar with seasons of waiting.

And, as Christ followers who pray, seek and even take action in the areas of policy and politics to see a nation where life is cherished, sometimes the waiting can feel as though nothing will ever happen. But I bet the world felt that way waiting on Immanuel, too.

Something is happening.

Pro-abortion groups are buzzing about a new report from a network of independent abortion providers—those not associated with abortion mega-giant Planned Parenthood. These independent providers are responsible for over half the nation’s abortions, with Planned Parenthood and doctors’ offices comprising the rest. The report bemoans that in the last seven years, nearly one-third of all independent abortion providers have closed down.

This didn’t happen overnight. This type of result has been decades in the making—following the prayers of believers, churches and pregnancy centers ministering to babies and their mothers, strong prolife laws and advocacy in states across the nation, and vigorous work in elections.

We saw more states than ever advancing Heartbeat bills this year—policies that ban abortions after a preborn baby has a detectable heartbeat, usually around six weeks gestation. With more heartbeat bills and laws emerging, this shows that states are more and more determined to protect preborn lives.

Most states now have laws strengthening the access to information about abortion that a mother must receive prior to an abortion procedure. These laws often include a requirement to offer to show the ultrasound to the mother.

And a new type of “information access” law for mothers is now in effect in eight states. This law requires that mothers be informed that a chemical abortion (abortion by pill) may be reversible—a truly life-saving law since many mothers regret their decision to abort.

Finally, at the federal level, the Trump Administration continues to prove itself as the most action-oriented prolife Administration we’ve seen. Among many other steps the President has taken to protect life, his Administration stopped taxpayer-funded family planning grant money from going to abortion-providers. His Administration is also working to protect medical professionals from being forced to provide abortion services when they have a faith-based or moral disagreement with the procedure.

Again, these amazing advances to protect the lives of preborn babies and their mothers didn’t happen overnight. They are the result of God’s work through decades of prayer and dedicated action and partnership. Thank you for the role you have played—and for your partnership with Family Policy Alliance® to cherish life!

Yes, there’s still so much more work to be done to end abortion in America. And yes, Roe v. Wade is still in effect (and has been for over 40 years, much like when God’s people wandered in the wilderness.)

But, as I wait for Aurora – rejoicing that God has a purpose for her life – I pray you will join Family Policy Alliance and me in rejoicing over all God has done in the decades since Roe to show that He hears the prayers of His people who are desperate to cherish life in America.

“God with us” began as a preborn baby, which is all the more reason we are confident that He is not neutral or silent on the issue of life—and that all life can truly be cherished in America.

With great expectation,

Autumn Leva,
Vice President of Strategy

Greetings from the City of Trees! Here are a few stories we wouldn’t want you to miss:

ACTION ALERT: Boise State University

Last week Rep. Barbara Ehardt (R – Idaho Falls) and 27 other state legislators sent a letter to Boise State University voicing their concerns with its recent diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Programs and events hosted by the BSU Gender Equity Center include “Rainbow Graduation,” a special graduation event and ceremony just for LGBT students. They also screened a documentary film, For the Bible Tells Me So, which attacks biblical doctrines of gender, sexuality, and marriage and portrays those who subscribe to Christian truths as hateful, prejudiced, and ignorant.

Please visit our Action Center to send a message to BSU President Marlene Tromp. Let her know you think these radical social initiatives are offensive to our shared values and a waste of limited school resources. And please pass this along to others so they can make their voices heard, too!

Can the Supreme Court Revisit and Overturn its Past Decisions?

Vince Torres, executive director of Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico®, recently wrote a compelling article answering the question, “Is Roe v. Wade settled law?”

Torres invokes the case of Plessy v. Ferguson, a since-overturned decision in which the Supreme Court upheld “separate but equal” racially segregated public facilities, as an example that “no Supreme Court decision is beyond further review or an overturning.”

“As the Supreme Court has appropriately done in years past, it should once again move to correct injustice by overturning Roe—one of its most fallacious and appalling decisions in history.”

Social Media

Don’t forget to “like” Family Policy Alliance of Idaho on Facebook and “follow” us on Twitter! It’s the best way to communicate with us and other like-minded Idahoans and keep updated on our work at the seats of local government across the state.

Standing with you for families, life, and religious freedom,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy

“Is Roe v. Wade settled law?”

This is a question we hear often, most notably during confirmation hearings for federal judges and Supreme Court Justice nominees. For some in the judiciary, the question is met with a simple, “Yes.” For others, however, the response is a bit more complicated.

Consider, for example, Chief Justice John Roberts’ response when asked to clarify his previous statement describing Roe as the “settled law of the land.” The Chief Justice stated, “…it’s settled as a precedent of the court, entitled to respect under principles of stare decisis.”

Justice Samuel Alito, meanwhile, made similar remarks during his confirmation hearing, but went a step further by questioning the meaning of “settled law.” When directly asked if Roe was the settled law of the land, Justice Alito responded, “…if settled means that it can’t be re-examined, then that’s one thing. If settled means that it is a precedent that is entitled to respect as stare decisis…then it is a precedent that is protected, entitled to respect under the doctrine of stare decisis in that way.”

More recently, Roe was described by Justice Neil Gorsuch as “worthy of treatment as precedent, like any others,” and by Justice Brett Kavanaugh as “an important precedent of the Supreme Court that has been reaffirmed many times.”

What do these responses mean? They mean that Roe v. Wade is not settled law. This is why—

  1. Roe is not settled law because four of the nine Supreme Court Justices are likely open to reexamining the case. Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Alito, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh all agree that Roe is settled law to the extent that it is a precedent and it should be treated as such. However, to Justice Alito’s point, this does not mean that Roe cannot be revisited.
  1. Roe is not settled law because at least one of the nine Supreme Court Justices, Clarence Thomas, believes that Roe was wrongly decided. In Planned Parenthood v. Casey, Justice Thomas joined the dissenting opinion which stated in part, “We believe that Roe was wrongly decided, and that it can and should be overruled consistently with our traditional approach to stare decisis in constitutional cases.” 
  1. Roe is not settled law because its permanent legality was left in question by the Justice who penned the majority opinion. As the author of the majority opinion in Roe, Justice Harry Blackmun made it clear that the Court was not in a position to determine when life began. He wrote, “We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins….[T]he judiciary, at this point in the development of man’s knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to the answer.” Justice Blackmun went on to state that if “personhood” were to be established, the unborn child’s “right to life would them be guaranteed” by the Fourteenth Amendment.
  1. Roe is not settled law because the Supreme Court can overturn its own precedents. Contrary to what many believe, no Supreme Court decision is beyond further review or an overturning because the Court can overturn its own precedents. The principal of stare decisis—or simply put, the legal doctrine of respecting precedent—does not always confine our modern-day Supreme Court to the decisions of the past. Former Chief Justice William Rehnquist once opined, “Staredecisis is not an inexorable command” (Payne v. Tennessee). Meanwhile, Justice Thomas recently wrote, “When faced with a demonstrably erroneous precedent…We should not follow it” (Gamble v. U.S.). This understanding of the role of precedent is critical for the Judiciary because the Court has at times delivered irrefutably erroneous decisions. Consider, for example, the case of Plessy v. Ferguson, in which the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation laws for public facilities. Surely the Court was right to overturn this dreadful decision.

The Judicial Oath, taken by all Justices of the Supreme Court, begins with this statement: ” I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will administer justice…” The administration of justice necessitates the correction of injustice. It took the Court almost 60 years to overturn Plessy. It has now been 46 years since Roe.

As the Supreme Court has appropriately done in years past, it should once again move to correct injustice by overturning Roe—one of its most fallacious and appalling decisions in history.


Vince Torres
President and Executive Director

Dear Friends:

1, 271—This is the number of pro-life laws enacted in the states since the infamous ruling in Roe v. Wade in 1973. (according to the Guttmacher Institute, a national pro-abortion research and policy organization)

33—The number of states who have enacted pro-life laws since 1973.

 27—The number of pro-life laws enacted this year alone.

Perhaps most encouraging is that fact that more than one-third of all pro-life laws enacted since 1973 have occurred within the last ten years. How do we explain this growing momentum? I suggest we look to the court—the court of public opinion that is.

In the words of Bob Dylan, “The times, they are a-changin.” There is no arguing the fact that public sentiment regarding abortion has changed and continues to shift in our favor. Advancements in ultrasound technology have exposed the barbaric nature of abortion procedures—including dismemberment and dilation/evacuation abortions—leading many self-proclaimed pro-choice Americans to rethink their position.

Consider these statistics:

66%—The number of “pro-choice” Americans who now oppose third trimester abortion.
(February 2019 Poll—YouGov & AUL)

55%—The number of voters who believe six-week abortion bans (fetal heartbeat) are “too lenient” or “just right.
(May 2019 Poll—Hill/HarrisX)

54%—The number of Americans who believe the U.S. Supreme Court should “overturn” or “modify” Roe v. Wade.
(May 2019 Poll—Harvard Caps/Harris)

Friends—we are winning in other states and in the court of public opinion, and with your continued support, we can bring this success to New Mexico. This past Legislative Session, we shocked the abortion industry and the nation when we defeated the radical abortion bill, HB 51. In doing so, we proved that the people still have the power to influence public policy and the direction of our state.

Do you want us to continue to fight for a state where life is cherished? Do you want to see New Mexico join the other 33 states who have enacted life-affirming laws? If so, would you consider making a donation today? Thanks to your support, we are close to meeting our fundraising goal for the current fiscal year, and your gift today will get us that much closer.

As always, thank you for your continued prayers and support!


Vince Torres
President and Executive Director

This week I’m changing things up a bit. I asked a guest writer, my college-age daughter Stephanie, to provide her unique perspective on any key policy issue that Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota fights for.  Read on and enjoy.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  — Winston Churchill

I have heard it said that humans tend to live as if the status quo will never change, and I must admit that I often function as if this is true in my own life as well. However, if one looks at history, things are always changing, sometimes in dramatic ways.

For example, take the Berlin Wall.  Built in 1961, the Berlin Wall was a symbol of finality. The East and the West were deemed by most to be irreconcilable, and there stood a 12-foot wall complete with barbed wire, guard dogs, and constant surveillance to remind us of the divide.

My parents remember growing up with the wall as a fact of life. To them it seemed as if the wall would be there indefinitely.  Yet, on November 9, 1989 the wall lost its power.  One decision was made, one announcement to the citizens, and people swarmed over the wall to freedom and to loved ones that night.  Berlin would no longer be cut in two by iron and cement.

The Berlin Wall went up before my parents were born, yet they lived to see it fall.  My brother and I were born into a world made just a bit more free, because of the brave individuals who did not rest until the wall was broken down. Stories like this remind me very much of issues that we are currently dealing with in our country, especially the issue of abortion.

In 1973, Roe v. Wade changed our country – a decision made before I was born.  Many of you may remember when this happened, and then watched as our culture began to change in response.  Abortion facilities began appearing everywhere, and eventually abortion became accepted and even celebrated, as it sadly is today.  Today there are thousands of abortion facilities, lobbyists, and lawyers across our nation whose presence reminds us daily that a line was drawn that day.  That line may often seem permanent, not unlike that wall during the Cold War.

But let me encourage you: history is not simply a continuation of the status quo.  Statistics show that the percentage of people in America who self-identify as pro-life has continued to grow since Roe v. Wade, especially in recent years. I was born into a world in which abortion is legal, but the tide of history is turning.  I have hope that I will see the Roe v. Wade decision reversed in my lifetime.  I have hope that my children won’t have to live in a world where babies are murdered before they ever breathe air.  And I have faith that, if we persist, by God’s grace, someday justice will return to our nation on this issue.

One day, I believe history will rank abortion in the same category as slavery and genocide.  And on that day, we must be able to say that we did not give up, but that we kept fighting until unborn children were finally safe once again.

So please, don’t give up hope and don’t passively wait to see how history will play out. One decision, one announcement, one action can change the pattern of the last four decades.  In one moment, the tide of history can turn. Remember, no matter how high a wall is or how insurmountable a court decision may seem, nothing is impossible with God.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota will never give up fighting for the sanctity and preservation of life, from conception to natural death. Thank you for standing firm and taking action with us on abortion and many other issues that will shape our culture in North Dakota and the nation for decades to come.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

“Abortion is not a fringe issue. Abortion is liberty.”

That statement is from a 2017 column extolling the virtues of a political litmus test for abortion. Surprisingly, the author is not targeting pro-life politicians. Instead, the writer is making the case that liberal politicians should be subject to a litmus test on abortion if they want to remain in the Democrat party.

This means two things:

First – The pro-life message is making so much headway that pro-abortion activists and politicians are desperate to “out” their own who do not toe the line on abortion.

Second – On a more spiritual note, Americans could not be confronted with a clearer choice about where candidates stand.

Since the Roe v Wade decision, voters, reporters and pundits have been trying to buttonhole candidates and lawmakers about their position on abortion. The classic approach was to ask candidates whether they had a “litmus test” on abortion when it came to appointing or confirming judges. It was a nuanced way to try to “out” pro-life candidates back when pro-abortion activists still emphasized the rare part of their “safe, legal and rare” abortion mantra.

The media and activists would be quick to exploit the pro-life position of any candidate in efforts to smear them as anti-choice, anti-woman or part of the “religious right. ”It was an effective strategy for many years.

Despite facing liberal courts, the Obama and Clinton administrations and politicians who ignored the pro-life platform, the pro-life movement marched forward through the 70’s, 80’s and into 90’s. It was at this time in the early 90’s that things began to change, and more and more pro-life candidates actually began winning elections.

The pro-life movement has taken on such momentum, the Left itself has now been forced to take on the “litmus test” – once a cherished cudgel – to identify and promote its own pro-abortion extremism in order to save the pro-abortion agenda.

Partially driven by numerous pro-life advances and judicial appointments under the Trump administration—including the President’s court victory yesterday affirming that he can defund Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer money found in federal family planning grants—all of the 20-or-so Democrat candidates for president have come out in support of abortion, late-term abortion and public-funded abortion. All of the candidates who are currently in the US Senate (and a few more) do not believe that medical care should be required for infants surviving botched abortions. And here is the big one…many have taken the unprecedented step of expressing their intent to only appoint judges who will affirm Roe v. Wade.

These positions at the top of the ballot make it very plausible that every 2020 down ballot candidate will be asked at some point whether they support the all-in pro-abortion position of the Democrat presidential nominee—despite the fact that their local electorate likely does not support such radical positions.

The Christian, pro-life movement must realize the shift that has happened here.

A whole truckload of candidates who seek to lead this nation have declared their undying support for radical abortion-on-demand, and they will drag an entire political party with them, if they can. That contrasts the historic, steady drumbeat of pro-life lawmakers and leaders who have achieved much progress in the nearly 50 years since Roe was handed down – despite being “outed” as pro-life.

The distinction is stark, unprecedented and overt. At this time in history it could not be more clear: Pro-abortion politicians are backing themselves into a pro-death corner and voters get the final say.

Protecting the preborn is a spiritual battle that lies close to the heart of our nation. God is at work on this issue and despite whatever confusion or deception that might have blurred voters’ clarity in the past, things could not be more apparent regarding the direction of those seeking to lead our nation.

Our theme verse at Family Policy Alliance® is Daniel 11:32 “but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.” It is time to stand firm and look at this issue and the truth surrounding it with clear eyes.

Every Christian voter must ask themselves these questions:

  1. Am I pro-life or not?
  2. Does my chosen political party respect my views?
  3. Can I ignore pro-abortion positions when I vote for any candidate?
  4. What am I going to do to share this information?
  5. Will I take the time to vote in the 2020 election?

At a time when candidates are willfully and pridefully making their pro-abortion positions known – every pro-life voter must know the answer to these questions.

Do you?

For life,

Robert Noland
Communications Manager

As we approach the end of 2018, it’s amazing to look back and see the victories—all of which you made possible through your prayers and support of Family Policy Alliance and our state allies. Thank you!

1. For Life!

National Victories

This past year, there have been huge steps forward in the pro-life movement on both the national and state fronts. President Trump listened to your voice and is standing up for the rights of the preborn. Whether or not you voted for this President, his stand for life is unparalleled in recent administrations.>/mark>

President Trump became the first sitting president to address the March for Life. Under his administration, the Department of Health and Human Services is working to finalize a new rule that prevents taxpayer’s dollars (through Title X family planning funds) from going to abortion providers. These Title X dollars are currently Planned Parenthood’s second-largest funding stream. He reinstated and expanded the “Mexico City Policy” that blocks $9 billion in foreign aid from being used for abortions. And with his first nominee to the Supreme Court, Justice Gorsuch, the Court dismantled an unconstitutional law passed by California that would have forced pro-life pregnancy centers to become advertisers for the abortion industry.

State Victories

Because of your support, states are continuing to creatively chip away at Roe v. Wade with new laws that protect women’s health, increase requirements on abortion providers to ensure they are taking care of women and recognize the humanity of preborn babies.

Idaho passed a law that requires health care professionals to report information about complications from abortions. Nebraska passed a law that provides birth certificates to families who have lost babies through a miscarriage. Eight states have passed laws that ban dismemberment abortions. Over 20 states ban abortion past a certain number of weeks based on the ability of the preborn baby to feel pain.

A recent initiative seeks to ban abortions based on a Down syndrome or disability diagnosis. Ohio and Louisiana passed this type of law, and several other states considered bills. This happened largely because people of faith like you have shared your stories about how people with disabilities have shaped lives for good.

“Whether a child is diagnosed with Down syndrome before or after birth, disability rights start at diagnosis. All human life should be valued and respected— especially in the womb. And the targeting of babies solely for the possible diagnosis of Down syndrome should not be permitted here in Pennsylvania,” said Michael Geer, president of Family Policy Alliance’s state ally, Pennsylvania Family Institute.

Idaho and Indiana passed bills that require information about abortion-pill reversals be available to women. Over a dozen states have cut taxpayer funding streams from Planned Parenthood.

There is still much to be done in protecting life in our country, but because of your voice—joined with the voices of other biblical citizens—leaders in our country are listening and taking action.

2. The Heart of Adoption

Most of us believe strongly in the right of Christians to live out our biblical citizenship by looking after orphans—children in need of loving parents. This is why thousands of biblical citizens like you urged state legislatures, through email and phone calls, to protect the constitutional rights of faith-based adoption agencies—so those agencies can do what they excel at: placing hard-to-place children in forever families.

Your efforts resulted in a spectacular victory in Kansas this past session. LGBT lobbyists poured money into Topeka, and the leading national LGBT advocacy organization even sent its president to convince legislators to vote against religious freedom for private, faith-based adoption agencies—even if that meant those agencies would have to shut their doors rather than violate their beliefs. Family Policy Alliance of Kansas rallied pro-family Kansans to speak up—resulting in not only a win for children who need homes, but also a win for religious freedom. Similar laws also passed in Oklahoma, Texas and South Dakota, again thanks to biblical citizenship!

3. Keeping the Gospel Free in California

California’s wildly controversial legislation, AB 2943, targeted religious beliefs in a truly unprecedented manner. It would have prohibited millions of people from purchasing services and resources that declare the power of Christ can overcome unwanted same-sex attraction and gender identity struggles. This bill was passed by the California Assembly and Senate, and was one formality away from being signed by the Governor. In an astonishing twist that no one anticipated, Assemblyman Evan Low pulled his own bill after tens of thousands of biblical citizens from California and across the nation reached out to him to share stories of hope and change.

Jonathan Keller, the executive director of our state ally California Family Council, which worked tirelessly to keep the Gospel free in California, declared, “We are inexpressibly grateful to Assemblyman Low for meeting personally with faith leaders over the last several months and sincerely listening to our concerns.” Praise God!

4. Protecting Male and Female

The Gender Identity issue continues to sweep across the nation in unprecedented ways. States have sought to give individuals special protections in the law based upon their “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” status. Schools have been opening their bathrooms and locker rooms to the opposite sex if a student claims they feel like the opposite sex. State administrative agencies have been caught attempting to expose our most vulnerable children to “gender transition” services. And therapists have been targeted for trying to help our children overcome unwanted same-sex attraction and gender identity struggles.

Yet, the voices of biblical citizens like you, speaking compassionate truth that our sex is innate and cannot change at will, have had a significant impact everywhere—from school officials all the way to the Trump Administration. Here are some of the ways your prayers, financial support and taking action have led to big victories:

We have made major strides this year and with your support, we will continue to stand firm in the biblical truth that God has created men and women in His image, male and female, and that our biological sex is no accident. 5. The Story You Helped Write in the 2018 Election

With your help – and with our theme verse on our lips (“The people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.” Daniel 11:32) – Family Policy Alliance stood firm and took strategic action on key races where voter data and on-the-ground reports indicated that we could have an impact.  You helped make possible more than a million communications with voters in those targeted races!

And the results were encouraging. On a night that brought lots of sobering news, Family Policy Alliance won nearly two-thirds of targeted races. Since most of those were state-level races that don’t get as much attention, let me share a few highlights of how your support for Family Policy Alliance paid dividends.

As you may know, our sister organization, Family Policy Foundation®, trains on-the-rise Christian legislators and candidates at the annual Statesmen Academy®. Some of those Statesmen alumni need help winning difficult elections, so we provided assistance in 17 key Statesmen races.

Thankfully, our supported Statesmen won 14 of those races. That’s an 82 percent win rate! Now, a total of 52 Statesmen, equipped Christian men and women, will be serving you in elected office starting in January 2019!

You also helped us engage in several U.S. Senate races – most notably in North Dakota, where Family Policy Alliance’s on-the-ground presence made our work especially strategic.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® identified 35,000 pro-life North Dakotans who are inconsistent about getting to the polls, especially in non-presidential years. They reached those voters with live phone calls from volunteers, with mailers, and with targeted digital ads that featured a strong video exposing the radical pro-abortion record of the incumbent senator, Heidi Heitkamp.

The result was a resounding win for Kevin Cramer. Pro-lifers around the nation will benefit from having a new pro-life champion in the U.S. Senate!

As you can see, it’s been a big year for believers who care about restoring a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished!

We look back on 2018 with hearts full of gratitude for all God has done—and for all He has done through you.

And His calling doesn’t stop with the end of the year! Next week, we plan to share with you what to expect as we ring in the new  year!

We can’t thank you enough for your prayers and support of Family Policy Alliance.

May God bless you and your family,

Paul Weber,
President & CEO

By Brittany Jones, Esq., policy manager for Family Policy Alliance®

Our American conscience has been living in conflict for quite a while. Culture wants to advance women’s rights—but only until any man can claim to be a woman. Culture wants every person to be free to “be who they want to be”—but not if they want to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

And then there’s the right to life—in which we see the biggest contradictions of all. Some states have laws that give rights and benefits to preborn children from the moment of conception. Yet, in many states those same children could be legally aborted. The inconsistency should be glaringly obvious, but the Supreme Court of Alabama is one of the few to recognize it.

In a sad case where a father shot his wife and their preborn child, the Supreme Court of Alabama recognized that the child who died in his mother’s womb was a unique person according to state law. The Court therefore concluded that the father did not just kill one person, his wife, but he killed two people. In the concurring opinion, Justice Parker noted that the “only major area in which unborn children are denied legal protection is abortion, and that denial is only because of the dictates of Roe.” He called on the Supreme Court of the United States to end the aberration of law known as Roe and to consistently protect life.

Much of the Justices’ reasoning was based on the number of states and the number of laws that specifically protect children before they are born. For example, some states have laws that make it a crime to harm a pregnant mother and cause the death of the preborn child, even if the mother lives. States like Alabama consider it a double murder to kill a mother and her preborn child. In some states, parents can recover civil damages if their baby is harmed or killed while inside the womb by another person. Preborn children can also have rights in their family’s property – they can inherit from a family member if that family member passes away before they are born.

Yet, because of Roe v. Wade,  these states are forced to allow the same child to be aborted.

As states continue to grow the list of rights that are recognized for a child in the womb, this contradiction will become even more stark. State policymakers who pass laws recognizing the humanity of preborn babies are helping make a critical point in our laws and culture—and may ultimately be the force that brings about the demise of Roe v. Wade.

At our sister Foundation’s Statesmen Academy®, we train Christian lawmakers in how to think about these issues, stand strong on principle, and to write and support the kind of laws that will ultimately end the reign of Roe v. Wade in our country. As this year draws to a close, please consider a gift to the tax-exempt Family Policy Foundation®, to train and equip Christian legislators to protect the humanity of preborn children.

You can meet one of these prolife, Christian lawmakers who attended the Statesmen Academy, Senator Patricia Rucker from West Virginia. Senator Rucker is originally from Venezuela, and she is now an amazing leader for life, families, and religious freedom.

Meet Senator Rucker!

For Life,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Policy Manager

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota makes it a priority to keep you, our ministry partners, informed on key local and national political issues. Toward that end, we covered the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearing with regular updates and asked for your help when most needed.

First the good news. Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which is a victory for all of us in the faith community. In addition, we asked if you would send a note of encouragement to Judge Kavanaugh during the confirmation hearings. You came through in record numbers. We were able to deliver over 6,500 notes and letters of support to Judge Kavanaugh and his family! As I said, that’s the good news.

Now for the other side. The entire confirmation process and the aftermath truly exposed the dark underbelly of those opposed to biblical values. The most obvious was the shameful confirmation process itself, which showed the worst of many legislators. Sadly, my son Chris asked me, “Has it always been this bad, Dad?” I assured him that there were decades of respectful debate and bipartisan support of legislation for the good of our country, not just for a particular party (the Reagan era comes to mind).

If this was not enough, we heard the hecklers from the Senate gallery as the confirmation vote was taken. Then there are the extreme Kavanaugh haters. They threatened to shoot members of Congress and their families if they voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, encouraged people to “take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh”, and let’s not forget the witchcraft event planned for this Saturday to put a hex on Justice Kavanaugh (they also did this against President Trump in 2017). If there ever was a spiritual battle, doubt no longer.

I am so saddened by these hostilities from those who oppose our faith and the foundation it provided for our great country. When did civility and respect for those with opposing viewpoints get drowned out by hate speech and threats? The past decade has certainly driven a wedge between us and those who militantly stand against our biblical values, although I’m pretty sure the seeds of this problem were planted decades ago.

What can we Christians do? We certainly don’t want to lower ourselves to their level and “repay evil for evil”. Our best recourse is through the political process and one of the most influential acts you can undertake is voting for candidates who support your pro-life and pro-family values. Send a clear message on November 6 that you and your family will not stand for mob mentality and hostility cultivated by those who despise you and your values. Voting is a right and responsibility for those blessed to be part of this country; please make it count.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


P.S. In preparation for the upcoming election, you can see how your state legislators voted on key family bills last session by going here. Just enter your address and the senator and representatives for your district with their voting records will pop up. Please note that some legislators did not get higher ratings because they were absent on certain votes, so I encourage you to review the detailed voting records for your district legislators.


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