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Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke out about protecting young people who are struggling to embrace their God-given sex. He said: “The way to deal with that is to provide whatever counseling is needed – not to hack off their body parts… That is mutilation, and it is wrong.” Already under DeSantis, Florida’s medical board has updated its standards of care to protect children from these interventions.

Just hours later, former President Donald Trump chimed in with a list of executive actions he would take to protect children from the same dangerous procedures.

And last night President Biden got in on the action during his State of the Union address – albeit from the opposite perspective – when he called on Congress to pass the dangerous Equality Act for the sake of “LGBTQ Americans, especially transgender young people.”

What’s going on?

Americans are waking up en masse to the reality that the Left is teaching children – some of them extremely young – to consider “transitioning” to living as the opposite sex. Once this idea has been firmly planted in their minds, children are experimentally pushed onto a series of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and eventually irreversible surgeries. The long-term result? A lifetime of heartache and physical hardship.

This politicized protocol is nothing short of a medical scandal. When a child is deeply struggling to embrace their God-given body, they need meaningful help and support – not the harm of experimental drugs and surgeries.

Here at Family Policy Alliance, we’ve long been working to protect children from these dangerous interventions, using legislation we call Help Not Harm.

My prediction? 2023 is the year of Help Not Harm.

It’s been a long time coming. We first started working on this legislation back in 2017. In 2021, Arkansas became the first state to adopt a version of it as law. That effort was led by an alumna of Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy, and heavily supported by our state ally, Arkansas Family Council.

Flash forward to today and lawmakers in at least ten states have introduced Help Not Harm bills – and we expect more to follow.

Here at Family Policy Alliance, we are busier than ever in the thick of this fight.

And we couldn’t do our work alone. Your partnership makes it possible for us to offer expert testimony at legislative hearings, host the nationwide alliance of policymakers working on this issue, alert you to opportunities to raise your voice, and so much more.

Would you consider a one-time or recurring donation to Family Policy Alliance? When you partner with us, you’re contributing to work that protects children from a lifetime of pain both physical and emotional – and you’re making a difference on one of the most pressing human rights issues of our day.

Together, we can make 2023 the year of protecting children. Will you join us in that fight?


Meridian Baldacci
Director, Strategy



This past weekend, pro-lifers came together on the Sanctity of Life Sunday to remember the lives lost as a result of Roe v. Wade that was decided exactly 50 years ago. Simultaneously, we celebrated the complete overturn of Roe at the annual March for Life in Washington and resolved to continue our fight to make abortion unthinkable in America!

Sadly, the Biden administration used the Sanctity of Life Sunday to release a memo that protects chemical abortion pills and those that dispense these pills—instead of the women they purport to protect.

This is unacceptable, and states like Florida are stepping up.

Let’s lay out a timeline:

January 3: FDA allows pharmacists to dispense dangerous abortion drugs for the first time and to permanently do away with the long-standing practice of these pills being taken in person at a health facility.

January 10: Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration announced to all state pharmacies that they cannot, in compliance with state law, dispense chemical abortion pills.

January 13: Twenty-two state attorneys general sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Robert Califf expressing opposition to the FDA’s guidance.

January 22: On Sanctity of Life Sunday, President Biden declares these states’ actions to protect women as having “sowed fear” and instructs the FDA, DOJ, DHS and HHS to remove “potential barriers” to chemical abortion.

We are very thankful for Governor DeSantis and the 22 attorneys general for doing all they can to protect women and their unborn children from harm and for stopping the administration from circumventing their states’ rights.

You too can be a part of fighting back!

Can you help put a stop to the Administration’s relentless attacks on life? You can send these messages in just moments on our Action Center, then share it with family and friends who will act too!

  1. Please ask your congressman to cosponsor two critical pieces of legislation that will protect women against the Biden administration’s attempts to push these drugs on our states.

  2. If you have not done so already, please contact leading pharmacies and grocers, asking them to not participate in the FDA’s agenda to carelessly provide dangerous abortion drugs to women.

The Biden Administration will stop at nothing to ensure there is unfettered access to abortion at all stages of pregnancy. In the process, they are attempting to prevent states from acting in good faith to protect the lives and health of women in their states.

The truth is that women who use abortion pills are 50 percent more likely to visit an ER than with a surgical abortion. As of June 2022, there were sadly 28 reported maternal deaths and over 4,200 reported adverse effects, including hemorrhaging and infections. And, of course, these pills end the life of the precious child in the womb.

Please consider sending reaching out to your Congressional member and pharmacies. Thank you for staying engaged in the fight!

For life,

Ruth Ward
Director, Government Relations


If you haven’t heard yet, here’s what Disney has been up to the last few weeks:

At the center of the controversy? A Florida bill that ensures parents know what’s happening with their kids in schools, and protecting kids under age 10 from sexualized instruction at school.

In other words, a company that caters to families believes parents should not know what’s going on with their children at school—and that children under age 8 should receive sexualized instruction at school.

But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has refused to bow down to this radical agenda.

Join us TODAY to hear from John Stemberger, the leader of Florida’s premier pro-family organization, Florida Family Policy Council. His organization has been at the center of advocating for families in Florida, not only in this bill but across issues. He’ll share what’s going on – and what you can do to help!

You’re Invited

Disney vs. DeSantis: Live with John Stemberger

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John Stemberger

John Stemberger is President and General Counsel of Florida Family Policy Council, our valued ally in the Sunshine State. John shepherded the “Parental Rights in Education” bill through the Florida legislature and is a longtime friend to Family Policy Alliance and a trusted leader for families in Florida and around the nation.

See you soon on Facebook or YouTube!

Meridian Baldacci
Director, Strategy

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The battle to save women’s sports in Florida has reached its final stage: Gov. Ron DeSantis’s desk. The corporate and national pressure for him to veto this good bill is intense, and that’s why we – along with our allies at Florida Family Policy Council – are asking you to take a moment to call him today!

Senate Bill 1028 would protect female athletic opportunities from being hijacked by biological males. It’s about both science and fairness:

Please take 30 seconds to call and leave a message for Gov. DeSantis, asking him to sign SB 1028 to protect girls’ sports.


(850) 717-9337

You can also send him an email here.

Thanks for speaking up!

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager