Conservative Values. Faith. Family. Freedom. In Georgia’s Senate District 8, those things just mean more than they do in much of the rest of the country.

Those things are personified in your candidate for State Senate, Russ Goodman.

You know, Russ. You’ve likely met him because he’s already such an integral part of your community. He’s personable, and he’s connected. And, he’s someone who leads whether he has a title or not.

Russ Goodman is a man of devout faith, unshakeable integrity, and honesty. His family is at the forefront of everything he does, and he understands the value of hard work. These things – and so many more – make Russ Goodman an incredible choice for State Senate, and make Family Policy Alliance of Georgia extremely proud to endorse his candidacy.

In Russ Goodman, you have a difference maker. He is already as forceful an advocate for South Georgia and for the Georgia farmer as there is anywhere. Moreover, he has been a strong ally and supporter of Governor Kemp, who you already know puts our values and our interests first.

As your State Senator, Russ Goodman will never waver on the things that matter most. He’ll fight for life. He’ll fight for faith. He’ll fight for opportunities for your kids and for more of your hard-earned tax dollars to stay in your pocket. And, with boldness and diligence, he’ll fight for the needs of this district.

District 8 has been blessed for years by the honorable and distinguished leadership of Senator Ellis Black. He’ll be greatly missed. But, if anyone can fill those big shoes, it’s Russ Goodman. We trust him to lead well, to champion of values, and provide true statesmanship for Georgia.

Supporting Russ Goodman,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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