It is my privilege to announce the Family Policy Alliance of Georgia endorsement of Representative Sam Teasley in his campaign for re-election to the State House.

Sam is a leader. His natural gift for leadership is recognized among his colleagues at the State House, and he refuses to sit on the sideline on the important issues of the day. On every key issue, Sam is at the center, working relentlessly, influencing the process, and delivering results.

This is exactly what we need in a representative. Guided by a sincere passion for public service and providing sound policy for Georgia families, Sam solves problems. He cares, and he sacrifices. He is someone who rolls up his sleeves and works tirelessly with one goal in sight: making life better for you and your family.

Few people care more about people than Sam, and his devotion to others is accompanied by sincere principles. He is committed to freedom and to opportunity. His faith is a central component of his life, and he understands the pivotal nature of the family. A true conservative, he knows what it takes to keep Georgia strong and prosperous.

I know that you are being bombarded with ads right now, and it’s easy to focus on the top of the ticket- which is, without a doubt, of the utmost importance. But, it’s just as vital that we keep Sam Teasley in the State House fighting for us. Those who oppose freedom, are hostile to values, and want to turn Georgia into a socialist state are desperate to defeat this bold leader. We cannot allow that to happen!

Join us. I’m asking that you encourage all your friends and neighbors to show up and vote for Sam Teasley. Spread the message. Tell everyone you know that this race is one where no one can afford to sit on the sidelines. Vote to keep Sam Teasley!

Standing with Sam Teasley,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

Almost everyone I speak with in my travels- and likely the majority of you receiving this email- share a common frustration: the status quo politics of the Gold Dome. Therefore, many are surprised when I tell them that one of the great hopes I have for our state is some of its political leaders.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m as “anti-establishment” as they come, and I’m still proud of the fact that I ran one campaign against a sitting US House Majority Leader that saw him defeated and replaced with Conservative Review’s #1 Most Conservative Congressman and also the campaign of the man who replaced Speaker Boehner- who is ranked 16th on that list. Politicians are still a major part of the problem both for our country and for our state.

But, here in Georgia, we have a strong contingent of faithful, godly, conservative leaders who give me hope every day. One such leader is State Representative Sam Teasley.

Representing District 37, which covers a portion of Cobb County, Sam has managed to be an unashamed Christian and outspoken advocate for our values, while also rising to a leadership position. How rare it is to have someone like Sam who is able to stand so firm for families yet still be in a spot of influence!

Sam Teasley’s impact goes far beyond any official position. He is the unique leader who travels the state to support causes and candidates he cares about. He mentors others and facilitates strategic conversations. And, he brings an energy and passion to promoting families that leads to activity extending far beyond what happens under the Gold Dome.

Georgia undoubtedly has a long way to go before it becomes a God-honoring state. But, leaders like Sam Teasley give me cause for optimism. I genuinely hope to see his influence grow, to see him lifted up, and be used by the Lord.

Serving in my role, I see plenty of reasons to be discouraged. But, leaders like Sam are a source of encouragement for me. Over the next several months, I plan to spotlight other leaders that are fighting for Georgia families.

Please pray for: Sam, like most Georgia legislators, does not depend on the pennies he gets for his public service for his sole income. He provides for his family as a realtor, so please keep his business in your prayers, that the Lord brings new clients, and that he can prosper while he sacrifices to serve. Pray also that His influence grows, that he is encouraged, and that his family thrives and is blessed for the faithfulness of their husband and father.

Legislation to Track: We have been and will continue to send out Action Alerts regarding key legislation we are engaged in. Here are some of the bills we are supporting: HB 217 (school choice tax credit), HB 482 (educational savings accounts), HB 882 (private right of action for wrongful death of unborn child), SB 339 (campus free speech), SB 361 (religious freedom in schools), SB 375 (protections for faith-based adoption agencies),  SB 384 (equal opportunities for home schoolers) and SB347 (Simon’s Law).


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director