by Cole Muzio, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

You have to admit, the Left takes on some difficult arguments. They argue a baby isn’t a baby, a boy isn’t necessarily a boy, and what has been marriage throughout the history of the world isn’t the only definition of marriage. Sadly, they have gotten quite good at making utterly nonsensical arguments.

That’s why, in my state of Georgia, it’s no surprise that the Left uses the same tactics when selling the idea of bringing casino gambling here. And, we want you to be aware of this deceptive salesmanship when it comes to your state.

Only rarely will you hear casino proponents arguing that their construction in and of itself is a positive thing. Instead, they will argue for supposed peripheral benefits – increased tax dollars flowing into our community, into our education system and scholarship programs, and new jobs for our workers.

Those arguments sound good on the surface – but they are dead wrong.

That’s why Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has released a new educational video telling the truth about the dangers of bringing casinos to our state.

Granted, your state may not have something like a Hope Scholarship- which helps in-state kids pay for college. However, there is no doubt that casino advocates will find a similar “heart-string” argument. But, do not be fooled! While the specifics to your state may be different, the devastating results of bringing casinos to our communities are universal.

No, casinos don’t bring economic prosperity to a community – they destroy hope for progress. No, casinos don’t bring tourism – they cannibalize local spending. No, casinos don’t improve educational opportunity – they drain school and scholarship funding. No, casinos don’t make lives better – they obliterate families, open pathways for the destruction of innocence with more human trafficking, and lead to a radical jump in crime.

Look, we know there may be good, well-meaning, otherwise conservative men and women who support bringing casinos to your state. However, they are not only wrong on this issue, but their stance has profound implications for job loss, dwindling educational opportunity, crime and human trafficking, and the destruction of the family. Their intentions may be solid, but they have bought into a lie.

As we consider this issue, we more and more see this as one that has dramatic and adverse cultural effects on entire communities, not just those who waste their family’s resources on vain fantasies and hopeless addictions. We firmly believe that we cannot treat this as a side issue that can be boxed off and separated from the rest of conservative, pro-family policy. We must challenge those who seek to advance the growth of the casino industry, articulate the truth, and, when dealing with conservative brothers and sisters, lovingly engage in a frank dialogue that shares the consequences of their position.

Moreover, given the incredible amount of resources that casino advocates possess, we must be proactive in pushing back their arguments. They will spend tens of millions of dollars on lobbying and in elections to ensure their profits, and we cannot be caught off guard!

Family Policy Alliance is committed to defeating efforts to grow the casino industry in my state of Georgia and in yours as well. While that doesn’t mean we can’t find common ground with those who disagree with us on this issue, it does mean that we cannot look the other way. Join with us today by sharing this video, engaging in serious dialogue with those who say “I agree with you on everything but this.” In our vision for a nation where “… families thrive,” this is an issue where we are proud to carry the banner, educate the public, and lead the fight against this well-funded industry.

P.S. In my state of Georgia, we are engaging in the fight against the casino industry by speaking truth, electing bold, pro-family officials, and engaging at the Capitol. In your state, we are making similar efforts to equip our leadership to engage on this issue and a host of others. If you want to make certain that our movement is “armed” to halt the devastating agenda of the casino industry – or any that would do harm to our families – please contribute to our efforts today.