A Revolutionary Faith

New York passed its extreme law legalizing abortion up till birth—and even stripping away basic medical care for babies born alive following botched abortions. Virginia tried to follow suit with a similar law—with full support from Governor Northam whose now infamous remarks in support of infanticide echo eerily across the media. And now Vermont is considering an even more extreme abortion law that would create an absolute right to abortion at any time in the pregnancy, for any reason, by any method.

Liberals in Congress aren’t any better. Senator Ben Sasse (Nebraska) tried to bring his bill prohibiting infanticide to the Senate floor for a vote last night—but it was blocked by Senator Patty Murray (Washington) who called Sen. Sasse’s bill “unnecessary.”

Newly-elected prolife Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri), who was endorsed by Family Policy Alliance in the 2018 election, gave an astounding speech on the Senate floor in support of Senator Sasse’s “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.”

We encourage you to watch the whole thing, but we also pulled some of his most compelling quotes:

Citizenship was for the few. The Strong ruled. Most lives, they thought, didn’t matter. This has been the general rule of the ages…The strong prey upon the weak. Individual lives don’t count.

We here in the United States of America hold to a different conviction…Every life matters. We believe, and it is our pride to believe, that every person has dignity and worth. Worth that is not given to them by the strong or the rich. That does not come to them from the state or the city. That does not depend on place of birth or social status. But is theirs by right because of who they are, human beings created in the image of the living God. That is our faith. And against the drift of history, it is a revolutionary creed.

Senator Hawley is right. The pro-abortion crowd has now shown how extreme they are now willing to be. But their extremism has deep roots in the atrocities human beings have committed against each other since the beginning where individual lives—especially those who are weak or vulnerable—have no value.

Thank God ours is indeed a revolutionary faith, and it always has been.

God spoke light out of darkness and life out of nothing. (Genesis 1)

While other faiths demand we earn our way to peace and eternal life, God sent Jesus as the only way to peace and eternal life with Him—knowing we could never earn it.  (John 3:16-18)

Jesus said “blessed are the meek.” (Matthew 5:5)

When others sent children away, Jesus said “let them come to me.” (Matthew 14:13-15)

Jesus turned the whole world upside with 12 ordinary men.

So now the question turns to us, those who have inherited this rich and revolutionary faith:

While the pro-abortion crowd strengthens their allegiance to violence against the most vulnerable, how much stronger will be the resolve of the Body of Christ to stand for Truth in our culture?

Our theme verse at Family Policy Alliance is “the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action” (Dan. 11:32). Our faith is a living faith, just as our God is a living God. We pray you will partner with us to stand firm and take action this year!

And many of you already have! Tens of thousands of emails were sent by you to your Senators asking them to vote for Senator Sasse’s bill to stop infanticide.

Since Senator Sasse’s bill was blocked, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised to bring it up again. There’s still time to join us in asking your Senators to support the bill and to urge them to make sure Leader McConnell to brings the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” to a vote!

We’ve made it easy to write your Senators on our Action Center.


May God move us to revolutionary faith,

Autumn Leva, Esq.
Vice President of Strategy