Dear Friends,

On June 23rd, Title IX turned 50 years old. Title IX is the landmark law that ensures women have equal access to education and athletic opportunities. Instead of celebrating this watershed for women’s rights, President Biden chose Title IX’s golden anniversary to pervert the law and advance his extreme abortion agenda.

If this new rule takes effect, the Administration will succeed in forcing abortion into even pro-life states through “Title IX.”

In the proposed rule, the Administration redefines “discrimination based on sex” to include “termination of pregnancy.” This means that even if a state already protects life in its laws, any school that receives any federal funding will be forced to make abortion accessible for students or else lose their federal funding.


This new rule would hijack Title IX to create abortion sanctuaries in federally funded colleges and universities by requiring them to provide abortion or lose their federal funds. Beyond that, it may even require faith-based schools or K-12 schools to make abortion accessible to their students.

This rule will lead to costly litigation for schools, organizations, and individuals who object to providing abortions because of their conscience or sincerely held religious beliefs.

A rule like this could make colleges dispense abortion pills like candy and force pro-life healthcare providers to violate their consciences. Please submit a public comment opposing this dangerous rule now!

We encourage you to share this information with your family and friends–every comment can help slow down and may even stop this rule! We’ve provided some comments for you to use, but the more personal you can make your comments, the better.


Thank you for using your voice to protect human beings in the womb and their mothers!


Joseph Kohm

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Joseph Kohm III
Director of Public Policy