The Fairness in Women’s Sports legislation has passed the House—but we need your help to get it through the Senate and to the desk of the governor for his signature.

This legislation, sponsored by Rep. Barbara Ehardt (R-Idaho Falls) and Sen. Mary Souza (R-Coeur d’Alene), would end the Idaho policy allowing biological boys to play in girls’ sports after receiving cross-sex hormones for one year.

The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act recognizes the common-sense truth that boys should not play on girls’ teams. Our girls should not be deprived of athletic opportunities, victories, and scholarships because they were forced to compete against men.

Ask any student athlete, high school coach, or parent—allowing biological men to perform in girls’ sports unfairly puts biological girls at a competitive disadvantage. The size, strength, bone structure, lung volume, and heart supply of the average male far outpaces even the most elite female athletes, even after the biological male undergoes hormone therapy.

This legislation doesn’t exclude anyone from sports. Instead, it simply requires that boys compete with boys and girls compete with girls—and that’s something we all should agree on.

HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO: Use our Action Center to send an email to your senator and the governor. Ask them to support this important legislation protecting girls’ sports. It only takes thirty seconds of your time, but you can make a difference by acting now!

Standing with you and our daughters,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy

I love this quote: “Common sense is like deodorant. People who need it most never use it!” Another that makes me chuckle is: “Common sense is not a gift; it’s a punishment – because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it.”

It’s true, some days watching the news can seem like a punishment because there is little that reflects common sense. But recently the Brazilian government exercised some common sense that we here in the U.S. could learn from.

According to the New York Times, Brazil’s government has a message for adolescents as that nation struggles with high teen pregnancy rates and rising H.I.V. infections. That message is: Save Sex for Marriage!

Wow! I haven’t heard a public figure say that in a long time. But that is what Damares Alves, Brazil’s minister of human rights, is encouraging as she promotes abstinence. She says Brazilian youth are having sex because of social pressure, and she is working closely with a campaign called I Chose to Wait. Now that’s common sense!

Schools here in the U.S. should take a lesson from her playbook. Parents can no longer assume that schools will act in their best interest when it comes to moral values. Schools often bypass parents and cater to Planned Parenthood and LGBT activists when it comes to sex education. And that validates this quote: “It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have an education with no common sense.”

Another area to watch is transgender sports. This could be one of the most blatant violations of common sense. Watch this clip to get a feel for how this lack of common sense is frustrating and discouraging for our young athletes in schools all across America.

Did you know that every Democratic 2020 frontrunner supports legislation that would freely allow male athletes into girls’ sports? They will do this by passing the so-called Equality Act. Don’t let the name fool you. There is nothing “equal” about it and certainly no common sense. It would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to make “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” protected under federal anti-discrimination laws.

Thankfully, there are legislators who don’t want this to happen here and Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming® is helping support them.

Our youth are a priceless gift, and we want to pass on to them a Wyoming where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

Your prayer and financial support will help us do just that.


Nathan Winters
Director of Advocacy

Dear Friends,

My wife and I recently celebrated the birth of our first child. I may win the championship title for PROUDEST DAD—our little girl has already stolen my heart. I’m sure you know the feeling if you have children.

Even though it’s years away, I look forward spending my weekend days in folding chairs and on bleachers, watching my little girl learn to swing a bat at tee-ball and chase the checkered soccer ball around the field. Maybe she will even find a sport for which she exudes passion and decides to play in high school or college.

This week at the Supreme Court, oral arguments were given in a case (Harris Funeral Homes v. EEOC) that could have disastrous implications for girls sports everywhere.

The specifics of the case deal with a transgender funeral home employee that filed a complaint with the EEOC after he was fired for violating company dress policy by dressing like a woman at funerals and meetings with grieving clients.

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the funeral home director, redefining “sex” (a protected class under federal law) to include “gender identity.” If this redefinition is affirmed by the Supreme Court, unequal treatment on the basis of a person’s gender identity will now be prohibited under federal law, unmooring the concept of “sex” from any objective biological basis.

So how does this relate to girls’ sports? Under this scientifically indefensible interpretation of “sex” and “gender,” any effort to prevent biological boys from performing in girls’ sports would constitute legally prohibited “discrimination.”

Ask any student athlete, high school coach, or parent—allowing biological men to perform in girls’ sports unfairly puts biological girls at a competitive disadvantage. The size, strength, bone structure, lung volume, and heart supply of the average male far outpaces even the most elite female athletes, even after the biological male undergoes hormone therapy.

Allowing biological boys to participate in girls’ sports deprives our girls of opportunities for slots on teams, victories, and scholarships. Biological boys are already beginning to win athletic championships in many states. Here in Idaho, a biological male can play in girls’ high school sports after undergoing hormone treatment for one year.

Family Policy Alliance of Idaho® calls on the state legislature to fix the loophole allowing boys to play in girls’ sports. Legislation protecting fairness in sports would save girls’ sports for my daughter and yours.

Until then, we will keep monitoring the Harris Funeral Homes case playing out in the Supreme Court. Please be praying for a positive outcome to this case.

Standing for your family,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and grandfathers! We praise God for His perfect design in creating the role of fathers in families!

It’s obvious that God’s design for families—and even His perfect design for who we are as males and females made in His image—is being attacked by political activists. But it’s also true that this political agenda leaves many hurting people in its wake.

That is why, for this 2019 Father’s Day, we want to share with you this special message from an Alaska father who knows all too well what happens when a political agenda directly impacts his family.

We thank God for fathers like Rich, who are raising up godly children who stand for biblical truth. And we thank God for fathers like Rich who are willing to speak up on behalf of their children and Truth in our culture that so desperately needs light in the darkness!


My name is Rich, and I am the father of three incredible girls.  They are smart, beautiful and capable young women and I am proud of all three.  As for me, I am Dad—slender, tall, dark, handsome and wealthy (or so I identify).

In reality, I am Dad but none of those other things.  Because I have a vision or desire to be something I am not does not make that thing real or true.  This is a lesson most of us learn early in life.  Somehow, this is a lesson a growing number of political activists choose to ignore.

Another lesson I have learned and passed to my girls is that nothing in life is free.  Everything comes at a price, and that cost must be paid through hard and consistent work.  My middle girl Tanner is a track and field state champion, state record holder, and a Division 1 track and field athlete.  She has diligently worked at improving in her sport and follows strict dietary and weight-lifting guidelines 12 months a year, not just in season.  She has sacrificed much to earn her place in women’s sports.

Hear Tanner share her perspective on her senior racing season with Family Policy Alliance in this video:

Her senior year of high school, she was forced to race against a boy who identified as female.  Fortunately, she beat him, but there were some other less fortunate girls, who probably worked just as hard as Tanner, but were displaced from the podium by this boy participating in girls’ sports.

What about that forgotten girl with dreams of her own and years of hard work?  Does she matter?

Today we see males participating in female sports in Olympic, collegiate, high school and even professional sports.  Natural biological males are winning women’s events and smashing women’s sports records.

As a dad, it is frustrating and leaves me feeling powerless to protect my girls against this invasion of women’s sports by males identifying as women.  The male’s success isn’t because he works harder or because of a lack of effort on the woman’s part. It is simply because of genetics.  He was born male and has physically and biologically developed since birth as a male, regardless of whatever he chooses to believe about his social identity.  Common sense and science dictate the obvious—male and female are anatomically and physiologically different. This means there will never be a level playing field in the arena of athletics when women are forced to compete against men.

Women have worked hard for decades to prove their abilities and earn their place of acceptance in the world of sports.  Males who struggle with gender identity should not be allowed to piggyback on the efforts of women and steal the privileges and honors women have fought and worked so hard to earn.

Why should college recruiters today even grant scholarships to women at all?  Why not just provide scholarships to a team of males to participate in whatever sport (as women) and dominate high school, NCAA, the Olympics, or even professional sports?

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  Ten years ago, the subject of men competing as women against women would have been laughable—yet here we are forced to have this ridiculous discussion.

I have no problem with males who struggle with gender identity wanting to participate in sports.  However, they should compete against each other fairly in a separate category or in the category of their true sex—not take over the world of female athletics.

A transgender sporting category isn’t an event I would watch or support. But, if the world wants to watch sports consumed with identity politics, then those people choosing to watch will financially make it possible for that sporting category to exist.  Leave women’s sports and scholarships for natural born women.


So often, fathers are excluded from the public debate about abortion or about whether it’s ok for men to compete as women in female athletics.

We disagree! The voices of fathers are absolutely critical in our culture—and in the mission field of policy and politics.

Happy Father’s Day to you, Rich, and to all fathers and grandfathers! You are irreplaceable!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

By Stephanie Curry, Esq. Public Policy Manager for Family Policy Alliance®

A few weeks ago, Connecticut held their State Open championship track and field events. Terry Miller broke the record for the girls’ 100-meter dash at 11.72 seconds and Andraya Yearwood came in second place.

Normally, we’d applaud Terry and Andraya’s hard work and tireless training for such an accomplishment. But Andraya and Terry are both boys. Transgender identifying boys. Boys who say they’re girls; Boys who have (thankfully) not taken any feminizing hormones; Boys, in every sense of the word–competing on the girl’s track team.

The world record for the men’s 100-meter dash, set by Usain Bolt, is 9.58 seconds. The world record for women, set by Florence Griffith-Joyner, is 10.49. Females have never broken what’s referred to as the 10 second barrier. But every top male runner has.

Our biology and physiology doesn’t change just because our social agenda does. A boy can say he feels like a girl, dress like a girl, and grow his hair long. But that doesn’t change the fact that boys can carry more oxygen than girls and that they have longer and larger bones, which can be a distinct advantage in running. Boys have stronger ligaments and higher muscle density, which is a significant factor in sports that depend on speed and acceleration–like running.

In sports, these biological advantages mean that men’s world record numbers are almost always 10% higher than women’s. This is true across most sports like swimming, running, cycling, and rowing. The world’s best athletic women typically perform at 90% of the world’s best men. The 100-meter dash world record represents a factual and scientific reason as to why we have men’s sports teams and women’s sports teams.  It’s why high schools and universities have a girls’ track team and a boys’ track team. The world has recognized there’s something fundamentally unfair about women being forced to compete directly against men in sports.

But the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) doesn’t think the facts are fair. They claim Connecticut’s non-discrimination law requires they not discriminate against transgender individuals, by allowing boys to compete against girls. The CIAC Handbook declares, “it would be fundamentally unjust and contrary to applicable state and federal law” to prohibit a student from competing on a team in accordance with their “gender identity.” The CIAC has bought into the Left’s lies that we should not acknowledge the differences between men and women because that’s “discrimination.”

Hear from Alaska high school track star Tanner, who competed against a biological male in her state championship and won, on why boys’ and girls’ sports teams should be kept separate.

The Left’s version of social progress looks a lot like moving backwards. We’re moving backwards when boys are allowed to push out girls—with government approval. Not because they might be better at sports than girls, but because they can “become a girl.”

In the Connecticut State Open, Nikka X. came in third with a time of 12.68 for the 100-meter dash. She should have been first. Nikka can never get that experience back. Andraya and Terry may just be “living their lives,” but girls are being harmed. Two wins were taken away from girls. Maybe two scholarship opportunities. Two positions on a university sports team. Two spots on the State Championship list. It doesn’t matter how hard those Connecticut high school girls train, boys (in general) are going to be 10% better.

Family Policy Alliance values the differences between our boys and girls. We support legislation that respects and honors the fundamental differences between men and women. Biological sex isn’t a social cause to rise against, and it doesn’t have an agenda.  We hope you will join with us to speak the truth about God’s good design for male and female in our schools, laws, businesses, and culture. If the family of believers won’t speak this truth together to our hurting nation, who will?


“Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them Man when they were created.” Genesis 5:2

We are currently working our way through a crisis at my house. My three-year-old son, Peyton, is playing T-Ball for the first time, his first team. If you’ve read many of my emails, you may have concluded that this is an epic time for me and our family as it combines two of my greatest passions – my son and sports!

However, when Peyton found out there were girls (which he calls “grills”) on his team, he was devastated: “Dad, the grills will take my boy stuff, and they will mess it up!” He glared at them when they showed up at practice and immediately began pouting. I was worried he was going to quit!

Thankfully, we are working through it. I told him that boys and girls being on the same team is just fine at this age. I told him that, yes, girls are different, but they are special – just like Mom! Even though he’s still getting frustrated with the two “grills” on his team (who, btw, are actually really good T-Ball players), he seems to be handling it pretty well as we head into his first game this weekend.

This whole episode illustrated how fundamental the understanding of the differences between boys and girls are. I didn’t have to tell my son that girls are different, that most of the time you play sports separately, and that God made the two sexes to be distinct. He knows anyway! God designed him that way!

But, sadly, kids today are being coached to believe differently. Parents, teachers, administrators and even politicians want to indoctrinate our children with a transgender ideology early on. Our sister organization in Nebraska even posted a shocking article about a “reveal party” that occurred in a kindergarten class featuring a boy changing from his boy clothes to girl clothes, announcing a new name, and the children then being instructed to call him by that name. How sad!

This is happening all across the country, and it is already showing up here in Georgia. Only together can we turn our culture back to one that honors Christ, recognizes the truth He makes known to even our little ones, and takes joy in the uniqueness of how He has created us.

In Case You Missed It: We have a great educational campaign called “Ask Me First” aimed at sharing what the transgender agenda is doing to our young girls. More about that campaign, including some powerful videos, can be found at AskMeFirst. You can also share your story if you like.  If you want us to keep producing great content like that – and create material unique to Georgia – please consider a tax-deductible contribution to our sister organization, Family Policy Foundation of Georgia.

In Georgia Political News: A number of special elections will be held this fall to replace elected officials who were appointed to other positions or who resigned. State Sen. Hunter Hill and Rep. Geoff Duncan created the biggest stir when they resigned to make their pursuit of statewide office their sole focus.

Please Pray: Only the Lord knows the path Hurricane Irma will ultimately take, but it is clear that this hurricane may do great harm to a large number of people. Here in Georgia, our coastal area could be hit hard. Please join me in praying for all those in Irma’s path, that they are kept safe, and that the Lord’s glory abounds.

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director