Just four years ago, we launched Family Policy Alliance of Georgia – seeing that our state was rapidly moving “blue” and that the Church had been weakened greatly. We knew that our vision and strategies were just what the state needed.

As predicted, we’re in a battle for the soul of Georgia. And, as we intended, we have become the tip of the spear that the radical left loves to hate.

We now, without a doubt, have a target on our back. Can you help us fight back with a generous donation of $50, $100, $250 or more today?

When I traveled around the state on the campaign trail, radical leftist groups began to threaten protests because I was speaking. Many of these same groups are attacking us now in their online articles simply because we stand for biblical values.

Days after the election, we received an email threatening to shut down our Facebook account. Thankfully, it remains open.

A phony “democracy” group we suspect of Stacey Abrams ties made false allegations against us and is even lying about what type of organization we are – all because we dared to tell the truth about Raphael Warnock. Their absurd-on-its-face lies underscore how desperate they are.

As the leader of this organization. I’ve grown accustomed to hate mail. Recently one such letter took an interesting tact – casting a curse that I would be a pariah that would be disavowed by my children and grandchildren.

Worst of all, however, liberal trolls are now stalking our team members at the Capitol – posting pictures of me and our staff on social media.

Think we’ve struck a nerve?

Since our launch, we’ve engaged winsomely and out of love for our neighbor. Yet, because we’ve been successful and remain a threat to a leftist takeover, we have a target on our back. We’re committed to being the #1 obstacle to the machinations of those who oppose our values.

The work ahead of us is hard, and we’re attracting attention. Can you help us rise to the challenge with a generous contribution today?

I know many are discouraged after November 3rd and January 5th. However, now is not the time to retreat. It’s the time to fight back. It’s time to understand that our state is very much at risk, and it’s time to go “all in” to save it.

We’re proud to have this target on our backs. We’ve earned it. Now, we’re counting on you to help us keep the distinction of being the foremost organization those who oppose the Gospel love to hate.

Fighting Back,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S. Liberals that want to take over Georgia know that we stand in their way, and they are eager to attack us in every way they can. We won’t let them win! Can you stand with us in this fight with a generous donation of $50, $100, $250, or greater?

Stacey Abrams is going to California… again.

While I would love to see her save on the constant airfare to the state and opt to just move there instead, she’s going with a particular agenda – she wants to raise Hollywood money to undermine the Heartbeat Bill.

Here’s Stacey’s pitch: give her and her network of allied organizations (which, by the way, are under investigation for coordination and illegal use of funds) a blank check to attack pro-life legislators ahead of 2020, run an illegal voting mill operation, and allow her to run a coordinated, secretive campaign against Governor Kemp ahead of 2022.

In short, she wants Hollywood execs to give her money so she can turn Georgia into California.

My friends, as much as I want her to, Stacey Abrams isn’t going away. She won’t go quietly, and neither will her deep-pocketed pro-abortion California friends. Her meeting on June 11 with Hollywood types – along with NARAL Pro Choice (pro-abortion) America president Ilyse Hogue – is just the beginning of Round 2 of Stacey’s War on Georgia Values.

So, how will Georgians respond? Will our state respond with a fervor to match and exceed the energy on the Left? Do you care as much about Protecting Georgia Values as Stacey and her friends care about Turning Georgia into California?

Here’s my request:

  1. Help us spread this message by sending this email to 5 friends and ask them to sign up to receive our emails
  2. Consider making a donation of $10, $50, $100, $250, or more today to protect our state from a Hollywood Takeover
  3. Share our Facebook page with your contacts to keep people updated on the latest efforts for life, religious freedom, and school choice

Stacey’s making her pitch to Hollywood, San Francisco, and New York – a pitch for them to give millions so she and her allied leftists can remake Georgia in the image of California. My pitch to you is our organization’s theme verse: “but the people who know their God will stand firm and take action” (Daniel 11:32b).

Will you take action with me?

For Georgia,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

I’m going to get right to the point: this email is about money.

Our ministry has had a strong fiscal year here in Georgia, and we are growing. We are grateful to the Lord for His provision and to you for your dedication. Words cannot measure our gratitude.

But, the other side is spending millions to promote a culture of death, an assault on faith and a deconstruction of the family. Planned Parenthood is already sending mailers attacking pro-life legislators, and Stacey Abrams’ coffers are so overflowing that she’s expanding her leftist operation to 20 other states.

That’s why we need to close our fiscal year strong by raising $35,930 by the end of our fiscal year (September 30th). Can you help us reach this goal with a generous gift today?

I’m going to be honest with you. This isn’t a crisis email where if you don’t respond today the lights get shut down. Instead, it’s an opportunity to surpass the goal we originally set for this year and begin the next fiscal year in a strong position to defend life and freedom across our state!

We all know 2020 is a big year, and Georgia is where the Left will pour in millions to change the electoral college math, try to retake the Senate, gain a stronger foothold in the House, and punish bold, pro-family elected officials – who, because of their commitment and the strong leadership in our state, set a national tone for life that is still reverberating around the country.

Your support today to help us reach this goal will help us continue to lead the charge so we don’t just hold the line but actually gain ground for our values moving forward. I hope we can count on you.

In His Service,

President and Executive Director

P.S. Last week, at Erick Erickson’s Resurgent Gathering, I told the audience that I believe we can actually elect more pro-life, pro-family leaders under the Gold Dome and reverse the trend that has plagued our state. Georgia is ripe for this! BUT, we need the faith community to engage like never before. Will you help us by closing strong? Your support at is crucial. We all can make a difference, and no amount is too small for the Lord to achieve a mighty work!

At 1 ½, Peyton was ready to defend his values and his future Christmas’. Will you join us to give Georgia children the best gift possible?

The other day I made a major mistake. I asked my oldest son Peyton what he wanted for Christmas. Thinking he would provide a couple items of interest, he provided a list- a LONG list. You see, my 4-year-old isn’t shy about sharing what he thinks he needs, and he made sure I took notes.

But, as we approach the holiday season (have you been in stores lately? The Christmas decorations are out!), I know one thing that all 3 of my sons desperately need: a governor who cares about them, their future, and their values.

That governor is Brian Kemp. It most certainly is not Stacey Abrams.

Brian Kemp has devoted himself to raising his 3 daughters, running his businesses, and answering the call to serve our state.

Stacey Abrams has spent her spare time writing adult romance novels with titles such as “Secrets and Lies,” “Deception,” “Hidden Sins,” and “The Art of Deception.” Written under a pseudonym of Selena Montgomery, Stacey’s works are described as containing “lots of sex,” designed for “mature” audiences, and borderline pornographic (this isn’t exactly my preferred genre so I’m taking others’ words for it here). And, when she’s not writing about sex, she’s plotting her presidential campaign.

Brian Kemp believes that our schools exist to provide the best education and path forward for our kids. He believes that every Georgia child has the inherent “right to rise” and that education provides opportunity for all. Because of this, he supports parents and children, their right to make the best decision for their future, and school choice options that allow our children to have the ability to find the best fit for their individual needs.

Stacey Abrams says she will be the “Public Education” governor, roll back school choice options that allow kids to leave failing schools, and increase sex education in our schools. Moreover, she promised the crowd of people at the Atlanta Gay Pride Parade that she would use public schools as a place where children could discover their gender identity.

Brian Kemp believes in Georgia’s children, believes in hard work, and believes they should keep what they earn- for themselves and their families.

Stacey Abrams is endorsed by the Socialist Party, wants to raise taxes, and has grossly mismanaged her own finances. She earned income as an M-rated novelist, attorney, state rep who made questionable and concerning per diem claims, and non-profit executive making as much as $180,000 yet failed to pay her taxes while also loaning her campaign $50,000.

Brian Kemp understands that each of my children were designed and known by their Creator- even in the womb- and that they are special with individual needs.

Stacey Abrams is endorsed by Planned Parenthood as one of the most radical pro-abortion candidates in the country and believes that all children can be denied the right to life- up until the moment of birth.

Brian Kemp is a man of faith, and he believes that my sons should have the right to live out their faith in worship, at home, at school, and at their place of business.

Stacey Abrams says that biblical truths are “discriminatory” and has made stopping religious freedom legislation- freedoms even federal prisoners enjoy- a centerpiece of her campaign.

My friends, my children, your children, your grandchildren, your neighbors’ children, that loud kid from across the street, the shy kid at your church, and that niece or nephew you love so much but rarely see- ALL children- deserve the kind of future that Brian Kemp will fight for. Give them that Christmas gift!!!

The contrast could not be stronger or more severe. Brian Kemp has the experience, integrity, and principles needed to deliver a brighter, more prosperous, and freer future.

As we enter November, it’s way too early for Christmas carols, but it’s NOT too early to think about what we hope to give our kids. Your vote for Brian Kemp and your effort to help him win is the Christmas gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

For the next generation,

President and Executive Director


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Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

Stacey Abrams is dangerous for Georgia’s children. I’m serious; this isn’t political-speak.

Many of you may have heard about the 5-year-old girl who was assaulted in the bathroom at her Decatur elementary school- an assault made possible because of a radical pro-transgender policy that puts the LGBTQ agenda over the needs and interests of young students.

The innocence of this young girl has been irreparably violated, and the liberals running Decatur schools are refusing to reverse course. But, these are the kinds of policies supported by Stacey Abrams and her liberal San Francisco donors, and, if elected, this radical agenda could sweep across our state- placing more students at risk.

And, she’s already proven she doesn’t care about the safety of our kids.

Stacey Abrams placed her liberal agenda above Georgia children when she opposed measures that would have kept sex offenders away from our schools and kept them from photographing our kids. She even “took a walk” on a vote to crack down on sex trafficking!

But, wait, there’s more.

Stacey Abrams is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and is a radical, pro-abortion candidate. She supports abortion on demand and would roll back even the most basic protections for innocent human life.

And, for those children in our school system who hope to grab onto the opportunity to achieve a better life, Stacey Abrams wants to take away a crucial scholarship that opens doors for thousands of low-income children- a scholarship that makes it possible for many to end the poverty cycle and achieve the American Dream.

Now, I’m sure Stacey Abrams would tell you that she cares about children, but her policies tell a different story. They place our kids at serious risk in schools. They put her pro-abortion agenda over the basic right to life. They put her big government agenda ahead of the needs of our kids.

My friends, she’s dangerous, and the most vulnerable among us demand action.

Early voting is underway, and I’m pleading with you to exercise your voice. Encourage everyone you know to join you at the polls. Protect our children by rejecting the dangerous, radical agenda that puts our children at risk.

The consequences of losing this election could not be more severe. As a father of 3 young boys, this is personal for me, and I know it is for you. Stacey Abrams is dangerous, and I’m humbly asking you to join us in stopping her radical agenda.

For our kids,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

Georgia, it’s time to wake up!

Many of us frequently encounter people who are not engaged in this pivotal election and who may stay home in November. We must make them aware of the kind of threat our state faces if voters who share basic American values decline to make their voices heard.

Stacey Abrams is, without a doubt, the most radical candidate in Georgia history. Here’s how:

My friends, there’s a reason that the vast majority of Stacey Abrams’ campaign donations come from outside of Georgia. She’s the radical candidate Californians and New Yorkers want for our state!

Stacey Abrams says that she is a person of faith and that she wants families to thrive. However, her policy positions are a direct affront to people of faith and an assault on the safety, opportunity, and values of Georgia families. It’s up to US to defeat her radical agenda!

As liberals try to create a “wave” across Georgia, they have recruited radical candidates who, like Abrams, hold far-left, anti-family views. They are mounting challenges to dozens of legislative allies and form a ticket that, if successful, would devastate our state. It’s up to US to keep this “wave” from reaching Georgia!

Will you stand with us? We are just $7,569 short of our Oct. 1 goal to impact elections across our state. To protect Georgia values and support Georgia families, consider helping us reach our goal by contributing today.

Polls show that this election is very close, and it will take all of us working together to elect pro-family leadership for our state. Please join us in sharing this information, praying, voting, and supporting our efforts.

On to Victory,


PS. Your contribution to help us reach our election goals at will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous ministry partner. Please consider making a gift today that will have a lasting effect for Georgia families for many years to come!


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia