Last night, Senator Tim Scott asked a question that many of us can’t help but wonder as we look at 2021 America, “what is going on here?”

Indeed, allow any previous generation of Americans to listen to Joe Biden’s speech to Congress, and they’d ask the same question. The “vision” the president has for America is nonsensical. It’s un-inspiring, it’s twisted, it’s un-American, and, in many ways, it’s evil.

But, I don’t want to focus on that. It was what we expected. Instead, I want to point you to the hopeful response from Senator Scott. In case you missed it, please take the 15 minutes to watch it (beginning at roughly the 2 and a half minute mark) here.

Senator Scott’s speech is certainly worth a watch. It is, fundamentally, what “being a conservative” is all about.

His remarks also underscore the role of faith in such a conservative worldview. Throughout the speech, his faith showed through. I thought this section, toward the end, was particularly remarkable:

“Original sin is never the end of the story. Not in our souls and not for our nation. The real story is always redemption… I’m standing here because my mom prayed me through some really tough times.”

Can believers, in turn, pray this nation through tough times? Can we be used as part of the American redemption story?

Look, I don’t know what damage a Biden Administration will inflict. I don’t know whether the 2022 congressional elections will provide a check and balance on its radical liberalism, and I don’t know whether the 2024 election will provide our nation with relief in the form of a new, God-honoring administration. What I do know, though, is that we are called to be faithful and that we are called to pray.

So, in keeping with the theme offered by Senator Scott, I’d like to offer some ways to pray for our nation. Here are 10 ways to pray for our nation:

  1. Lord, in the midst of the greatest era of persecution the American Church has known, may the Body of Christ in our nation embrace its contrast with the world, be different from the sinful culture around us, and call our nation to repentance.
  2. As we endure the most pro-abortion administration our nation has seen, please use the judges that have been appointed and the new wave of pro-life leaders around the country (Idaho recently followed Georgia’s lead and passed a Heartbeat Bill) continue to lead the charge so that abortion will be dealt a crushing blow under the watch of this destructive regime.
  3. With the family under attack, Lord we ask that you strengthen marriages and encourage parents. May the world see Christians joyously devoted to this divinely created institution, and may Christian families be emboldened and blessed to raise up faithful offspring who can impact this world in the name of Jesus.
  4. And, in that Holy name of Jesus, Lord we ask that those values taught in the home would cease to be undermined in schools. We ask that schools would be places of opportunity, that there would be choice and freedom in education, and that the teaching of truth – your truth – would be what is taught in classrooms.
  5. In those classrooms and everywhere in our culture, we pray that science, which you have created, would be upheld. We pray that your inspired creation of biological sex would, once again, be self-evident and fully embraced truth. We pray for those struggling with gender identity issues – that you would bring healing to them and contentment in the bodies you have given them. We pray for those struggling with sexual sins, that you would show them the joy that comes from the marriage covenant – as you have designed it – and that you would bring an end to the wickedness and abuse of what you have made.
  6. Father, in recognition of these amazing freedoms you have given us, we ask that every Christian will exercise, fully, their right to free speech so that they may speak truth, share the Gospel, and impact their neighbor. We ask also that you move every believer to exercise their right to assemble with other believers in churches and in public places to proclaim what is right and to fellowship, and that we will exercise our freedom to express our religion in every way imaginable.
  7. We also pray, as the freedom of the press has been used for ill and the right to abuse one’s platform and resources for evil has become the popular trend, that you would raise up Christians to be CEOs of major corporations, heads of media empires, athletes and entertainers, and professors and university presidents. May this wave of Christians use their influence for the cause of Christ and may we reclaim these platforms for your glory.
  8. Acknowledging your power to save and the grace that you have shown us, we pray that you will do the miraculous and reach the hearts of the evildoers who currently sit in places of power in this country.
  9. Understanding that – even as we pray that prayer – there is no evidence of anything but hostility toward you in the hearts of our nation’s leaders, we pray that you will raise up the right leaders to take their places, that you will unite the Body of Christ around them, and that your anointing hand will be upon them.
  10. And, Lord, as was a theme in the words of Senator Tim Scott, we do ask for healing of this racial division that is a plague on our land. We acknowledge the sins of racism that are a part of our history. We acknowledge that there is still racism in our country and in the hearts of some. We also praise you for the progress we have made, and we thank you for those who have brought our nation closer to the stated founding principle that you made all men equal. May your Church be a place where every human being is valued, and, as we advocate for the right to life and the cherishing of every person, may the world see a stark contrast between how we love your craftsmanship and how the left makes a mockery of it. Rid our nation, our classrooms, and our churches, of the wickedness of Critical Race Theory and other tools invented by the enemy that seek to divide us, destroy us, and cause us to see our neighbor as “the other” rather than a fellow image bearer. Lord we humbly ask that you work in our hearts so that we may cherish the diversity that you have made and that your Church will be the world’s greatest uniter – bringing all of us under one banner, united by the Gospel.

Whether these prayer requests help you in your prayers or not, I hope you commit to prayer. Our nation is in a place of unrecognizability. Yet, I have hope. And, I am committed to praying before the God who can achieve all things.

In Prayer,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


PS. I had the privilege of meeting Senator Tim Scott when he and I both toured with Senator Kelly Loeffler. I found him to be incredibly genuine and a real joy to interact with. Yet, the radical left HATES him for what he stands for, and they seek to destroy this voice of hope that, I believe, our nation truly needs right now. Please pray for him as he weathers the absurd attacks that have come his way and surely will intensify in response to his outstanding speech last night.

Senator Joe Manchin (bottom right) stood and applauded when President Trump
called for all life to be cherished.

A Picture Is Worth 60 Million Lives… and Counting

In last evening’s State of the Union address, President Trump made a special point to call out Governors Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) and Ralph Northam (D-VA) for their very recent advocacy of late-term abortion—up to the moment of delivery. In Northam’s case, he openly supported infanticide—that’s right, Northam is advocating that a child can be born and withheld care until the mother decides whether her baby should live or die!

President Trump made the point that “all lives should be cherished,” calling on Congress to “pass legislation that limits abortion to under 20 weeks,” the time at which a preborn baby can feel pain. Cheers from prolife lawmakers filled the room—thrilled that a sitting president would call for strong prolife legislation.

But, in an act of defiance, liberals sat on their hands revealing that abortion is their holy grail and that they will do anything to keep it—thereby trouncing on 60 million Americans lost to abortion and God knows how many more!

Will you help our country Cherish Life?

How about taking 60 seconds to:

And, if you have an extra 30 seconds, please take a moment to thank Senator Joe Manchin (202-224-3954) from West Virginia for his stand. He is a Democrat Senator who notably stood and applauded when the President called for all life to be cherished. Family Policy Alliance stands for marriage, religious freedom and especially life… not parties.

Will you be counted in Cherishing Life?

Standing for a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished,

Paul Weber
President & CEO

By Paul Weber, President & CEO

 Did we all watch the same State of the Union Speech?

To watch the news pundits parse each line and put their spin on the President’s remarks—you would be hard pressed to think that we did. To watch a large swath of Congress sit on their hands and at times visibly scowl, is yet another indication that it’s not America first for many, but power first.

Despite the evidence of lower taxes, lower unemployment, more and more businesses providing bonuses, Isis on the run, a budget that increases spending for our neglected men & women in uniform, infrastructure and national security; many left-leaning members of Congress and the media would have us think that we are living in a different and failing world.

Perhaps the victories that went unstated in the State of the Union speech are what really have the Left in a tailspin. Victories for our families such as:

These victories are made possible through your support and engagement, as well as through the many allies working together with Family Policy Alliance across the nation.

Let’s face the facts… America is a divided nation.

It’s why Family Policy Alliance exists and why we will continue to:

Friends, if we are growing tired of the divisiveness in our nation… then we have to act.

Together, we can amplify our voices in the public square. Together, we have the ability to elect leaders locally in 2018 that best reflect our values at the state and national level. Together, we can silence activist courts by requiring that our legislatures reign them in.

Together, through the humility and prayers of the faithful to our Lord and by loving our neighbor as ourselves, our nation can be restored.

Are you in?