Imagine 1,400 high school students in one auditorium. Each is a member of a student council from across North Dakota. Ok, you can stop imagining. It happened a few days ago at the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center in Bismarck.

The three-day conference, hosted by the North Dakota Association of Student Councils, focused on leadership and was designed to inspire and equip our state’s young men and women for leadership positions in society. Many inspirational speakers, including Senator John Hoeven and Governor Doug Burgum, spoke at the event.

I am overjoyed that this event took place and that breakout sessions addressed issues dear to all of us such as reducing human trafficking, decreasing drunk driving, and helping those with drug additions – all things that destroy families. True ethical leadership is a valuable commodity, particularly in our society today, and training these students for that responsibility is critical.

In much the same way, Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota inspires and equips Christian leaders in our state and across the nation.

Our tax-deductible sister organization, the Family Policy Foundation, created the Statesmen Academy to focus on teaching new legislative leaders how to integrate their faith into the policy arena. This is important in an era in which legislators holding Judeo-Christian moral beliefs are facing evermore hostile media and highly divisive politics. By equipping them with these tools, we can help ensure that our state policies and laws will reflect Christian values.

Won’t you help us with this important task?  Your financial support will go a long way toward preserving and expanding these values in our state legislature. Furthermore, your tax-deductible gift will currently be DOUBLED, thanks to a $8,500 matching grant provided by some of our generous, local ministry partners.

I see a future. A future where Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota, our Statesmen Academy graduates, and some of these students are all working together to craft laws that preserve pro-family and pro-life values in our state. Let’s make it a reality!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director