Congratulations, Georgia!

Georgia, it’s a new day, and we got this one right. After witnessing the swearing in of our new leadership, I am excited for our state’s future.

I would like to enthusiastically congratulate Governor Brian Kemp, his dedicated family, and his hard-working staff on the governor’s inauguration yesterday. As a member of the Georgians First Committee, and through my work leading Family Policy Alliance of Georgia®, I’ve seen first-hand the tremendous leader we have in the Governor’s office and look forward to the next four years as Governor Kemp leads our state.

Long before many were giving him a chance, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia was confident to endorse Governor Kemp because we knew he would put Georgians first, do the right thing, act with integrity and champion our families. Throughout his campaign, Governor Kemp won over voters with his ability to continue the progress Georgia has made while renewing a commitment to core conservative principles. We look forward to partnering with our 83rd governor as he works to bring greater prosperity, more freedom, and stronger families to our state.

I also wish to congratulate Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, his wife and 3 boys, and the strong team he has surrounded himself with. Like our governor, he is committed to his family and to securing a better future for all families around the state.

These leaders are remarkable in many ways, and they are also similarly inspiring. Both men expressed a genuine love for the Lord and a sense of calling and duty that led them to public service. Both men seek to involve their families as much as possible, seem to cherish and be blessed by their wives, and heaped praise upon their praise-worthy children. Governor Kemp and Lt. Governor Duncan care about Georgia, and they desire to honor God. We are so thankful to have them in leadership!

We are pleased to partner with the Kemp-Duncan team to make our state a better place for families. We will ask much of them and push them to do the things that may be God-honoring but politically difficult. However, today, I want to encourage you to thank them. Please write a personal message for each of them by clicking here to visit our Action Center.

It’s a new day for Georgia. It won’t be perfect, and there will be difficult and disappointing days ahead. But, we know that we have good leaders who love the Lord leading our state. For that, we celebrate and give thanks.


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S. Please take a moment to bless and encourage our new leaders by writing a message in our Action Center. We will make certain these messages reach them.

As we witness Governor Kemp’s first full day as Georgia’s CEO, the day seems a little brighter because we know someone with honesty, integrity and passion is leading us. Family Policy Alliance stands with Governor Kemp to achieve greater things for all Georgians.