Joe Biden’s recent tweet that “transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time” caused quite a stir. Even self-identified liberals seem taken aback and angry at Biden’s comparison–as they should be. There are far more differences between the transgender movement and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s than there are similarities. The transgender movement has resulted in silencing and oppressing the vast majority of Americans, bringing them harm and violating their rights.

Sadly, our children are harmed the most by the transgender agenda. These harms explain why we’re barely into 2020 and we’re seeing substantial policy efforts across the states to protect children.

Protecting Girls in Sports

One prevalent effort by state lawmakers is introducing legislation seeking to protect girls in sports by prohibiting transgender-identifying boys from playing on girls’ sports teams in schools. Many of us don’t have to read a study to know boys have a distinct biological advantage over girls once they reach puberty.  In fact, “claims to the contrary are simply a denial of science.” When it comes to the integrity of school sports, as our children are competing for spots on varsity, championship titles, scholarships, and college slots, girls are harmed the most by boys who play on their teams.

This is why over ten states, so far this session, including Arizona, Mississippi, Missouri and South Carolina, have introduced legislation allowing only biological girls to play on girls’ sports teams and, often, vice versa. These laws are necessary to protect fair competition on our children’s teams and their opportunities for success.

Protecting Children from Hormones and Surgeries

Legislators are also standing up to protect transgender-identifying children from serious medical harm, introducing legislation that would prohibit doctors from prescribing hormones or performing surgeries for transgender-identifying children. These hormones and surgeries result in profound physical deformities, often rendering the children sterile the rest of their lives.

These bills have been introduced in states like South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Colorado and Idaho. Idaho’s unique legislation equates surgeries on transgender-identifying youth to those surgeries referred to as female genital mutilation (FGM). In FGM, families—often due to religious beliefs—require their daughters to undergo genital-mutilating surgeries that result in lifelong harm.  FGM is already banned in many states throughout America because Americans believe there is no acceptable reason to mutilate the genitals of a child because of a faith belief. This should be the case for all children, no matter what the child believes about their own body.

Other legislation is being introduced to also protect parents, teachers, and even doctors from the harms of the transgender ideology. Not surprisingly, the liberal media has labeled these efforts a conservative conspiracy to “attack trans youth.” Outlets such as Vice, The New Republic, EIN News and others have reached out to us and written articles to question Family Policy Alliance® about our involvement in these “coordinated attacks.”

Of course, Family Policy Alliance remains committed to protecting children who are in need of true help dealing with gender dysphoria—not drugs and surgeries that will have lifelong consequences—and we are proud to stand with legislators who are advancing policy solutions to protect all children from harm.

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Standing for the family of believers,

Stephanie Curry, Esq.
Public Policy Manager