Family Policy Alliance believes we can live in a nation where life is cherished, and we strive toward that goal every day. Here is a short list of some powerful and encouraging news that has come out over the past few weeks:

Recently, Family Policy Alliance Manager of Public Policy, Stephanie Curry, was interviewed by Tucker Carlson about her article on Planned Parenthood’s appalling and intentional targeting of Black mothers and their babies – a dark practice the organization has engaged in since its racist inception in the early 1900’s. Watch the Tucker Carlson interview below!

National Review ran a powerful piece by David French entitled The South is a Pro-Life Stronghold. French wrote “the American South is the home of America’s original sin . . the tyranny of slavery. . . .” He acknowledges the abhorrent history that led Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s founder, to introduce pills that would prevent Blacks and others from procreating. But French explains in his encouraging article, when it comes to life today, the heart of the South represents a transformed generation forging a  new destiny that “all life is precious.” Read the poignant article here.

Finally, our state ally, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico summed up decades of pro-life victories in their article Pro-Life—Winning in the States and the Court (of Public Opinion). President Vince Torres provides a run-down of exactly how many pro-life victories our nation has experienced and reconfirms David French’s point, the times are changing—for the better and for life!

Continue to partner with us as we cherish all life, from fertilization to natural end!

This week, Tucker Carlson Tonight looked at the joint amicus brief filed by Family Policy Alliance and Women’s Liberation Front, known as WoLF. Kara Dansky, WoLF Board Chair and also an attorney, told Carlson that the transgender movement is harmful to women and girls.

“If we define sex, under Title IX, to mean gender identity,” Dansky said on Fox News, “what we’re essentially saying is that ‘women and girls’ can mean ‘anyone who self-identifies as women and girls,’ which makes the category ‘women and girls’ meaningless.”