Please join Family Policy Alliance as we pray for families in Ukraine.

After months of posturing, we have now seen Russia invade its neighbor Ukraine.

This violent invasion is already affecting Ukrainian families who have been displaced or lost loved ones just in the hours since the attacks began. And it will continue to harm families in both Ukraine and Russia, as they bear the far-reaching consequences of Putin’s decision to invade.

Today, we join Christians around the globe in praying for these families, and we invite you to join us in that prayer.

Years ago, I had the privilege of being a part of a ministry trip to Ukraine. I left a part of my heart there, and I am still overwhelmed by God’s love for the people of Ukraine. They have endured some of the darkest periods in world history. They have suffered horrific oppression. And yet, they have overcome. They are deeply committed to defending their freedom and sovereignty – a commitment Americans know well.

Ukrainian believers are humble and devoted to Christ. A friend of mine who is currently a missionary there shared a few ways we can pray for Ukraine. I encourage you to use them and share with others:

Thank you for praying for the families of both Ukraine and Russia who are suffering in different ways because of the decisions of the Russian leaders. God loves the people of both nations and desires for them to know His love and freedom.

Standing with Ukraine,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs