by Paul Weber, president and CEO, Family Policy Alliance

May I just put into words what I’m hearing from many friends like you across the nation?

“When are the president and Congress going to pull it together?” After all, a majority of Christians voted in the president’s favor — and expect him and their representatives and senators to work together to turn our nation around.

And certainly, some good things are happening!

Yet, two of the most important policies — defunding abortion seller Planned Parenthood and rolling back the abortion mandate in Obamacare (through a repeal and replacement plan) — remain on the pro-family “wish list.”

We must advance our values, advance legislation that reflects those values—and, ultimately, advance the statesmen and women who will sponsor that legislation—for the benefit of the entire nation. As followers of Christ, that’s what we are called to do!

As we’ve witnessed this legislative cycle — we need more statesmen and women in office! Not politicians who go back on their word . . .  the word they’ve promised for seven years during the previous administration and still cannot make good on now!

Elections always have consequences, as we’ve seen from the 2016 election.

I’m inviting you to join in election efforts because of Family Policy Alliance’s proven track record of results.

When good people make the effort to vote for good people, good things can happen. Not that long ago, my friend Eli was not inclined to vote. But now he’s not only getting to the polls, he’s also teaching his students about the importance of voting.

By God’s grace, our call to motivate people to vote was on display again this summer, when Family Policy Alliance jumped into the “nationalized” special congressional election in Georgia.

You may have heard about that election, which broke the previous congressional spending record ($29 million) for all candidates in a race. The liberal candidate, Jon Ossoff, single-handedly broke that record with more than $30 million on his side alone—much of it from San Francisco donors.

Besides that $30 million, Ossoff had the national party united behind him, busloads of out-of-state volunteers, the MSNBC hosts singing his praises, dramatic voting rules changes, and a perfect political storm that many thought would sweep him to victory.

In fact, the day our state ally, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, began running ads in the 6th U.S. Congressional District, Jon Ossoff was leading his pro-life opponent by 7 points!

Our online ads strategically reached out to specific pro-life voters who have a history of not voting in most elections — much less a special election in June!

So, what happened? Our video ads — which YOU made possible — were viewed more than 300,000 times! The result: 85 percent of these unlikely voters turned out at the polls on Election Day! That’s compared to a district-wide turnout of just 58 percent. Most importantly, that night Karen Handel became the newest pro-life congresswoman, winning 52-48 over Ossoff!

Family Policy Alliance has proven results in elections. But there is an important question that remains. How much you and I can accomplish in 2018 will depend on the resources available.

Will you invest in better leadership for our states and nation with your gift to Family Policy Alliance today?



Eli had been old enough to vote for several years, but because he felt unsure about the issues and candidates, he never registered or took part in elections.

But after Eli attended an event with our president Paul Weber, he made a decision: He voted in a mid-term election. And now he’s teaching his students the importance of engaging.

Join us in our efforts to motivate pro-family voters.

Idaho is such a great place to live! We love our freedom, our independence and our sense of community. We love our great summer days here. And as we near the middle of August and summer threatens to wind down, the smoke in the air tells us that summer heat is still hanging on.

Lately, we have been waking up to a bright red-orange sunrise. We are greeted with “air we can see” and a weather forecaster telling us of another “air quality alert” day. Our Idaho seems to be covered in a haze that obscures our view of the mountains and hangs in the air between the plants and trees in town. Yet, even in the smoke and haze, we love living and raising our families here. Because Idaho is a gift.

As I was driving through our hazy air this week, unable to see landmarks like the Boise foothills and Bogus Basin, it occurred to me that families are laboring under a similar haze. This cultural pollution comes from multiple sources, and makes the oxygen of freedom, difficult to find. Media, education, politics, entertainment, the internet and social media all seem to be spewing particulates that obscure family, faith and freedom.

This means that just as we must be diligent to guard against fires in our environment, we must also be diligent to guard against the flames that rage against biblical truth.

Our launch of Family Policy Alliance of Idaho could not have come at a better time. Family Policy Alliance of Idaho will increase our “bandwidth” to strategically deal with growing cultural threats in our state.

This Christ-centered organization is part of a larger movement of states with a national presence. Our vision is an Idaho where God is Honored, Religious Freedom Flourishes, Families Thrive, and Life is Cherished. Working toward this vision together, we can clear the cultural air and fight to extinguish the flames that seek to deny family, faith, freedom and life.

Family Policy Alliance of Idaho will engage in four strategic spheres to help protect family values:

With our sleeves rolled up, Family Policy Alliance of Idaho has already hit the ground running!

With your help, we sent two Idaho legislators to the Statesman Academy in Colorado Springs last month. Understanding that politics and policy is one of the fronts on which the cultural fire is burning, the Statesman Academy helps advance biblical citizenship and train statesman who hold Judeo-Christian moral beliefs to serve boldly and effectively. It’s a project of our sister organization, Family Policy Foundation.

As 2017 progresses, we will strengthen our efforts to serve the Church, building on our strong alliances with like-minded organizations, while we also gather tools for Christian citizens to promote stewardship of our great state.

In order to get moving on these strategic goals, we need your help. Would you partner with us financially to work to clear the cultural smoke out of our great state?


Julie Lynde
Policy Director

TAKE ACTION: Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is passionate about standing strong for pro-life family values while pushing back against destructive cultural influences. Your help is needed today in this battle. Please consider partnering in this work with a financial gift today.

Thank you for helping make our evenings in Wichita and Overland Park on May 10 and 11 so special.

The theme was “Unleashing Citizenship.” We heard from Gov. Sam Brownback; David and Jason Benham, who shared from their book “Living Among Lions”; Eric Teetsel, president of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas; and Paul Weber, president of Family Policy Alliance. We’re thankful that you are a part of our work.

Click on the photos to see them full size.


Billie and Steve Brunk

Paul Weber is president of Family Policy Alliance

Steve Brunk was presented with the Daniel Award for his service to Kansas and to the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas

Eric shared a story about William Penn standing up for his beliefs in the face of a prideful government official.

David and Jason Benham encouraged us to be “chocolate chips in the cookie dough of culture.”

They shared from their book “Living Among Lions”

Jason said we should let go of whatever we are holding on to and focus our attention on God and his plans for our lives.

Eric Teetsel is president of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas

Overland Park

Eric Teetsel, president of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas

Gov. Sam Brownback

David Benham, Gov. Brownback, Jason Benham

Paul Weber is president of Family Policy Alliance

Gov. Brownback has signed 18 pro-life bills into law.

Paul Weber shared the strategy of Family Policy Alliance toward a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

Eric Teetsel shares how something as simple as tipping a hat became an issue of religious freedom for William Penn.

Jason and David Benham cracked us up.

Eric Teetsel presented Charles Macheers with the Daniel Award for his service in the Kansas House.

Robyn Essex, Kim Kentera, Jason Benham, David Benham, Eric Teetsel, Paul Weber, Amy Adams, Stuart Shepard

You helped make our events in Wichita and Overland Park a success!

Eric is especially thankful for your partnership and your support as we work together to build a Kansas where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

If you’d like to join us in this work, please click on the red Donate button. Thank you.

Enjoy an Evening with the Benham Brothers. They’ll share how to live out your faith when your freedoms are under attack.

Learn more and register. 

We deeply appreciate everyone who made our May 12 Gala in Wichita such a phenomenal success! You packed the room. We heard from Gov. Brownback and Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran. Thank you for working with us in support of Kansas families.


The event at the Wichita Country Club was sold out.


Gov. Sam Brownback shared his support and encouragement for the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas.

Gov. Sam Brownback shared his support and encouragement for the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas.

Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran shared how writing a book on his own time that encourages Christian men to live according to Christian morality got him fired. He knocked it out of the park!

Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran shared how writing a book on his own time that encourages Christian men to live according to Christian morality got him fired. He knocked it out of the park!

Moving closer to the edge of the cliff

2016 will be a critical year for your family and your faith. In so many ways, our nation is moving ever closer to the edge of the cliff – a cultural, political and spiritual cliff.

As followers of Christ, it’s our duty to trust in our Lord, remain faithful and engage in our system of government – to ensure pro-family Americans seize the opportunity to back away from that cliff. We need to band together with like-minded believers to protect our loved ones, our religious freedom and the sanctity of life – for ourselves and our families. We can do that in legislatures across the country and at the ballot box throughout the year.

Eli is a Christian school teacher who had never voted. Never, that is, until he attended an event sponsored by the Montana Family Foundation. He heard CitizenLink’s President and CEO Paul Weber talk about the importance of “unleashing biblical citizenship.” Now Eli is a registered voter!

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