Do you want your federal tax dollars to used promote abortion and to provide new grants to Planned Parenthood?

That’s what the U.S. House is considering this week, and we are urging all Americans who care about life to make your voice heard in Congress.

These pro-abortion maneuvers are part of a major appropriations bill that funds several departments, including Defense, Commerce, Education and Health & Human Services. It follows on the heels of another funding measure last week that weakened pro-life protections against abortion funding overseas. Despite all Republicans plus seven Democrats voting “no”, the Pelosi House passed that bill, sending it on to the Senate.

This week’s bill, H.R. 7617, goes even further:

It’s clear that the Democrat-controlled House is committed to undermining pro-life policies at every turn.  They have used the appropriations process to gut pro-life rules and roll back life-affirming executive orders.  While Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) clearly has a tight grip on the Democrat caucus, all Members of Congress need to hear from their constituents about the importance of protecting life in legislation.  It is true that the life issue is a mostly partisan one today, but it need not be that way forever.

As Rep. Chris Smith, chairman of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, said during debate last week, “Someday, future generations of Americans will look back on us and wonder how and why a society that prided itself on its commitment to human rights precluded virtually all protection to the weakest and most vulnerable – unborn children.”

If you believe life should be protected in law by all lawmakers, will you contact your representative and ask him or her to vote against H.R. 7617 because of the many anti-life provisions it contains? It only takes a few moments on our Action Center.

Thanks for speaking up and spreading the word!

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager

Just hours ago, President Trump signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, or “CARES Act.”  The bill — Phase 3 of the COVID-19 federal aid package — was passed by voice vote in the House of Representatives this afternoon and on Wednesday by a unanimous (96-0) vote in the Senate.

The CARES Act $2 trillion price tag represents the largest aid package in U.S. history and contains many important provisions for individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and of course – healthcare.  Here is a breakdown of the measures we believe to be most important to families across the nation:

Individuals & Families



Pro-Life Provisions

Faith-Based Provisions 

While much more is included in the bill than we have listed here, we hope you find this summary informative and helpful.  This is most certainly a challenging time in the history of our nation, for every family, business and industry.  As we trust in the Lord day by day, may we also do all that we can to help “flatten the curve” and keep America safe.

You have no doubt heard of President Trump’s 15 Days to Slow the Spread initiative.  Americans are asked to help contain the coronavirus by practicing social distancing, good hygiene and avoiding discretionary travel.  The president’s 15-day initiative is in effect through Tuesday, March 31.  We hope you will join us in heeding the president’s recommendations to help keep Americans safe.

Thank you for reading, and for standing with us in faith during this trying time!


Autumn Leva
Vice President of Strategy

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a simple answer for the dozens of new state pro-life laws that have been passed this year: the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

To that end, today the Equal Rights Amendment is getting its first congressional hearing in 36 years. That means that your member of Congress could be voting on it soon.

But this blast from the past remains the same blunt object attacking life and family values that it was back in the 70s and early 80s. In fact, given where our courts have gone in interpreting “equality” laws, it is even more dangerous now.

The Equal Rights Amendment would shatter pro-life laws

First, it would enshrine government-funded abortion on demand in the Constitution.

Many of the effects of the ERA are somewhat uncertain. However, its effect on abortion law is clear in a multitude of cases stemming from states that have ERAs. Under these state versions of the ERA, courts are finding no difference between abortions and medically necessary procedures sought by men, so states have been forced to pay for abortions under Medicaid.

Legal experts expect these state ERAs to also serve as a legal weapon to take down a host of other pro-life laws – from parental consent and notification laws to dismemberment bans to the pain-capable 20-week bans, and more.

It’s why some policy leaders have taken to calling the ERA the Everything Related to Abortion Act.

The Equal Rights Amendment would invade women’s privacy

But while the ERA would be a coup for Planned Parenthood, that’s not all it’s about.

In 1983 – the last time the ERA had a congressional hearing – the acronym LGBT didn’t even exist. While there was a small-but-growing push for homosexual rights, the T (for transgender rights) didn’t join the acronym until the 1990s.

In 2019, the transgender movement is all the rage in many cultural and legal circles. That makes today’s ERA even more dangerous than it was decades ago. Simply put, the ERA would place in the highest law of the land a limitless ban on sex discrimination – at a time when sex is increasingly being interpreted to mean “gender identity.”

The practical impact of this is that the ERA is likely to bring the transgender revolution to every corner of the country. In the name of protecting women, the ERA would likely open up women’s bathrooms, locker rooms and showers to anyone claiming to be a woman. However, it should be noted that the U.S. Supreme Court will soon hear a case (R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes Inc. v. EEOC) that could have a major impact in this area.

The Equal Rights Amendment threatens women’s insurance rates and sports participation

The ERA is a blunt object that will create other chaos as well, whether intended or unintended. For example, it could go so far as to end sex-segregated sports because they are technically “discriminating” on the basis of sex. At the least, it would likely further the growing problem of giving places on women’s teams to men who claim to be women.

It would also end the justified preferential rates that women receive from insurance companies.

And it would sweep away traditional differences of treatment “on account of sex” in such areas as marriage, divorce and alimony, child custody, adoptions, property laws and prison regulations. These are all areas in which states have historically made distinctions between men and women in order to better protect women and children.

The full impact of the ERA is unknown, calling to mind another famous Pelosi-ism: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

The ERA is on the move: What you can do

Today’s hearing on the ERA shows the determination of Speaker Pelosi to push it through, and it is likely that your member of Congress will have to make a decision on it soon.

The key to stopping its progress is information and action.

Thank you for making a difference.

The Family Policy Alliance Team


Today, H.R. 5, the so-called Equality Act—the bill that will manipulate schoolchildren to carry water for the LGBT agenda, whether their parents like it or not—heads to its first hearing in the U.S. House Education Committee.

Tell Congress to Vote NO on H.R. 5!

H.R. 5 is one of Pelosi’s top priorities for this year, and that is deeply concerning. The radical changes to children’s curriculum the bill seeks to make will concern millions of families. But even beyond the specific curriculum changes, it is extremely rare for the federal government to so deeply insert itself in the specifics of children’s curriculum in K-12 schools. This is Big Government at its finest, flexing its muscles to force the LGBT agenda in every classroom in America.

If Pelosi and the LGBT activist groups who fund her campaign succeed in pushing H.R. 5 forward, what will be the practical implications for our children?

For starters, major changes in your child’s curriculum:

  1. The importance and seriousness of the Civil Rights Movement to achieve racial equality in schools will no longer be taught.

H.R. 5 by its very nature is not about achieving equal educational opportunities for all. It’s about forcing every administrator, teacher, child, and parent involved in schools to give any person who identifies as LGBT a platform in our schools, and special rights above and beyond everyone else.

H.R. 5 will change what it means to achieve equal rights for all in America. Our students, who will no longer be able to distinguish between the heroism and sacrifice of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and the rainbow flag poster of a sexualized political agenda on their school wall, deserve better.

If “equal rights for all” now means ensuring young children are informed that “little boys can become little girls,” then the power of the Civil Rights Movement ends with H.R. 5.


  1. Schools will be required to cover “LGBT sexual experiences” in sexual education.

Colorado and California both already have laws similar to H.R. 5, and those states require teaching “LGBT sexual experiences” in sex ed.

And California sex education guidelines include teaching children about having multiple sexual partners,  and warning children about “religion abuse” that would include “forcing others to adhere to rigid gender roles [or] [n]ot allowing a partner to do things they enjoy.”

As if that weren’t bad enough, California prohibits any teaching that would reflect adversely on the LGBT community.  And Colorado has introduced legislation that refers to traditional perspectives on sexuality as shameful, fear-based, and bigoted.

H.R. 5 would force this type of sexual education curriculum on the entire country—not just states with liberal leadership.


  1. Schools will be required to weave LGBT ideology into every class—not just sex ed.

Sadly, the changes envisioned in H.R. 5 don’t stop at sex education class. The idea is to weave LGBT-centric themes throughout the school’s entire curriculum.

Take, for example, New Jersey’s new “LGBT curriculum” policy. Imagine a literature or history class where students are not just taught the historic contributions of literary giants like Emily Dickinson or former U.S. presidents, but the curriculum also questions the sexual preferences of our historic figures.

One textbook example ponders the fact that President James Buchanan may have been gay because he never married and maintained close male friends. A former American president is reduced to the sort of suspect commentary found in newspaper tabloids and gossip magazines.

What’s worse, parents really would have no opportunity to opt-out their children from exposure to this type of teaching or the topic of gender transition, because it is woven into every aspect of the curriculum.

If H.R. 5 were to pass, parents who object would have no voice in their children’s classrooms, and children’s precious academic time will be consumed by nonsense speculation over what kind of sexual exploits any given historical figure was having.


Please help us ask the Congress to STOP H.R. 5 today!

It will only take one minute through our automatic action center.


 Thank you!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

On Thursday, Democrats in Congress are pushing a measure that urges a repeal of the Trump Administration’s policy on transgender service in the military.

When President Trump announced that he was rolling back the Obama policy of fully opening the military to people who identify as transgender, Family Policy Alliance praised the move for these reasons:

H. Res. 124 seeks to reverse this policy and should be rejected when it comes to a vote on Thursday.

Please take a moment and send a note to your member of Congress, asking them to vote NO on H. Res. 124.

Thank you for speaking up!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

We can give House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this—she doesn’t hide her priorities. True to her word, this week Pelosi and Representative David Cicilline, an openly gay Democrat from Rhode Island, introduced H.R. 5, the so-called “Equality Act.” The bill adds the classifications of “sexual orientation and gender identity” as special protected classes in federal Civil Rights statutes—giving those classifications the same level of protection in law as “race” or “religion.”

House leadership typically reserves the top ten bill numbers (H.R. 1 – H.R. 10) for bills they consider to be highly important. That means that Pelosi and House Democrats believe that enshrining “sexual orientation and gender identity” into Civil Rights law is in their top five priorities for the whole country.

Please make your voice heard today!

Pelosi, Democrats, and leading national LGBT activist groups believe H.R. 5 is essential to prevent “discrimination” against individuals identifying as LGBTQ+. For most of us Americans who aren’t busy advancing a radical sexual ideology, “discrimination” means we don’t want anyone being made fun of or physically assaulted, denied a table at a restaurant (unless their own bad behavior warrants it), being told to sit in the back of the bus, or forced to attend a separate school.

That’s probably why, according to polling released by Public Religion Research Institute, faith groups of all denominations, including white evangelicals, support “nondiscrimination protections” for LGBT-identifying individuals.

But here’s the rub. To quote The Princess Bride—that word doesn’t mean what you think it means.

To Pelosi and supporters of H.R. 5, “discrimination” means something entirely different. “Discrimination” means that your Christian beliefs about sex, sexuality, marriage, parenting, education, and your calling to live out your faith are the same as Nazism and lynchings in the South—and must not be tolerated.

And that is why H.R. 5 is, in our opinion, the most dangerous piece of legislation put forward by Democrat leadership.

Since H.R. 5 is at the top of the Democratic agenda, we have 5 practical ways the bill could seriously harm all of us:

1. Schools

States with laws or regulations similar to H.R. 5 already require men and boys to have access to girls’ locker rooms, restrooms, and athletic teams. Girls will also likely be forced to compete against boys for female scholarships and awards.

We are also seeing states with language similar to H.R. 5 forcing LGBT-specific sexual education curriculum on every public school in the state, requiring LGBT lessons to be woven into all curriculum (e.g., history, social studies, math, etc.), and even allowing schools to keep private files on students who identify as LGBT that not even parents can access.

In most cases, parents do not have the option to opt-out their children from the curriculum. And, children themselves who are uncomfortable with sharing private spaces with the opposite sex or who don’t want to be forced to refer to a “her” as a “him” will likely be punished and subject to “LGBT sensitivity training.”

2. Parenting

Perhaps most disturbing of all, states and countries with language similar to H.R. 5 are stripping parents of custody when they do not want their children to undergo experimental hormone regimens for the purpose of “gender transition.”

Supporters of H.R. 5 believe that children must have access to gender transition services—and that parents who are uncomfortable with altering their child’s natural sexual development, even to the point of causing sterilization in their child, are child abusers!

Parents in Ohio recently lost custody of their biological daughter for refusing to consent to gender-transition hormones.

A Canadian father was also told he can’t object to his daughter taking testosterone, he must refer to her as a “him,” and he must not try to persuade her to consider other options besides gender transition. Doing any of those things would be a form of child abuse under Canadian law.

H.R. 5 carries very serious risks to parents and their ability to act in their children’s best interests.

3. Businesses

H.R. 5 will likely require employees and business owners to refer to one another with a person’s “preferred pronouns.” In other words, if a female employee identifies herself as male, all employees may be forced to refer to her as a “him.”

Business owners will also likely be forced to open up bathrooms to the opposite sex, opening the door to serious privacy violations or even sexual assault for female employees and patrons.

Business owners may even be forced to provide “gender transition” medical coverage for employees.

And the punishment for business owners and employees who don’t comply with these forced speech or policy changes? Risk losing your job or facing heavy fines. In states that already have a state version of H.R. 5, some business owners even risk criminal charges.

4. Ministries

H.R. 5 puts even nonprofit, faith-based ministries at risk. Ministries will likely be forced to affirm same-sex marriage, open up their restroom or other private facilities to the opposite sex, require their employees and those they are serving to affirm gender transition, and much more.

And, if ministries can’t comply because of the teachings of their faith? They risk their nonprofit status, being sued for “discrimination,” and even their ability to serve at all.

Faith-based adoption agencies were already forced out of several states with laws similar to H.R. 5. Ministries risk their license to operate and their ability to work with the state to provide services such as placing foster children in forever homes.

5. Medical Professionals

H.R. 5 will likely have a devastating effect on medical professionals. Counselors, even Christian counselors, will be forced to provide therapy guiding a young person toward same-sex attraction or gender transition—while being forbidden by law to provide counseling to help young people manage unwanted same-sex attraction or affirm God’s design for their body’s sex.

Doctors will likely be required to provide gender transition hormones and even sex-change operations, regardless of the doctors’ religious beliefs or even their professional judgment that such changes would not be in the best interest of their patients.

The punishment for doctors who don’t comply? They risk being sued for “discrimination,” losing their professional license and their career, and even being labeled as “child abusers.”

Pelosi’s H.R. 5 would be the most sweeping and devastating legislation to impact children, parents, schools, businesses, ministries, the medical profession, and people of faith as a whole (regardless of denomination) that our country has ever seen. The importance of stopping H.R. 5 cannot be overstated.

So what can you do?

We are asking each one of you to contact your U.S. Representative now to ask them to VOTE NO on H.R. 5. This bill needs to stop in the House right now. American families need to send a strong message to our leaders that this type of legislation has no place in our country.

Please join with us to take action now!

Standing together in faith,

Autumn Leva, Esq.
Vice President of Strategy

Election Day is finally here! That calls for a celebration in two ways.

First, no more ads! We all appreciate that.

But second and more importantly, we are among the few people in the annals of history who have had the privilege to elect our leaders. And as Christians, voting is both a stewardship responsibility and a ministry opportunity – a chance to serve our fellow man by electing leaders and enacting policies that will best advance the common good.

So if you haven’t already voted, please do so today – and remind other like-minded people to vote as well! With so many close races expected, that simple act could make the difference.

Then join Family Policy Alliance tonight on social media as we track key results, including the following:

12 Key Senate Races on Our Top Watch List

AZ : Martha McSally vs. Kyrsten Sinema
FL: Rick Scott vs. Bill Nelson
IN: Mike Braun vs. Joe Donnelly
MI: John James vs. Debbie Stabenow
MN: Karin Housley vs. Tina Smith
MO: Josh Hawley vs. Claire McCaskill
MT: Matt Rosendale vs. Jon Tester
ND: Kevin Cramer vs. Heidi Heitkamp
NV: Dean Heller vs. Jacky Rosen
TN: Marsha Blackburn vs. Phil Bredesen
TX: Ted Cruz vs. Beto O’Rourke
WV: Patrick Morrisey vs. Joe Manchin

12 Key Governor Races on Our Top Watch List

AK: Mike Dunleavy vs. Mark Begich
CO: Walker Stapleton vs. Jared Polis
FL: Ron DeSantis vs. Andrew Gillum
GA: Brian Kemp vs. Stacey Abrams
IA: Kim Reynolds vs. Fred Hubbell
KS: Kris Kobach vs. Laura Kelly
MI: Bill Schuette vs. Gretchen Whitmer
NM: Steve Pearce vs. Michelle Lujan Grisham
OH: Mike DeWine vs. Richard Cordray
OK: Kevin Stitt vs. Drew Edmondson
SD: Kristi Noem vs. Billie Sutton
WI: Scott Walker vs. Tony Evers

12 Key Ballot Measures on Our Top Watch List

AL: Allow Ten Commandments on Public Property (Amendment 1)
AL: Pro-Life Protections (Amendment 2)
AZ: School Choice (Proposition 305)
FL: Voter Control Over Gambling Expansion (Amendment 3)
ID:Gambling Expansion (Proposition 1)
MA: Gender Identity (Question 3)
MI: Recreational Marijuana (Proposal 1)
MO: Medical Marijuana (Amendment 2 + two others)
ND: Recreational Marijuana (Measure 3)
OR: No Tax Funding of Abortion (Measure 106)
UT: Medical Marijuana (Proposition 2)
WV: Pro-Life Protections (Amendment 1)

Of course, there are many other important races as well, including U.S. House races, state legislative races and more. We’ll plow through the results and pull out the nuggets that you may want to know. Join us on Facebook or Twitter this evening, and watch for updates on email tomorrow.

Thanks for standing strong and taking action!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

Plus a brand-new video!

By Autumn Leva, Vice President of Strategy for Family Policy Alliance®

Many believers may not have much personal experience in the world of child welfare—I confess I didn’t either until I started working on this issue for Family Policy Alliance.

But here’s what makes the most common sense to me. When a birth mother wants or needs to place her child for adoption, she should be able to choose which adoption agency she works with. Similarly, adoptive families should be free to choose an agency that best aligns with their values.

And, no matter what, every child in need of a family and every courageous birthmom who pursues adoption should be at the center of every state’s adoption policies.

What do you think?

Here are a few reasons we think Christian adoption agencies need to matter to everyone, both believers and nonbelievers, those involved in adoption and those who never will be.

And be sure to check out this new video!

Christian adoption agencies matter…to everyone!

Shutting down faith-based adoption agencies is one of the Left’s newest tactics to silence people of faith. They believe that an agency that operates as a ministry, not a business, such as by placing children in homes with a married mother and father, shouldn’t be allowed in the state.

For example, in Colorado, when a bill was introduced to protect the right of faith-based agencies to continue to operate according to their beliefs, a Senator from Boulder admitted on-record that he believes that faith-based agencies should be shut down, rather than serving children and families!

If the Left succeeds at shutting down even ministries that do one of the most honorable works that exists—finding families for children in need—then the right of believers to freely live out their faith, or the right of anyone who disagrees with the government’s view on any particular issue to speak out, is severely threatened.

This is why protecting faith-based adoption agencies matters to everyone—if faith-based ministries that care for children can be silenced, then no one’s right to speak or live out their beliefs is safe.

Christian adoption agencies matter to birthmoms

Placing a child for adoption can be an extremely difficult time for a birthmother. When a birthmom is free to choose an agency that she believes will meet her needs, as well as help her place her child in a home that best aligns with her hopes and values for her child, she will be better supported throughout the entire process.

In fact, many faith-based agencies work specifically to minister to birthmothers, providing them care, support, and counseling—even if they ultimately choose not to place their child for adoption.

Christian adoption agencies matter to adoptive families

Many adoptive parents come to adoption from a place of grief and hurting in their own struggle to have children, and the wait for an adoptive child can be long and difficult. Adoptive families should be free to work with an agency they trust to meet their needs as they prepare their home for an adoptive child. Agencies that better understand the family’s values will be the best to support that family on their journey to adoption.

Plus, practicing Christians are twice as likely to adopt a child. When Christian families are free to work with agencies that share their values, we can continue to ensure that even more believers are heeding the biblical call to care for the orphans and the widows.

Christian adoption agencies matter to children

The best way to help children in need of a forever home is to increase opportunities for them to find a forever family and prevent even more children landing in the states’ already backed-up foster care system. Ensuring that faith-based agencies can continue their ministries in every state provides more opportunities for children to be served by even more agencies and families.

Plus, faith-based adoption agencies excel at finding homes for hard-to-place children—those with special needs, older children, and the severely abused.

Here’s how you can help protect faith-based agencies and the families they serve in your state:

Congress is considering a federal bill that would ensure that states that receive taxpayer dollars for any child welfare programs can’t exclude faith-based adoption agencies from operating in their states.

Family Policy Alliance has been working in coalition with other national allies to support this bill, and we need your help to get the message to every U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator that this bill is important to all of us!

Please help by using our Action Center to send a message instantly to your own Representative and two Senators, asking them to support this bill. It takes less than 2 minutes to add your name and click send!


Congress will likely decide this week whether to allow taxpayer funding for abortion in Obamacare, and your voice is needed to urge your senators and representative to vote against this scheme.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, a pro-abortion Republican, last week demanded – as a condition of her supporting the Republican tax-cut bill – that Obamacare bailout funding be added to the must-pass appropriations bill that will be voted on later this week.  Her bailout package contains no language to guard against the use of taxpayer funds for plans that cover abortions.

Such pro-life language – often referred to as the Hyde amendment – is estimated to have saved more than two million lives since it was first enacted in 1976.

Family Policy Alliance has signed on to a letter advising every U.S. senator that any vote in favor of an appropriations bill without Hyde protections will rightly be seen as a pro-abortion vote.

Now it’s critical that senators and congressmen hear the same thing from voters like you. Please take a moment to send a message now, as time is of the essence.  We’ve made it simple on our Action Center – with just a click you can get that message to both U.S. senators and your member of Congress.

And then, if you would, please share this widely with friends so that Congress gets an unmistakable pro-life message in this week before Christmas!

Thanks for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team


TAKE ACTION- Send your message to Congress today.

Inexplicably, the Republican tax-cut bill has a glaring problem for those who care about families and life: the elimination of the Adoption Tax Credit.

The credit, which costs a relatively small $355 million, has had an enormously positive effect by making it more manageable for families to handle the exorbitant financial costs of adoption.  That not only blesses parents, but more importantly from a social standpoint, it allows tens of thousands of needy children to find permanent homes each year.  In 2015, for example, more than 53,000 children were adopted from foster care.

However, there is still a chance that the Republican tax-cut bill could be amended to restore the Adoption Tax Credit.  Committee work on the bill has begun, and such an amendment could be voted on at any time.

Please take a moment right now to contact your US Representative and urge them to support the amendment to restore the Adoption Tax Credit.  Family Policy Alliance has made it easy.  Through our Action Center, you can send a message to your representative.

Thank you for making your voice heard!