Think about everything you don’t like about politics. Now imagine the opposite, and you’ll get Representative Wes Cantrell.

Wes doesn’t think in terms of political calculation, spin, or posturing for advancement. He doesn’t think about “sides,” “teams,” or “enemies.” Quite simply, he’s a pastor who brings a biblical worldview, conservative philosophy, and a Christ-like mentality to legislating.

Few people exude kindness, joy, and a sense of humility like Wes Cantrell, and he treats everyone – even those with whom he strongly disagrees – with Christian charity. He never checks his witness for Jesus Christ at the door.

Moreover, Wes balances his friendly demeanor with unwavering convictions as well as I’ve seen. He may be one of the nicest guys in the legislature, but he won’t yield a single inch on our principles. When we talk about statesmanship, we point to leaders like Wes Cantrell.

Without a doubt, Wes is one of the most impactful pro-family leaders under the Gold Dome. He’s a staunch pro-life advocate, a fierce defender of religious freedom, and a zealous warrior for school choice. And, with regards to casinos, he’s easily among the most articulate opponents to this predatory policy.

Now, Wes Cantrell isn’t just these things under the Gold Dome. He’s a natural educator, constantly providing information, and – outside of the Capitol – working to build a winning coalition to strengthen a conservative, pro-family majority.

Leading up to the legislative session, Wes frequently posts the reasons for or against specific legislation, and he proved an invaluable resource in the battle to oppose casinos. In session, he frequently updates his constituents so they know what he’s up to. And, during election season, he’s a coveted endorsement and an active supporter of those who share our values.

This November, radical liberals will attempt to unseat this godly legislator. We cannot allow them to even come close. Join me in uniting to elect Wes Cantrell and also others throughout the state who share his character and conservative worldview.

Supporting Wes Cantrell,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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