Here at Family Policy Alliance, we strive to help you understand family policy issues and engage with them from a biblical perspective. Our participation in the democratic process is both our right as Americans and our duty as Christians. We offer several resources in this Action Center to inform and equip you to make your voice heard on the social issues impacting our families and our Christian values.

Please get involved through the action items below!

Help America Define Male & Female
Send a message to your state lawmakers asking them to introduce the Defining Sex Act in your state.

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Hold Big Tech Accountable Today
Send a message to your U.S. Senators asking them to support the Kids Online Safety Act (S. 1409) which would require social media platforms to better protect children.

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Stand With Israel
The world has watched in horror as we have witnessed evil attacks against the people and nation of Israel. Email your members of Congress to encourage them to speak up for Israel’s right to defend itself and to condemn the terrorist organization, Hamas.

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