Now that your ballot has arrived in the mail, here is information to help you fill it out. View our voter guides below to see which candidates stand for your values and who will protect the lives of the unborn.

Your vote on the candidates and the issues is critical. Make your voice heard with your vote!


Presidential Race

President Trump vs. Joe Biden on six issues that matter to you like abortion, education for your children, the Supreme Court, religious freedom, and girls’ sports.


U.S. Senate Race

Cory Gardner vs. John Hickenlooper on life issues such as care for babies who survive abortions, defunding Planned Parenthood, and restricting late-term abortions.


Here are some of the most important state legislative races in Colorado. Click on a race to see more information on the candidates:


Senate District 8
Bob Rankin vs. Karl Hanlon (NW corner of state)

Senate District 10
Larry Liston vs. Randi McCallian (Eastern Colorado Springs)

Senate District 19
Lynn Gerber vs. Rachel Zenzinger (Arvada and surrounding area)

Senate District 23
Barbara Kirkmeyer vs. Sally Boccella (Broomfield and I-25 corridor to the north)

Senate District 25
Kevin Priola vs. Paula Dickerson (much of Adams County)

Senate District 27
Suzanne Staiert vs. Chris Kolker (Centennial and surrounding area)


At Family Policy Alliance, we often tell you about candidates who will vote to protect life. And indeed, we’re doing that now with mailers and digital ads in several key legislative districts around Colorado.


But this year, you have a chance to directly save lives with your vote in favor of Proposition 115.

Prop 115 fixes a horrible blemish on Colorado’s legal standing, not only in the nation but the world. Only a handful of countries allow abortions for any reason right up to the moment of birth – which is exactly what Colorado allows. We stand with the likes of Communist China and North Korea in our abysmal treatment of babies in the womb.

Specifically, Prop 115 bans abortions after 22 weeks unless the mother’s life is in immediate danger. Penalties for violation are applied to doctors who perform such abortions.

Vote YES on Prop 115 to save lives!

Other Huge Measures on Your Ballot

But Prop 115 isn’t the only critical issue on your ballot. Others will also have profound impact on the ability of Colorado families to thrive – or on the election process that undergirds our system of government. Here are a few recommendations.


Amendment C — VOTE NO

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Amendment C makes it easier for charities to start and expand gambling operations. Yes, these are not full-scale gambling operations, but it’s still a step in the wrong direction.

Amendment 77 — Vote NO

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This DOES involve full-scale gambling operations – allowing mountain towns (where most residents work for the casinos) to decide what’s allowed. Truly, this is putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

Prop 113 — Vote NO

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This duplicitous scheme is backed by California money – and no wonder, as it would essentially hand Colorado’s votes for president over to California and a few other populous states. Why let the Los Angeles metro area – which outnumbers Colorado’s population by more than two-to-one – decide where Colorado’s electoral votes go?

Prop 116 — Vote YES

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Colorado’s government continues to grow – and out of that comes a host of liberal programs that harm families. One of the best ways to control government mischief is to limit its funding. Colorado families can put this modest tax cut to better use than our state’s politicians.

Prop 117 — Vote YES

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Colorado politicians have for years skirted our state’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights by raising fees. This holds them accountable by requiring that fees raising big dollars (more than $50 million in first five years) get voter approval.

Not Sure Where to Turn in Your Ballot?

Use our easy voting info tool to find plenty of ballot return locations near you, along with their days and hours of availability!