House Passes Important Pro-Life Bill

July 14

House Vote on CPA GraphicThe House of Representatives passed the Conscience Protection Act on Wednesday. The bill would ensure pro-life Americans will not have to participate in abortion.

Tony Perkins with the Family Research Council said it is a step in the right direction.

“I applaud the House for voting to codify longstanding federal conscience protections, and to give pro-life victims of government discrimination the right to sue in court,” he said. “No person, organization or healthcare provider should ever be forced by the government to participate in the abhorrent act of abortion.”

A majority of Republicans were joined by 3 Democrats in voting for the measure that takes steps to stop government discrimination. Matt Bowman, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom said the Obama Administration has repeatedly violated federal law making this bill necessary.

“The House was right to pass this bill to protect the freedom of Americans to practice and choose pro-life health care,” he said, “and we hope the Senate will take it up as well.”