Welcome to Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota

August 3

We have a new name, a new website and a new executive director!

You’ve known us as North Dakota Family Alliance. For 30 years, we’ve been working alongside you to support life, marriage and religious freedom. Our name has changed, but our commitment to the values we share remains as strong as ever.

Our new name is Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota. It reflects our new, stronger connection with our national ally, Family Policy Alliance. It’s a public policy partner of Focus on the Family. Together, we’ll be able to do more and do it more efficiently and effectively.

You’ve already noticed our new website. Please take a look around. As we move forward, it’ll be a place where you can discover what’s happening with pro-family issues in North Dakota as well as nationally.

Mark JorritsmaAnd we want you to meet Mark Jorritsma. He’s now our president and executive director. We hope you have the opportunity to shake his hand in person when he’s in your area.

Together, we’re working toward a North Dakota where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. Thank you for being part of this movement.