Georgia 6th District: Vote for Karen Handel on June 20

May 23

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is endorsing Karen Handel in her bid to represent the 6th Congressional District of Georgia.

As we’ve watched this race, we’ve seen the Left attempt to build a Manchurian candidate from Jon Ossoff—an out-of-district liberal brought in to prove a point. We’ve seen him become the poster-child for those disappointed by the results in November and the Left is now spending millions to prop him up. Groups like Planned Parenthood are spending BIG money because they know Ossoff will push their values on Georgians!

A loss in this race means the media will spin a narrative of Georgia going blue, a repudiation of conservative principles, an embrace of radical leftist, anti-family ideology, and a rising liberal star emerging from the Peach State—one who will haunt us for years to come.

But, while the prospect of Ossoff in Congress is mortifying, we have a tremendous opportunity.

Time and again, Karen Handel has proven to be a principled conservative. She has stood up to Planned Parenthood, advocated for the biblical definition of the family, and is a true servant-leader. We believe that she will be a worthy successor to Tom Price in Congress.

My friends, the battle lines are being drawn in Georgia and around the country. The Left wants to nullify the results of the November election and they want to build a narrative that our values, the values that fueled victories all around the country last fall, are losing issues.

That could not be more wrong!

We are engaging on the front lines for the values we care about. This means rolling up our sleeves and supporting good candidates in Georgia who will partner with us.

Planned Parenthood is running scared because they know that they are at the greatest risk they’ve ever been to losing their taxpayer funding, as families across the country say “enough.” With your help, we can lead this effort and continue the momentum from 2016!