Open for Business – Open to Action

June 9

There are three key communities that will create lasting faith-based change in our state and nation: the Church, business and legislative communities. Last week, I spoke about the Church and issued a challenge to church leaders and congregants about speaking and engaging in political issues. This week, I’m addressing those in the business community.

Businesses have a unique and powerful role in American society. They are the engine of our economy, the places where we spend the majority of our waking hours, an extension of who we are culturally and the key source for supplying our material needs and wants. Because of all these important roles, businesses wield a great amount of power to change society.

As we well know, Christian business owners are under attack, from being forced by Obamacare to offer drugs that can sometimes cause abortions (e.g., Hobby Lobby), to being demonized and sued for running their business in harmony with their faith (e.g., Colorado and Oregon bakers, Washington florist, and countless others). Standing for business principles has never been easy – today, it’s much harder.

Nevertheless, there are many businesses who take an explicit stand for their Christian principles.  Take Cole Papers in Fargo, one of our ministry partners, as an example.  Aside from providing excellent products and services, they declare their faith on their website (see President’s Philosophy at and even employ a part-time Chaplain who periodically conducts voluntary office Bible Studies and devotionals.  That takes boldness, and I applaud them.

Other Christian businesses may choose not to advertise their faith so publicly.  However, all Christian business owners should use their influence to advance biblical principles in the policy arena. How can they do this?

  • They can work as a group to influence policy; in effect, work as a business leadership council.
  • They can collaborate with and support organizations such as Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota as we work to advance our shared values in Bismarck and elsewhere.
  • They can coordinate gatherings to exchange ideas, encourage each other, and strategize on how to best represent our Christian values in the political sphere.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota engages in precisely these tasks. In particular, we will be holding informal business lunch meetings throughout the state starting this summer. We’d love to sit down and talk about these important issues. If you are interested in hosting or attending such an event, please contact us, and we’ll set something up for you and your fellow Christian business professionals.

Remember, you hold great power to influence our society. I encourage you to leave a legacy that demonstrates how you used that power to make an eternal difference.

Mark Jorritsma
Executive Director

TAKE ACTION: Feel free to forward this email to other business owners who may share our passion for integrating faith into policy activities.