Farewell, David. And thank you.

October 20

Dear Friends,

The fight for life lost a champion on Tuesday.

David Gittrich, who served as Executive Director of Kansans for Life from 1989-2000 and Director of Development from 2002-2017, died. He was 70.

In a statement, Gov. Brownback said, “David was an unflinching warrior in the fight to defend the worth of human life. His contributions to the movement to protect and defend pre-born babies in Kansas cannot be overstated. We are so thankful for his life, and the way he allowed himself to be used by God to protect the most innocent and vulnerable. God bless you David, well done, faithful servant.”

Today, Kansas is the strongest pro-life state in the nation, but it wasn’t always this way. Kansas was once the place to go for abortion, including the late-term abortions performed by Dr. George Tiller. It is because of the diligent, faithful work of heroes like David Gittrich that the tide of culture turned to life.

Though we celebrate David’s life, we mourn the fact that he never saw the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Many gains have been made, but much work remains. Even now, we await a ruling of the Kansas Supreme Court that could undo the Kansas ban on dismemberment abortion – and, potentially, all of the pro-life laws Kansans have passed.

It will take all of us to carry forward David’s legacy and complete his work. Thank you for supporting the work of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas as we try to do our part.

Kansans for Life is hosting an event in honor of David on November 8 in Wichita. Learn more about the event.


Eric Teetsel