Two Paths We Could Take

December 8

Photo Courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom.

Could you lose everything simply for standing up for your faith?

In today’s America, yes you could. That’s why concerned Christians are eagerly watching the Masterpiece Cakeshop Supreme Court case to determine how the Supreme Court will treat Jack Phillips, a Christian baker who is under attack for his conviction to not use his God-given talents to assist in a God-defying gay marriage.

A win would be a tremendous blessing for Jack, artists like him everywhere, and for Christians hoping the Supreme Court upholds rights of conscience. We are thankful for Jack, and for the faithful attorneys who defend him.

But, here’s the sad truth: a win for Jack will ultimately do little to reverse what is happening in our culture.

Consider a recent PEW poll that says only 32% of Americans believe in God’s design of marriage- one man and one woman. Among Millennials, support for gay marriage has reached 75%. Just go into any church youth group, and you will be stunned at the responses you get when you ask the kids about their views on homosexuality and transgenderism.

So how do we have hope in these times?

First, we fix our eyes on the Lord who calls us to be faithful, promises a reward for that faithfulness, and also warns us not to be surprised by the hostility in this, our temporary home. Second, we work to network, leverage, and empower God’s Church and the Christian business community – groups that have grown silent, frustrated, and isolated. Third, we work to elect good and godly leaders who will pass good legislation and have boldness to speak out into culture.

That’s what we do!

In order to have a Georgia where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished, we have to embrace this multi-faceted approach. With religious freedom battles raging here in Atlanta, and Amazon rumored to be coming to Atlanta under assurances the First Amendment rights will not be protected for everyone here in the state, the time is now to act with extreme urgency.

Will you stand with us? Can we count on your support to advance policies that will protect religious freedom, life and families in our state with a gift to Family Policy Alliance of Georgia?

This week, I’m praying for Jack and all those like him who place Christ over their business. I’m praying for our allies at Alliance Defending Freedom and all who have worked to bring this matter before the Supreme Court. I’m also praying for our culture, that we may one day, once again, have a nation and a Georgia where the Jacks of the world never have to fear, never are threatened, and never spend a day in Court. I ask you to join me in these prayers, to pray for our work in identifying the next leaders of our state, and to consider supporting those efforts.

Hopefully and earnestly praying,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director