Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses David Shafer for Lt. Governor

April 18

It is my privilege to announce the Family Policy Alliance of Georgia endorsement of State Senator David Shafer in his campaign for Lt. Governor of Georgia. We need a leader who can facilitate sweeping pro-family reforms, and, in David Shafer, that is exactly what we will get.

As you know, we face incredible opposition to our values in Atlanta, and David Shafer has a proven track record of championing the family. And, he knows how to get results and overcome any obstacle. As a leader in the Senate, he withstood the pressure, and we know he will do the same as Lt. Governor. This is a crucial position here in Georgia and, as we seek to restore freedoms and protect values, we need someone with the strength and fortitude of David Shafer.

Upon coming to Georgia, David was one of the first people I met, and he has quickly become a friend and a source of great encouragement. He has a proven track record of being more than empty campaign rhetoric, but instead truly fighting for our values. David Shafer is someone I have grown to trust and count on.

Our issues are personal to him as a man of faith, and, as someone who was adopted as an infant, he has a special passion for life and adoption issues.

In the Senate, David has been among the most ardent defenders of the Right to Life from conception, a staunch supporter of religious freedom, and a strong proponent of educational freedom. He has also been a fierce advocate for increased transparency, so more voters can be informed about what is really going on under the Gold Dome.

Beyond a distinguished career, I also appreciate what David did this legislative session. Instead of abandoning his position, he used 2018 to advance family values. As a co-sponsor of religious freedom in schools (SB 361), expanding opportunity for homeschoolers (SB 384), and protecting parental rights in healthcare (SB 437), he did what he has done throughout his career- used his political acumen and passion to advance values we care about.

While there are other strong candidates for this seat, we are not alone in seeing David Shafer as the conservative who can deliver results as Lt. Governor. National leaders like Ted Cruz, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum have endorsed his candidacy as well as Georgia stalwarts like Senator Chuck Payne, Senator Marty Harbin, and Representative Scott Hilton.

Now, I have often written about how critical this election cycle is for the future of our state. We are, without a doubt, in a culture war, and we need bold leadership. That’s why we endorsed Senator Michael Williams for governor. Though the Governor and Lt. Governor run separately here in Georgia, my hope is that we can elect this impressive Williams-Shafer team of pro-family leaders.

We must fundamentally shake up the status quo under the Gold Dome. David Shafer’s effectiveness as a legislator translates well into being a Lt. Governor who can bring desired reforms to fruition. The combination of Michael Williams and David Shafer leading our state will propel Georgia to national leadership in advancing freedom, values, and opportunities for families to thrive.

I look forward to continuing to work tirelessly to make this vision become a reality. Please join me in supporting David, lifting up he and his family in prayer, and working to see God glorified in this election.

Proud to Stand with David Shafer.

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia