Your Voice Is Making Waves in Idaho: An Update on the Birth Certificate Regulation

August 9

Your voice is making a difference in Idaho. As we alerted you to earlier in the summer, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has issued a temporary rule that allows persons who identify as transgender to replace their original birth certificate with a birth certificate that identifies them as the opposite sex. We noted in our comment to the Department that this change undercuts the reliability of state documents. It could further lead to opportunities for identity fraud and could hamper law enforcement’s ability to enforce the law. The Legislature will get a chance to review this temporary rule during the 2019 session. It is vital that your legislators and the Department hear from you. Your comments now will play a key role in getting this rule reversed later.

If you haven’t yet, please send a comment through our action center. Hundreds of you have already taken action and your voice is being heard. In fact, the Spokesman just last week reported on your efforts to ensure that Idaho continues to be a place that tells the truth about gender and protects the integrity of documents.  Also, consider forwarding this email to 5 of your friends in Idaho to make sure they know about what is going on in your state. I’ve heard from countless of you on this issue and your support is so encouraging. Together we can ensure that Idaho is a place where God is honored.

Have a blessed week,

Brittany Jones
Interim Policy DIrector