The Future of Public Policy

August 10

Earlier this week, a number of pro-life organizations held a rally in Fargo asking Senator Heitkamp to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  Susan B. Anthony List, Concerned Women for America, and Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota all worked together on this event. I had the privilege to speak at the rally and defend your deeply held biblical values on this issue.  However, there was another group of special note who also attended and spoke at the rally: Students for Life of America. We had members of this group standing alongside us trying to make a difference for biblical values.

What struck me was the passion of these teens.  They held signs and articulately explained why Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed. They also wore shirts that said, “I am the pro-life generation”.

Later in the week I was privileged to speak with these young men and women. Their passion was infectious. They are on fire to make a difference and don’t suffer from the weariness or cynicism many adults feel when it comes to public policy activism. It was hard not to be energized by their enthusiasm and hopefulness.

The message from all this is that there is hope. When we become tired with public policy workings, be encouraged by the next generation. They know what is at stake and are willing to fight, but we also have to do our part to set them up for success. As my daughter said to North Dakota legislators and others some time ago.

You are here because you believe that our world can be changed.  In a political world that sometimes devolves into anger and polarization, you came here with the hope that something you do could change the world for the better. You came here to change the world not only for those who voted you into your position, but for people like me, people who do not yet have a voice. So please, speak for those of us still too young to direct the course of our world.  Speak bravely for what is right and do not be silent, for if you do not speak out, who will safeguard this world that my generation will all too soon inherit?

Let’s never forget that everything we do today influences the next generation and never forget the passion of these young men and women to shape our world through the political process.  If we have done our part raising them with pro-life and pro-family values, our future is in good hands!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


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