Breaking: Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Geoff Duncan for Lieutenant Governor

September 12

I am excited to announce Family Policy Alliance of Georgia’s® endorsement of Geoff Duncan in his campaign for Lt. Governor of Georgia. As Brian Kemp works to put Georgia families first, Geoff Duncan is the ally that he and faithful believers across our state need presiding over the State Senate.

Geoff Duncan and I have something in common: we are both fathers of 3 boys. As I have watched his campaign, his commitment to his family, to raising his sons in a godly way, and to making his campaign a family operation has left a profound impression on me. It is evident that Geoff Duncan puts his family first, and he is committed to honoring the Lord with how he fathers his children. My friends, this is exactly the kind of person we need as the next Lt. Governor.

Throughout his campaign, Geoff has shown that his commitment to his family translates to strong, pro-family policy positions. He understands that “American families are the core of what makes our nation and state great” and that “the unborn need a champion to defend their rights in the face of malicious organizations such as Planned Parenthood.”

These stated positions are backed up by his compelling record in public office, and I am confident that Geoff Duncan is a champion for our values that, along with Brian Kemp, will make Georgia an even greater place to raise a family.

The momentum behind Geoff’s campaign comes from his strong principles, personal story, and leadership- not because he is an established politician. As a state representative, he displayed a willingness to go against the grain, and he has pledged to continue to put policy over politics. He was guided by his executive business experience and commitment to faith and family, and these core convictions are why his former colleagues speak of him so highly.

The pro-family leaders I work with in the State House universally praise him for his character, faith, and principles. Truly, the esteem with which these leaders hold Geoff is remarkable, and it speaks to his ability to change the culture under the Gold Dome.

I cannot overstate the importance of this election. Radical leftists from around the nation are going “all in” for Stacey Abrams and Sarah Riggs Amico, and both were endorsed by Barack Obama for their commitment to the left’s anti-family, anti-opportunity agenda. That’s why it’s so important that we exceed their enthusiasm and energy as we rally behind Brian Kemp and Geoff Duncan. The Kemp-Duncan team is not simply one that “checks boxes” or “is the better alternative.” This is a team that will deliver results for you and your family. It’s a conservative team, a pair of leaders, and a duo that is committed to standing firm against the onslaught of the Left.

The opportunities coming for our state if we elect Brian Kemp and Geoff Duncan will set Georgia on a path to lead the nation. To achieve this, however, and to see more opportunity and freedom for families and for the next generation, we need Geoff Duncan as our next Lt. Governor. I look forward to working to elect him and to partnering with him as the Lord uses his immense talents to serve our state.

On to Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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