WILL VOTERS REMEMBER: Democrat Senators Protect Infanticide; Trump Cuts Abortion Funding.

February 26

Last night on the floor of the U.S. Senate, infanticide was up for a vote.

Specifically, senators had the chance to outlaw the practice of killing babies that survive abortion attempts – a practice that has been in the news lately, even garnering a very public defense from the governor of Virginia.

A bipartisan group of 53 senators voted to outlaw infanticide. That included every Republican who voted, plus three Democrats: Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Doug Jones of Alabama.

But 44 Democrat senators voted to protect the grisly and heartless practice of killing babies who are taking their first breaths of fresh air. That was more than enough to kill the bill, which needed 60 votes to break the Democrat filibuster.

Now, the question is whether voters – whom polls show have become increasingly pro-life in reaction to extreme pro-abortion policies – will remember.

Family Policy Alliance will be reminding voters in race after race that elections matter when it comes to life-and-death issues like infanticide.

But we’ll also be reminding them of some good news on that front. Just days ago, President Trump finalized a Title X rule that is expected to cut $50 to $60 million of taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.

Family Policy Alliance supporters played a role in this victory, as thousands of you sent messages to President Trump and HHS Secretary Alex Azar, urging that they take this action.

The rule requires that, in order to receive funding, family planning clinics must be housed in separate buildings from abortion operations. As the nation’s leading abortionist, Planned Parenthood can’t meet that standard.

Yes, elections matter, for bad and for good. But voters forget and need reminding. Please continue to stand with Family Policy Alliance as we hold the politicians accountable – and make sure that the voters remember.

To support our efforts to hold politicians accountable, remind voters of how their elected leaders voted on prolife issues, and advance prolife policies in DC and states across the country, please consider a gift to Family Policy Alliance.


John Paulton
Mobilization Manager