ALERT: Statesmen Academy Alum Introduces Religious Freedom Restoration Act in the Senate

February 28

For years, Georgia has lagged behind federal law and the majority of other states in affirming the First Amendment Right to free exercise of religion. Without basic religious freedom protections, your right to live according to your conscience and beliefs is fundamentally at risk.

TAKE ACTION NOW to stand with Sen. Marty Harbin, who attended the Family Policy Foundation Statesmen Academy™ last summer, in fighting for Georgians of faith. Today, Harbin introduced SB 221 – which mirrors the federal Religious freedom Restoration Act – that sets our state on a path to seeing the right to free exercise be, once again, accorded the same privileges as the right to free press, speech, assembly etc.

The media and the radical Left have spent years distorting and attacking this legislation. Your Senator needs to hear from YOU that we cannot let this moment pass!

To urge your Senator to pass this critical legislation visit out Action Center where you can find your Senator’s contact information using your zip code and/or address. Call them and ask them to support SB 221.

My friends, this should be a no-brainer. This bill is about ALL Georgians, ensuring that everyone’s beliefs are respected, and all are accorded the protections the Constitution and natural law says they deserve. Everyone benefits, yet the Left is digging in.

We are so grateful to Marty Harbin and look forward to working with him to pass this strong, freedom-protecting bill. Join us by calling your Senator today!

Because faith deserves protecting,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

PS. Members of the Senate will be hearing this bill in committee and, Lord willing, voting on the floor in a matter of days. Your urgent action is MUCH needed!