Everybody Loves Recess!

February 28

It’s hard to deny, recess has always been a favorite time for most of us. As a child, it’s the part of the day when you can forget assigned work, reenergize, and spend time with others. The same is true for our North Dakota legislators. From last Thursday through this past Tuesday, the legislature took a short recess. It was well deserved.

Almost 1,000 bills and resolutions were introduced this legislative session, and all go to an initial floor vote in the chamber where they were introduced. As a result, senators and representatives need to understand each of these bills at some fundamental level, so that they can make informed decisions on how to vote. I’m glad they got a little time to recuperate before charging back into the work yesterday.

I too had a recess of sorts from my daily visits to the Capitol. Instead of my typical days testifying, talking with legislators, monitoring committee sessions, and more, I took time to travel and talk with some of you. It was great providing progress reports on the legislative session, discussing particular bills, answering questions, and getting your feedback. It was also very encouraging. I always come away from these meetings energized with a strengthened sense of purpose and firm knowledge that you are one-hundred percent behind our mission. I wish I could have visited with more of you, but as in grade school, recess only lasts so long.

Recesses always provide a fresh perspective on things and this one was no exception. So, I want to thank our hard-working legislators. Thank you to all of our ministry partners for praying, contacting legislators, and supporting us financially. And thank you to the strategic support part of Family Policy Alliance® that provides policy, legal, and many more functions. It allows us to represent you in the best possible manner here in North Dakota.

Now it’s back to the work in the halls of the Capitol. Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® is privileged to be there, helping shape North Dakota for our children and grandchildren on your behalf. Everybody loves recess, but eventually recess must end and the important work must begin again.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director