Celebrating a Win!

April 17

Governor Burgum signed House Bill 1546, the Dismemberment Abortion Ban, a few weeks ago. This new law will make it illegal to perform a dismemberment abortion on a living preborn child. Dismemberment of any living human is barbaric and inhumane, and Governor Burgum has stood to protect our preborn children who can’t speak for themselves. Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® was proud to help support this critical legislation sponsored by Representative Luke Simons from District 36.

A ceremonial signing for HB 1546 was held today and Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota was invited to participate (see above photo).  Primary sponsor Rep. Simons, other co-sponsoring legislators, and allied organizations who helped make this possible were also invited and are pictured above.

Governor Burgum heard from many constituents and organizations, expressing strong viewpoints on this bill. This included many of you voicing your support, and we thank you for your involvement in making this proposed legislation a reality.

Governor Burgum has stood alongside North Dakotans and held fast to his pro-life stance on this critical piece of legislation. Please thank him for signing this bill into North Dakota law. You can reach his office at (701) 328-2200 or by email through his website.

We are truly blessed to have a Governor who supports life for all citizens of our state, including preborn children. Let’s make sure he knows it!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director