When Party Isn’t Enough – Part 1

May 23

I may get in trouble for saying this, but… as Christians, we place far too much emphasis on Party identification.

The reason for this is clear and understandable. One Party has a platform that values life, God’s design of the family, a respect for faith, and the First Amendment. The other does not.

But, Party certainly has its limitations. There is nothing inherently virtuous about “red” or “blue.” Instead, it’s a God- honoring agenda – which is largely adopted by one Party and not the other – that is worth supporting. Should the other Party, or its members, support what we stand for, we will happily welcome them to the cause. Conversely, we will not blindly follow or support a candidate or elected official simply because of a letter by their name.

We’ve seen this here in Georgia. For years, our state has been led by Republicans. But, we angered many in the “establishment” when we supported Brian Kemp for the gubernatorial nomination. We did so because he genuinely cared more about acting on the right issues, advancing our values, and putting all Georgians first ahead of the other competing interests – interests that often deter elected officials from taking decisive action. As I recently wrote in the AJC, it’s not that Brian Kemp is “more Republican.” It’s that he’s is a different sort – a better sort – of elected official than we’ve seen.

The same is true for Rep. Ed Setzler, the Heartbeat Bill’s sponsor. There were many in the Party that did not want him to bring that bill forward. But, he had more than a decade of statesmanship, trust built up with colleagues, leadership skills, and a steadfast commitment to seeing a fulfilled vision of a Georgia that cherishes life.

THIS is why – the commitment of leaders like Kemp and Setzler – we were able to get this bill (which is now rallying other states to the movement) signed into law. After a decade and a half of Republican control, more was gained in mere months of the Kemp Administration because of his courage and fortitude.

But this raises a question: How do we make certain that there are more leaders like Kemp or Setzler waiting in the wings? What can be done to add to their ranks so that, in the big battles that loom in the coming years or decades, we have others of their character and ability standing alongside those leading the charge?

Such an idea underscores the need for Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy? – aimed at equipping talented and committed leaders with the tools and relationships needed to transform their states. (Last year’s Statesmen Academy class is pictured above.)

As you know, generous supporters have offered a $140,000 matching grant to ensure the success of this year’s Statesmen Academy. To that end, I wanted to personally request your support.

We have six phenomenal attendees from our state joining other outstanding leaders from around the country – more than any other state. I am certain that they will be greatly blessed by this experience, but we need your help to cover the cost. Will you consider generously partnering with us by making an online donation today?

Our aim is to raise $15,000 toward that match from here in Georgia between now and June 30. Can I count on you to partner with us? Any amount is greatly appreciated and will be helpful in ensuring strong, biblical leadership for our state for years to come.

For Georgia,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


PS. For the kind of Georgia we want, we cannot simply hope to elect members of one Party. We need Statesmen! We need God-honoring, courageous, talented, and strategic leaders who are equipped to accomplish a BIG vision. Your generous support today will be matched dollar for dollar to continue funding this incredible program.