“May He Live Forever”

June 13

In one of the lesser known of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia books, The Horse and His Boy, the Calormens use the phrase “may he live forever” after every mention of their ruler, the Tisroc. While this is a mockable sentiment in the story, it’s a phrase that has sincere meaning here in our state.

Because of the incredible work in the last election cycle and God’s grace, it’s hard not to wish “may he live forever,” or the more applicable “may he serve forever,” upon our leaders. If statesmen like Brian Kemp, Geoff Duncan, Ed Setzler and the like were in office “forever” – a proposition each would resoundingly reject – we would know that our state’s future would be secure.

But, sadly, they won’t “serve forever.” In the case of Gov. Kemp, he only has seven and a half years left (yep, I just said that) due to term limits. State Senator Renee Unterman, the Heartbeat Bill’s sponsor in that body has embarked on a congressional campaign. Others will eventually decide that the Lord is calling them to other opportunities.

So, what do we do?

This is where the Family Policy Foundation® Statesmen Academy℠ is such a pivotal program. None of our leaders will always be around, and we cannot simply cross our fingers and hope that the next wave will be as strong as what we are seeing. That’s why we have a program uniquely designed to equip those we want to encourage toward leadership with the tools they need to achieve it and to thrive once they attain it.

Because of the unique and powerful nature of this program, generous supporters have stepped forward to INCREASE our matching grant to $172,500 – so that your strong support will be DOUBLED. Can you help us reach this match by making a generous gift today?

Your generous support accomplishes a number of crucial things:

  • Encouraging and affirming legislators who are sacrificing greatly for His Kingdom. This week functions as a spiritual retreat for those leading – and taking heat – for standing for our values.
  • Connecting these leaders with our ministry, with fellow colleagues in their state, and with likeminded believers from other states – to form a unified network of legislators working together around the country to advance the cause.
  • Equipping godly men and women to better serve and advance the mission in their current roles and to rise in the leadership ranks.
  • Empowering attendees with the wisdom, tools, and skills needed to one day seek higher office should the Lord call them to do so.

“May he live forever,” will never be a reality. But, our work to provide perpetually strong leadership, with an eye toward the next generation, is a cornerstone of our strategy. Will you partner with us?

God Bless,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

PS. Every $1 you give today becomes $2 thanks to a generous matching gift – $100 becoming $200, $500 becoming $1,000 and $2,500 becoming $5,000. This doubled investment will yield results for YEARS to come! Please consider partnering with us today.