BREAKING: Death-for-Profit Industry Sues to Keep Money Flowing

June 28

As expected, the abortion industry is suing Governor Kemp for his commitment to protecting innocent human life.

Why? Because abortion is an entire profit-making industry, and the leadership we elected values life – the most sacred gift the Lord gives us – more than money. Because Governor Kemp is committed to doing the right thing over political expedience or what is easy.

Please pray.

This lawsuit wasn’t unexpected. Even during the campaign, Brian Kemp knew that his bold commitment would result in a court battle. It is, however, sad that our fellow citizens so thoroughly cherish death, the ability to snuff out the lives of the vulnerable, that they will sue to keep their industry alive and thriving.

To read what the pro-abortion industry has to say, see the lawsuit filed this morning.

With the legal process beginning, we are prayerful that what is right will win out. This law is scientifically sound – understanding the truth that we are dealing with living human beings worthy of protection. This law takes into account what the courts have been telling us for years about establishing the personhood of the unborn. This law reflects basic common sense – with it being impossible to hear the sound of a heartbeat and not come face to face with the reality of life. And, this law reflects the will of the people of Georgia and their duly elected officials.

Our hope is that the court will cease an era of tyranny and recognize these basic facts and allow our state the right to protect life.

To that end, I humbly ask you to pray.

We will keep you updated throughout this process, and we will also be keeping up the fight in the political and policy arenas for a Georgia where life is cherished. May the Lord continue to show us His grace.


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director